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  1. Edgelorde added a post in a topic So...any MMO with better pvp/combat?   

    AND it's entirely instanced. Can't forget that.
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  2. Edgelorde added a post in a topic So...any MMO with better pvp/combat?   

    Problem is they HAD IT RIGHT on release, but recently they changed it to be the exact same as the korean version, despite one of the biggest protests in a korean mmo i've ever seen. It's clear they don't care about the games longevity anymore and are just relying on the whales now. They even said after the game released that they were much more successful than expected or planned, so they had no reason to change the cash shop model, but they did anyway.
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  3. Edgelorde added a post in a topic So...any MMO with better pvp/combat?   

    Those aren't my requirements for a game I'll enjoy, those are just some best case scenarios that I would like to have. If a game doesn't have all of them I'll still give it a chance if it catches my interest. I even came into BDO knowing that the gear system would mean that anyone who no-lifed would roll everyone else, because everything else about the game seemed like a lot of fun! And it was, until I couldn't take the dice roll combat anymore.
    Regarding your second statement...
    I half-agree half-disagree with you. I personally PK because of the dynamic situations. There are no rules allowed out in the open world so you never know when the odds are gonna be stacked against you. And personally, if the odds are on me too hard, such as the person i'm picking a fight with being undergeared or new, I just run off. My strategy is to pick fights, not just randomly murder everyone. Don't be too rude, but maybe give people a reason to want to try something interesting to get rid of you, like calling in some friends or bringing out their max level alt. I try to make it fun for the victim too, if I can manage to do it. I know I make people happy when I slip up and they earn the right to say "hey, that person jumped me and I kicked their ass! nice."
    On the other side, though, I do love making some nerds angry. If they're just overreacting and need to calm down, I try to have my fun with em. One time in BDO I was just sitting in one spot, kicking people off their horse as they auto-traveled to Calpheon (most were just tabbed out or grabbing a snack, not asleep leveling their horse) then letting them get back on their horse and ride off. My idea there was to just do a small thing that would be funny to most people, making their average trip a little more interesting. (a couple of people told me that it was pretty funny so I think I was doing my job well!) A few people picked a fight with me, but I didn't have much karma to spare sadly so I just dashed off since I was already on my horse.
    One interesting character, though, got REALLY mad about it for some reason, and just kept trying to fight me, even flagging themselves to try to kill me. Since that isn't my karma, I gladly fought em and won everytime, but they kept going for it, saying very angry things all the while, trying to insult me and whatnot. Eventually they left, but a while afterwards I noticed two people sneaking behind me, waiting for me to kick someone so I went red. Of course, they were in the same guild as the angry person, so I just let em know I saw em by striking up a discussion. We chatted for quite a bit, just about some random things in the game, so after a bit I asked em about their angry friend and they told me that yeah, he called them up cause he got too annoyed to keep goin but still wanted some revenge. The 2 guildies thought that what I was doing was pretty funny and innocent, though, so they just let me be. What nice fellows.
    Oh man sorry for that wall of text I just really like PK!!!! MOVING ON.
    The main reason I got sick of the pedophilia problem in TERA was that the devs didnt give half of a shit about any other race, made all the new costumes AND CLASSES JESUS CHRIST elin-exclusive. That was completely unbearable.
    I've been following revelation pretty closely and I think it might actually be pretty good! It doesn't seem to focus as hard on the pedophile bait aspect as TERA did, but TERA didn't focus too hard on it at release either, only time will tell I guess. The biggest thing I'm worried about from it is if I'll actually find the combat fun, as it seems like a pseudo tab target system that people like to call "aim-assist". If the aim assist is as obvious as it is in stuff like ESO even with melee classes I'm not sure I'm gonna be able to play it.
    I'm just waiting for the closed beta so that I can finally make up my mind. I aint trying to play the chinese version or anything cause I can't find any decent tutorials.
    Except in an MMO then just picking another character isn't that simple, you have to level it to max then get decent enough gear to be able to stand a chance. My personal belief for balancing in MMOs is that having multiple classes should only mean you can pick one for your playstyle, not because they're good in certain situations. Exception being if an MMO uses the trinity system. Most tank classes in MMOs can fight 1v1 against any other class, but healers generally get the short stick and can only do one thing.
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  4. Edgelorde added a post in a topic So...any MMO with better pvp/combat?   

