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  1. Angelicus added a post in a topic transparent blonde hair   

    I have the same issue. I am making my toon with that hair anyway as I like the long hair and the white. But whenever the light hits an area next to the head I can see her ears and the bald head underneath the hair.   I guess I will just have to ignore it for now and try not to look too closely at her from certain angles until they fix this
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  2. Angelicus added a post in a topic Head Start Compensation & Support   

    I still have No Idea at all how to claim my items. I never tried because I had no clue. I figured maybe youre supposed to get them in the shop like during beta, but I couldn't open the shop so I figured I would have time to find out.  I am of those who got to start only the day before launch, and it seems there were already issues long before I got in. So can someone please tell me how I am supposed to claim my items, and what I am supposed to do if it doesn't work?  Oh, and I was "sort of" part of the Edan/Serendia issue as well... I came in AFTER a bunch of my guild mates got somehow put on Orwen instead of Edan, so they told us to just start out on Orwen to be part of the guild. Does that mean my items will not be there because I was supposed to start on Edan?  I'm so confused
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  3. Angelicus added a post in a topic ''It's not necessary'' - costumes, dyes, etc.   

    Actually, I have to say.. ESO and other games make money just fine by selling pets and some costumes in the Cash shop but also allowing alternate armor and dyes in game. Even F2P they manage to make money. They make exotic pets and costumes for sale in their shop. BDO could do this as well, while allowing some customization in the game, make really cool items that people will want without sticking us with a gross green outfit (like the ranger) unless we have money to buy their extremely expensive cash shop items. I would love to see them do like ESO does and allow for at least some dyes for those that can't afford to buy their look. Personally, right now, I can't afford much outside of our day to day normal expenses because my husband lost his job. Not everyone has $20-50 to drop on costume items.  I won't even play the ranger if I have to get stuck in that gross green, and I really wanted to try it out.  If they don't end up allowing dyes in game at the very least, I may not be long for BDO, maybe I will just go back to playing Skyrim
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  4. Angelicus added a post in a topic [EU / NA ] - Choose Your Server   

    Wish we could just flag for pvp if we want to, and put them all on one server. Sometimes ppl want to pvp, sometimes they don't.
    Works well for WoW
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  5. Angelicus added a post in a topic Nodes Tutorial   

    Thats like saying a signpost or a portal is a non immersive aspect of a game. A game is either immersive or its not. It doesn't break my immersion to use a signpost/node any more than it does to use F1 to cast a spell. It's really subjective. You are entitled to your opinion, but thats all it is.  But go ahead.. you seem to want the last word on this, lol. 
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  6. Angelicus added a post in a topic Abolish the karma system.   

    I seriously hope they NEVER make it like AA. AA stinks in part BECAUSE of the rampant pk stuff - ie people purpling on their own faction. I for one am grateful for the Karma system to balance that out.
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  7. Angelicus added a topic in Suggestions   

    Shared Warehouse (account)
    Would love to see shared storage/warehouse so that we can share items between our characters. I have been told that there is no trade except for potions and food due to gold spammers (trying to prevent this problem) but I can't see how a shared storage would be a problem, or being able to mail items to characters in our own family.  
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  8. Angelicus added a topic in Suggestions   

    Way to recover accidentally destroyed weapons?
    ok, I am probably just wishful thinking on this one but... I accidentally deleted my staff while trying to add a stone to it (trying to drag it from inventory to the window and not paying enough attention)   It would be great (not to mention prob precedent setting) if you could somehow recover an accidentally destroyed weapon like we can repurchase items accidentally sold. Just a thought. 
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  9. Angelicus added a post in a topic Normal sized cats   

    lol cute
    actually I just saw a couple of the cats again and they really aren't that bad, though I do like the size of the thin black one (wish there was one in white)  I got the moon cat bc it was white and it is HUGE lol. Maybe this is just normal and I am not familiar with them.
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  10. Angelicus added a topic in Suggestions   

    Normal sized cats
    It would be nice if there were more choices for 'normal' sized cats. I am disappointed at my almost anime in appearance cat as opposed to the dogs which all seem pretty normal. I did notice the thin black cat is pretty normal looking. I would love to see more cats that are proportioned normally. I also would like to see them available in the game through a quest maybe instead of just in the cash shop, maybe reserve cash shop for a highly desired version
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  11. Angelicus added a post in a topic Grusha's Advice "Investigate the torch in the goblin cave"   

    I found the answer I think... .There is a goblin cave node manager that is a mural on a rock near the cave.. get a navigation guide by clicking it on the map. Once you have discovered the mural, the quest icon goes away
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  12. Angelicus added a topic in Suggestions   

    Furniture - Sitting
    I would LOVE to see us be able to actually use the chairs, sofas, etc. I love that we can use the bed, but using couches and chairs would really up the immersion and be a great addition to the game. And not just in your residence, but if there are empty chairs/couches in other parts of the world, such as in an Inn/pub, it would be great if we could sit in the chairs in those places as well.
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  13. Angelicus added a post in a topic No Wolves/Enthusiastic Claus   

    Yea I just finally found that out.. I stumbled across a boar on my way to the spot where the boars are supposed to be and finally realized that this is not like most games in that the mobs are not tied ONLY to the specific location they point you to. I think having the navigation thing lead you to the area confused me. The lightbulb went off when I saw the boars close by their "area" so I decided to check a bigger radius for the wolves and found them. Thanks
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  14. Angelicus added a post in a topic Character Creation - Shine   

    yea I just now found that out.. I noticed shine right after it rained and then when the sun came out after a few seconds the shine went away.  So now I know its weather. Still.. it would be nice if it somehow made us actually appear wet, but not like plastic lol
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  15. Angelicus added a post in a topic Nodes Tutorial   

    imo it breaks immersion to have to go outside the game to get info on how to play it. That's my opinion, you don't have to agree with it 
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