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  1. Feartime added a post in a topic Did our shields get weaker with today's patch?   

    KR Server doesn't have a this issue?
    JP Server also has a this issue.
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  2. Feartime added a topic in General   

    Grats EU/NA about get the DK awakening on next weeks
    JP Server Playerbase are now crying about their publisher saying "time to BBQ!" and no announcement the awakening.
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  3. Feartime added a post in a topic Marketplace Bidding System   

    do you want macro to win? :^)
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  4. Feartime added a topic in US Guild   

    Last Siege presents by Relevant
    I'm finally made a last siege vid with Relevant's kill streak, but I know this is too late.
    cuz encountered the shit ton of errors during on encoding videos due to lack of memory.
    I spend my 2 days free time for fixing the error (spliting encode, etc), then video was up finally.

    rip my 2days free time, but I don't care about that because this last siege was awesome :^)
    PS:I'll leave Relevant and gonna Savanna for meet Bnat
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  5. Feartime added a post in a topic Impossibe to buy valuepacks   

    I was able to buy 2x Value Pack since new AH systems.
    old systems was a shit then I can't buy anything.
    btw old system has a Vulnerability that allowing impossible speed purchase with macro,
    atleast macro purchase is in KR/JP,
    no wonder it was in EU/NA.
    rip macro user :^)
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  6. Feartime added a post in a topic BDO Kr Font Mod   

    that Reddit OP is here.
    Noto Sans Bold is better way for 85% UI Scaling.

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  7. Feartime added a topic in General   

    About Node/Siege war channels RTT a.k.a Ping - need RTT results for investigation
    recently I was know the server structure and locations.
    if my memory is not wrong, All NA Server was located in San Jose, CA.  
    but it was changed.
    Velia 1/2ch and other 2ch are located in US East and provided by Leaseweb.
    their IP address will starts with "209.58.***.***".

    then, Node/Siege war channels(Balenos/Serendia/Calpheon/Mediah/Valencia 1ch) provided by Akamai CDN.
    and seems server location is NOT a Static.
    IP search site said that server are located in West Australia and US East.
    but I think it's a fake report for reasons described below.
    their IP address also not a static. it'll be changed every connections.
    atleast I confirmed it starts with "23.6.***.***" and "104.101.***.***"

    then I knew interesting things.
    Akamai CDN Server provides lower RTT a.k.a Pings.
    following data is Ping value that reported to me from guildmates and friends.
    Japan -> NA Orwen Balenos O1 = average 25ms Ping (10~35ms)
    Japan -> NA Orwen Balenos O2 = average 200~250ms Ping
    Korea -> NA Orwen Calpheon O1 = average 30~60ms Ping
    Thai -> NA Orwen O1 Channel = average 50ms Ping
    Indonesia -> NA Orwen O1 Channel = average 55ms Ping
    Canada -> NA Edan E1 Channel = average 100+ms Ping
    I wonder how provides lower ping and synchronizing.
    I got that Latency value from Resource Monitor on Windows,
    but I don't think it's fake value,
    In reality, 1ch is much better for me, faster initial synchronizing, stable connection, and faster mob responding.
    but 2ch is not good for me, -----ing slow initial synchronizing, connection losts suddenly.
    you can see how is 2ch that provided by Leaseweb is not good from following clips.
    I think Akamai provided server is Variable Game Server.
    cuz can't get lower ping(10ms~35ms) from Japan if Game Server is static and it located in actually Australia or USA.

    Connecting on Balenos O2 (Latency is right end's value) 

    Connecting on Balenos O1

    lastly, I just wanna know everyone's Latency(Ping) on Node/Siege war channels.
    Please reply following templete if you are free.

    - Your playing server
    - Your location
    - ISP
    - Your Connected Channels (Node/Siege war channels)
    how to know latency?
    You can see Latency from Resource Monitor on WIndows.
    if you're Win10:
    Search and type "Resource Monitor" then run it,
    then open "Network" tabs, and expand "TCP Connections" list.
    then search process "BlackDesert64.exe" and check "Latency" values.
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  8. Feartime added a post in a topic Valkyrie Screenshots   

    Valkyrie Awaken HYPE!!!!


