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  1. Chama added a post in a topic We need a "Re-roll Ticket" in the pearlshop.   

    So overly complicated. Why include character B at all? Seems like you're just asking for a class change coupon. No need for any transfers.
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  2. Chama added a post in a topic Silver Embroidered +5 Clothing   

    With the absurdly low price of the clothes I'd honestly rather do a 0fs +5 attempt than sell one of my +4s. As for whether there are any in-game. I haven't seen any linked or screenshots, but could just be someone who don't feel the need to showoff.
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  3. Chama added a post in a topic Year 2 Mega Horse Breeding Thread   

    Appreciate the great overview and new thread. Hopefully the breeding will go strong for another year ^^
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  4. Chama added a post in a topic DO IT NOW TET YOUR GEAR!   

    Been there, done TET
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  5. Chama added a post in a topic Anyone able to hit a perfect 15min cooking?   

    You should get one eventually if you start pouring all your resources into making it. That said, I'm over 1000 base clothes in on my trader's with no success in sight yet. 
    Considered that. I normally have 40-60 latency and can't quite see how that'd add 4 min. I'm not well educated on the subject though.
    Forgot to mention, but I always use optimization mode for afk activities. I can't recall any event items or elixirs that cut down cooking timing. I am however missing teff bread atm, as that seems redundant when I'm already overcapped without it. This is about the dead time between the cooking crafts, the craft itself is 1s as it should be.
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  6. Chama added a post in a topic BDO is not P2W!(Unless you spend $200k per toon!)   

    IIRC 3400 pearls outfit are the premium ones worth 25m. 25m*500 = 12.5b. Still a ton of real cash for a comparatively low amount of silver, but your math is just so off. The bigger limit would be the 100 weeks it takes to sell all those, and the lack of endgame gear on the market.
    The better value is AM which Sandy posted about above.
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  7. Chama added a post in a topic What do horse Hope Skill Changes Do?   

    Because this is a necro'd thread and his post is from the first couple weeks of the game. A lot of us appreciated our conqueror T5 back then when most were riding donkeys or running around.
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  8. Chama added a post in a topic Max number of workers   

    He's already made a thread about it and had it explained to him by multiple people and with good advice. No matter how simple one makes it he's still lost.
    Just stop please, you made your thread and had it explained to you. As you didn't understand any explanations you just need to know that your boat will be finished if you do nothing. Just leave it at that or try to read the responses in your thread about it again. If you don't understand those then no matter how much you post it we won't be able to explain it to you.
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  9. Chama added a post in a topic Is this game still p2w?   

    I most certainly do, but that's beyond the point. I'm just saying your "1b profit with 20AM" is hugely misleading and a worse lie than Plunges "4 plywood on average"(at least he can average it in his sample size of 1. Still bullshit ofc). If you want to call him out so much then at least try to be better in your own posts. What you're really doing is profiting of lucky enchanting, not of the AM. The 20 AM saved you 85m silver and that's all there is to it.
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  10. Chama added a post in a topic Is this game still p2w?   

    That's still 140m in repair awakening weapons. Also at least 37 failstacks lost on the successes, assuming you didn't degrade a single time. Those two alone make for a sizable sum. Also some mix of 0-120 fails on 0-15 and 0-60 fails on 15-19. That plus the resources for successes should make for a decent sum as well. All in all I can't see this making more than a couple hundred m profit at most. I won't be doing the exact math on that though, but in any case it's definitely worth mentioning them.
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  11. Chama added a post in a topic Is this game still p2w?   

    Assuming troll considering you're completely ignoring blackstones/shards/failstacks/luck and even the base repair cost here. Will just write this in case there is some "noob" around who takes you seriously though.
    600 dura repaired with 20AM = 20*7m (current Godr price) = 140m + cash or loyalty
    600 dura repaired with MF = 300*750k = 225m
    Those AM made a 85m difference, whatever else was profited was purely from good RNG. 
    On another note, a heavy P2Wer could AM the MF to spend 75m on those 600 dura compared to the free version of 225m. As for how P2W you consider it I'll leave that to each individual to judge. 
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  12. Chama added a post in a topic Anyone able to hit a perfect 15min cooking?   

    Just finished three batches in Glish and the fastest was still just 19 min. Be it Velia or Glish I tend to have ~60FPS though.
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  13. Chama added a post in a topic Anyone able to hit a perfect 15min cooking?   

    And you manage to get it down to 15 min there? Would be a ton of rearranging storages as Velia is my cooking town, but guess I'll give it a shot first.
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  14. Chama added a post in a topic Anyone able to hit a perfect 15min cooking?   

    I do my cooking in Velia, not sure if you'd consider that good or bad. 
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  15. Chama added a topic in PVE   

    Anyone able to hit a perfect 15min cooking?
    I'm using a +4 cook's clothes, canape, sturdy life stone and advanced cooking utensils. This should account for -9.1sec, leaving the 1 second cooking cap. However I always have some minor delay between each of the crafts, making the shortest time I can spend a bit over 19 min for a batch of 900. Still I see people around saying they finish each advanced utensil in 15 minutes. So it has me wondering, can anyone confirm they're actually able to get it down to 15 min in-game, or is that merely the theoretical value based on the simple math?
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