    Literally just moba combat, which I hate.
    I already PVP in DS2 a lot, but it doesn't fill my MMO pvp niche. It's got the dynamic situations I like with invasions, but there's only so much that can happen in it, being a singleplayer/co-op game. Witcher is entirely a singleplayer game so I don't know what you're talking about there, and isn't Mabinogi that kiddie RP game? I didn't even know it had PVP, I kinda doubt it would be any good.
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  5. Edgelorde added a post in a topic So...any MMO with better pvp/combat?   

    1. nice signing up for a website just to advertise a game
    2. payment model is subscription, so no. i can't afford to blow all my disability money on a videogame no matter how good it is.
    3. never overhype a game, ever. i can guarentee that you wont like the game as much as you think you will, even if it is an amazing game.
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  6. Edgelorde added a post in a topic So...any MMO with better pvp/combat?   

    Yeah, I don't have high hopes for any korean MMO to not be P2W, but the main issue with it is how money/gear dependent the game is. As we all know, BDO is HEAVILY money dependent, as it's near impossible to ever get perfect gear, which means that P2W is a massive issue. If a game doesn't have a very high gear cap, or if all the good gear is untradeable/buyable then P2W is a much more tolerable concept. TERA early on, for example, had sellable cash shop items but not many people cared because getting max level and perfect gear wasn't overly difficult.
    As of now there are no western MMOs that i'd actually find fun to PvP in, so that sucks. Maybe Crowfall's PvP will turn out to be more fun than it looks as of now? I kinda doubt it, though. Low budget MMOs never seem to do well. It is only in pre-alpha, though, so who knows?????
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  7. Edgelorde added a post in a topic So...any MMO with better pvp/combat?   

    I checked, it's got the OWPvP I'm looking for. Its punishments seem REALLY HARSH (you drop ya items oh man) but it's got lineage rules, as in there's no punishment as long as they hit you back.
    I'm pretty worried about the elin problem, but I've learned to ignore it. I doubt it'll be as much as an issue as it was in TERA, anyway. I would hope they don't make the same mistake as having different races have different timings on skills and differing hitboxes. I never knew if an elin user was just a minmaxer or a pedophile.
    But yeah, P2W is definitely the biggest thing that would make me not play it. That's kinda needless to say at this point, though. I think western publishers are starting to realize that P2W isn't a way to have a steady amount of money. There's already enough P2W games around where all of the whales are, there's not nearly as many whales looking at new MMOs as there was years ago. Whales are gonna stay in their old games, because they already spent so much money on them. Unless they're rich, then they just don't give a shit.
    Also I think the main problem about addons is that it's a tad difficult to implement it while keeping having all that information balanced and fair. The devs kinda want to know what you're seeing so they can work the game around that. aaaaa its too difficult to explain
    same, i dunno why it's lasted this long either. also I already told someone about your last 2 sentences.
    Was about to write a response, went through your other posts JUST TO BE SAFE and yeah you just a jokester. A silly man. A good joke 8/10 friend.
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  8. Edgelorde added a post in a topic So...any MMO with better pvp/combat?   

    yeah I've noticed quite a few low budget kickstarted MMOs recently, a couple of them do seem neat but I just don't think that with a low budget you can make good combat. Crowfall does seem neat, but I'm worried I won't like it as an MMO, cause it can hardly even be considered one. Not to mention I can't really kill whoever I want so that means less PK-based drama.
    I haven't heard of Bless Online, so I looked it up real quick and the combat does look kinda bleh. Seems like the kind of "sit in one spot and hit sklls until it dies" kinda combat I hate out of tab-targets.
    I think a good rule of thumb is that if the game doesn't have dodging iframes on most classes, it probably doesn't have fun combat. (note: i didnt actually check if bless has any iframes)
    So far I think my best chance is Revelation, but i'm worried about how soulless it looks. It seems to me that it's just another MMO that the devs don't particularly care about and are just doing it for money, rather than anything they want the game to be like. That's one of the reasons why despite quitting I still hold a lot of love for BDO, the devs really love this game! Bless online looks like something the devs love, too.
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  9. Edgelorde added a post in a topic So...any MMO with better pvp/combat?   

    moba combat, noooooooooooo thank you
    "I don't have anything to add to this topic so i'll just advertise my own thread that has no relevance in this topic"
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  10. Edgelorde added a post in a topic So...any MMO with better pvp/combat?   