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  9. Feartime added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance November 9th   

    No. Lauren is better rewards than shitty halloween rewards.
    Lauren needs only logged in and afk for rewards , no need to grind.
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  10. Feartime added a post in a topic Unmilkable Cows   

    check your inventory.
    u can't milk when inven are full.
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  11. Feartime added a post in a topic PVP punishment [Karma bombing and Griefing]   

    I haven't a problem to current system.
    I think grind spot and mob is for everyone, not a personal.
    everyone can grind at there.
    if someone trying to steal my grind spots and mobs,
    just do a channel change when don't wanna PvP or stealer was too strong.
    just kill them all when I don't wanna waste the exp buffs.
    I don't care even goes to -100mil negative karma,
    I wanna open world PvP. it's good opportunity.
    then I can training the PvP Skills.
    and, when they still trying to steal spots,mobs,
    I can say like "u mad? :3" "come on salty boy :3",
    then more more carnage, I think it's so funny things.

    if evil player's penalty was same as KR/JP, (enchant level down when PvE/PvP dead, lost the -200000 karma per kill)
    I was agree to your suggestion.
    tl:dr - I don't need exp loss to stealer, I just kill them all until they gave up or change the channels
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  12. Feartime added a post in a topic [Notice] Edan Serendia 1 Channel Outage   

    it's interesting.
    because this problem happened also in other region.
    Serendia 1ch Crashed during Node war in KR Server,
    Serendia 1ch Crashed during Node war in JP Server,
    Serendia 1ch Crashed during Node war in NA Server,
    KR Announce:http://www.inven.co.kr/board/powerbbs.php?come_idx=4123&l=2446
    JP Announce:http://blackdesert.pmang.jp/notices/444
    yea, same time, same channel, same situation.
    it's really just a hardware problem?
    really there isn't potential bugs in BDO Server?
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  13. Feartime added a post in a topic So...any MMO with better pvp/combat?   

    I known a MMO with better PvP system.
    it was named "三國志Online (Romance of the three kingdoms Online)", serviced to Japan and Taiwan.
    that MMO was ended at 6 years ago before coming to EU/NA.
    but their system has a lot of mottainai elements for don't wasted to the dark history of MMORPG.
    ・up to 500 vs 500 RvR
    ・Guild Battle/Guild House/Alliance available
    ・Free Class System (you can change the class freely by change the weapon/armor.)
    ・doesn't have a gear enchant system, nothing a gear gap.
      (Enchant was released in the middle, but it's very very a little to affect to the power.)
    ・Disposable gear. almost everyone used player-made gear. then nothing a gear gap.
      (Player-based economy was worked fine by that system.)
    ・No need to Grind as hell for enjoy PvP.
    ・Perfectly PvP-Skill-based PvP System, 300 ppl can win to 500 ppl, 10 ppl can win to 30 ppl,
      by pretty strong "Party Skill". everyone can win, everyone can lose.
      (Party Skill example: Damage cut by 50%/100% Critical/Remove all enemies buff/Stealth/+50% Movement Speed/
       Usage, tactics of "Party Skill" is very important to win.)
    ・World Strongest UI/Chat usability. player can change the font size/color, and u can direct copy and paste the chat by mouse.
      of course, chat filtering also available. direct move to UI element, no need to enter UI Edit Mode as BDO :3

    ・World Strongest Chat Macro System. players allowed to register 100 macro, and write 5-line command line per macro,
      macro system has a lot of command variables, player can get targeted enemies Position/HP/Level/Class/Block Area/Direction and distance.
      and can get a party/alliance member name, then you can send enemies info to party/alliance member at 1 Click.

    ・Logistic support on the RvR. gather materials(Wood/Stone) for make annex/siege weapon,
      player can be contribution to the win even low-level player.
    but that was existed in the past. we can't play that game now.
    you can confirm how is RvR in this game at Youtube.
    5 ppl Stealth Party defeating other grouped enemies.
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  14. Feartime added a post in a topic Updated: Awakening Announcement   

    New Karma System is applied only Desert Area.
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