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  1. I.Am.Avalon added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Urgent Maintenance April 27   

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Best joke ever.
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  2. I.Am.Avalon added a post in a topic kamasylve's Blessing Buff not working.   

    question. if i use a second blessing, does it override the bugged blessing? or does it simply extend the time of the bugged one?
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  3. I.Am.Avalon added a post in a topic #1 guild NA Orwen is looking for Alliance Members!   

    wrong section of the forum.
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  4. I.Am.Avalon added a post in a topic Daum's new Karma system revealed... <details inside>   

    aww, thanks. you're so sweet. <3
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  5. I.Am.Avalon added a post in a topic Daum's new Karma system revealed... <details inside>   

    Inb4 getting arrested for Virtual crimes against humanity.
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  6. I.Am.Avalon added a post in a topic Servers   

  7. I.Am.Avalon added a post in a topic What's your favorite PvP story?   

  8. I.Am.Avalon added a topic in General   

    What BDO taught me about life.
    Due to the unfortunate combination of being Canadian, and being raised by, what i am completely convinced to be, a nun for a mother, Black Desert Online has taught me many life lessons that I would've otherwise never learned.
    For about the first month of playing the game I have been -----slapped by these lessons enough times to finally learn the lesson.
    Here are the lessons I have learned while playing the game:
    1- It's all fun and games when you're a kid until you grow up. watch your back you could get murderated at any second for any reason.
    2- if you aren't getting murderated then you should be doing the murderating
    3- murderating people for no reason is fun
    4- if someone tries to get close to the things that make you money, you should murderate them without mercy... follow that up with teabagging the corpse.
    5- if someone wins the lotto and gets something you've been trying to get, murderate them because it. make sure they can never win that lotto again by remurderating them time and time again.
    6- if you are too weak to murder someone while they are trying to murder you, then wait until they go to sleep. then murder them while they dream of fishing rare fish.
    7- if you want to murder someone that murdered you, get your friends to help you murderate.
    8- you're not having fun unless you stop others from having fun, whether it be through murderating or typing really loudly at them.
    9-  people that record all their murderating will murderate more often than the other murderators that don't record their murderates.
    10- in order to be good at the game, others have to be bad. make sure they're bad by not letting them do what they need to do.
    11- if others aren't bad enough for you to be good. cheating is the way to go.
    12- you're not cheating if no one catches you.
    13- you have to be a complete asshat to win at this game.
    I use to QQ every once in a while when i saw this happening. Then I realized, why not just say f*ck it.
    That is the story of how a supervillain was born.

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  9. I.Am.Avalon added a post in a topic 30 dollars bound outfit..   

  10. I.Am.Avalon added a post in a topic This is unacceptable   

    After finishing my into to psychology 101 course in the University of Toronto, I say no. 
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  11. I.Am.Avalon added a post in a topic This is unacceptable   

  12. I.Am.Avalon added a post in a topic This is unacceptable   

    welcome to the internet.... actually no, welcome to the human existence as a whole.
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  13. I.Am.Avalon added a post in a topic This is unacceptable   

    Calm your nipples ladies. take it outside to the mud pool.
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  14. I.Am.Avalon added a post in a topic This is unacceptable   

    i dunno about you, but if i had boobs, i'd feel a little dirty to be known for the two sacks of fat hanging off my chest... just saying.
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  15. I.Am.Avalon added a post in a topic This is unacceptable   

    first of all, here is the attention you seek.

    second of all, glitches happen. get over it.
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