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  1. Apostolis✔ added a post in a topic Overplaying is destructive   

    You can't be serious, lol; If that's your actual daily schedule you're being such an ass to your loved(?) ones.
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  2. Apostolis✔ added a post in a topic Are any GM aware of the duped pre order items?   

    1) I can only see just this one thread adressing to that issue, not '1312 threads'.
    2) Who's being an ass specifically? If there's someone being an ass that's you for calling out the OP as a 'troller' unjustifiably.
    3) Reportedly people have seen players running around with 3x pets, ppl on the guild chat and what not are saying the same thing and if Daum is up to standards they will deal with the problem themselves, no screenshots are needed for that case.
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  3. Apostolis✔ added a post in a topic Are any GM aware of the duped pre order items?   

    Dude he's not trolling, he lets everyone and especially the GM's know about an issue which is actually game-breaking for lots of people.
    Perhaps you should double check the definition of the word 'trolling'. 
    I personally can confirm that a number of people in my guild have received 2x items whereas some didn't get anything, but don't expect these people who got duped items to come forth and shout it.
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  4. Apostolis✔ added a post in a topic Are any GM aware of the duped pre order items?   

    It's true, there's several guildies of mine as well who received 2x everything without participating in any contest or anything.
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  5. Apostolis✔ added a post in a topic Greek Community   

    Jordine τελικα μαγκες, βγηκε η τελικη αποφαση απο τα μεγαλα guilds.
    ''REPOST LOKEN: the following guilds: GRIND, Niflheim, Millennium, TheSoulSlayers, Iron, Avalon, Konvict Gaming, FUtilez have decided to play on the european server JORDINE.''
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  6. Apostolis✔ added a post in a topic Buildings Quick Tips before you start playing   

    Νατος ο Ελληνας master του BDO ;d You got some nice guides there.
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  7. Apostolis✔ added a post in a topic Greek Community   

    O Alustin φαινεται να ειναι ο 'σημαντικοτερος' server καθως τα μεγαλυτερα guild πηγαινουν εκει προς το παρον, οποτε τους περισσοτερους Ελληνες εκει θα τους βρεις πιστευω οπως και εμενα. ;d
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  8. Apostolis✔ added a post in a topic Greek Community   

    Για να στο διασαφηνισω, μετα τις 26 που τελειωνουν και ουσιαστικα τα pre-orders συμφωνα με τους devs θα σταματησουν να ισχυουν τα bonus δηλαδη τα 'Limited content' ωστοσο θα μπορεις ακομα να λαβεις το Standard & Extra content των πακετων οποτε εσυ θελησεις να αγορασεις το BDO.
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  9. Apostolis✔ added a post in a topic What language do you speak?   

    I'm speaking Greek, English, German and I know more insults than words in Russian and Spanish.
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  10. Apostolis✔ added a post in a topic Can my laptop play BDO?   

    Yes it will, but as far as the performance question goes you're going to have to test it out for yourself. Since according to various sources my GPU would run the game with 30 FPS on High, whereas I am playing with an FPS ranging from 35 to 60.
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  11. Apostolis✔ added a post in a topic Cash Shop Polls v2   

    You just violated rule number one.. never go full retard.
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  12. Apostolis✔ added a post in a topic Cash Shop Polls v2   

    Nope, there isn't 500k+ preorders lol, I have no idea how'd you come up with that, then again even if the number is that high it's still a fact that most of the people who preordered the game are annoyed at best by the unreasonable pricing, you just can't question that one pal.
    There's just a handful of ppl like yourself who'd buy stuff with no consideration of it's price, but that's not how the rest of the world works.
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  13. Apostolis✔ added a post in a topic Cash Shop Polls v2   

    There's a poll if you haven't noticed, and I'm sure that all these people asking for a price reduction are not posting for the heck of it, they actually want to spend cash.. ok.
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  14. Apostolis✔ added a post in a topic Cash Shop Polls v2   

    There's a myriad of posts regarding them, as well as a vast number of threads. But for instance, an immediate discount on the prices serves as a viable solution.
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