    That game is literally entirely instanced, so no thanks. I did like it when I downloaded the japanese version before it got localized but it's not the kinda thing I'd play for long. No open world = no real PvP investment for me.
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  11. Edgelorde added a post in a topic So...any MMO with better pvp/combat?   

    The only reason I would play WoW is for playing an MMO that's old as hell and still gets content updates, it's always fun to look at an ancient game and explore things that were made so many years ago. But, the combat is garbage and doesn't hold up in 2016 at all, and the only people who are still playing it have been playing for decades. That's not a game I would wanna bother being competitive in, if all the skilled players have had years of experience.
    Plus, faction-based. Ew. Lemme kill who I wanna kill.
    No, I don't like tab targets. Not at aaaall. And I know how GW2 combat works, but it's just not my thing. Personal preference.
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  12. Edgelorde added a post in a topic So...any MMO with better pvp/combat?   

    Yeah...but....pseudo tab-target. Saw some gameplay and didn't like what I saw.
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  13. Edgelorde added a post in a topic So...any MMO with better pvp/combat?   

    Most of the PvP I did in Tera wasn't instanced. I spent most of the time just PKing nerds or dicking around outside lumbertown. CS, despite the sheer salt it created, was a ton of fun and I liked it a lot. I never did 3s cause 1. shit never popped 2. I was afraid of making my team lose, having to wait another century for it to pop ;_;
    Also I mentioned Tera and BnS in the OP post and why I wouldn't be playing them.
    I don't wanna play any old/ancient games as I wouldn't enjoy the combat, so L2 and Ultima are out. I heard darkfall was bad by reliable sources so no on that, I looked at Gloria Victius a few days ago and it doesn't look entertaining, and I don't want something as incredibly tedious as EVE. Plus it's not even close to the kinda combat I want. I want 3rd person combat, not spaceship stuff where all you do is shoot things until it's dead.
    Also chill out on the buzzwords, BDOs fine. All I would really want out of it is a better PK system. The only way I could see a PvPer calling it boring is if they're not in a guild, or in a small guild that can't compete with anyone. Edan is full of constant drama and fun in the political sense that there's always shit you can start, if your guild wants to.
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  14. Edgelorde added a post in a topic So...any MMO with better pvp/combat?   

    Yeah I saw that one, it does look promising but on the downside it has Literal Elins, which means pedophiles. I'll try it anyway, it is gonna be F2P so no loss.
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  15. Edgelorde added a post in a topic So...any MMO with better pvp/combat?   

    I didn't say I wanted no gear gap whatsoever, but the problem is that if a player goes on vacation for a month, they won't be able to catch up to all the other people trying to be competitive, which is why other MMOs have dungeons and raids that give the best gear have a limited number of entries per day, so that people with a shitton of free time don't sail ahead of everyone else. I'm not saying BDO should do that, its gear system works fine for it's players and works fine for me, but I realized this potential issue once I took a 3 week long break. I know it's not hard to get to +16/17/18, but once someone starts no-lifeing it and gets +19s and +20s, and insane jewelry, is when problems arise. ALSO this is by no means the reason why I'm quitting at all, it's solely because I don't like the actual combat.
    I did ALL of the content BDO has to offer (except hunting, but that only recently really came out and I quit already sooo), so don't think that I only PvPed, the problem is the major reason I even play MMOs is for the PvP, and all that extra PvE content is nice and all, but all it is is a means to an end, which is gear for PvP.
    I don't know where you read "this game is too hard for me" but you might wanna get your eyes checked or something.
    EDIT: i just remembered, LoL and Dota have a big gear gap, what are you talking about. Jokes aside I want 3rd person combat, not top down or FPS.
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