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  1. Vix added a post in a topic Ranger need a buff   

    That feeling when you haven't been playing for a year and come back to find out your class is basically unplayable. 
    Oh well.
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  2. Vix added a post in a topic New Korean Pearl Shop Costumes for May (Conqueror Re-skin)   

    They should make female armors cheaper since they're missing 30-50% of the armor most of the time.
    Also, Pearl should make either slutty or realistic armor. Not this weird "plate on top, thongs on the bottom" thing. This is not how you make compromises.
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  3. Vix added a post in a topic Changes that should have made it to the West   

    Never implement fast travel. I like having a horse I can actually use.
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  4. Vix added a post in a topic Happy Weekend!   

    I'm EU so I guess I don't have to play this weekend.
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  5. Vix added a post in a topic We were promised darker nights (✿◡‿◡)   

    Why did they add this Daily Oil
    It's so annoying >-< I just my loyalties, not this poop I have to throw away every day. I don't even own a lantern- threw all of them away aswell. They're useless. The nights are so bright I could play with sunglasses on and still see everything as far as the game renders.

    What happened to CBT nights?
    Even in Dev Diaries 3 after CBT2 they said the nights will be really dark and you'll need a lantern...
    Not the first lie Daum said I guess. .-.
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  6. Vix added a post in a topic Cash shop - is it a generational thing?   

    I agree with this. To a point.
    It's okay to spend money on a hobby... But people spending hundreds of euros/dollars are like people who buy fists full of lotto tickets.
    They have a problem.
    I mean, you're not even playing for a chance to get 100 000 000 moneyz.
    You're spending hundreds of dollars to get a single dye.
    That's just crazy.
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  7. Vix added a post in a topic Cash shop - is it a generational thing?   

    19 here, not spending money because of how long it takes me to earn it, because I have experience with games (other CS I came across during last 10 or so years are around 50% cheaper), because I know 2 other versions pay less for same stuff... Just a bunch of reasons that makes me feel like it's a rip-off.
    It feels like the legends I heared in elementary school from teachers saying to not pay attention to rich kids who'll humiliate you for wearing regular snickers and not Nike snickers. Never seen it happen in real life- a bunch of rich kids bragging about how much money they spent on useless stuff with a big price tag and laughing at people who look at them with "wtf" face expressions.
    Until this game.
    Community here is weird. It makes non-payers feel unwelcomed in my opinion. The whole game feels like it.
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  8. Vix added a post in a topic Korean and Western Gamer Mindsets   

    I noticed that in KR females apparently don't wear pants.
    Just metal underwear.
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  9. Vix added a post in a topic Target the whales, go Pay to Win   

    There are already features locked behind the paywall and more to come in the future, so you won't be disappinted OP.
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  10. Vix added a post in a topic New KR Pearl Shop Costumes   

    Ranger costume is officially the ugliest, most poppy costume I've ever seen. And I can bet your butt it's $30 even though it's metal panties, metal bra and your "classy" hooker heels.
    Like even costumes and armors in TERA look better than this poopy garbage.
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  11. Vix added a post in a topic New KR Pearl Shop Costumes   

    Ffs another thong
    When do we get effing pants and armor on female classes?! >-<
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  12. Vix added a post in a topic Help! It appears that I may have misplaced my offhand weapon!   

    Send a ticket to support. Jouska will probably tell you the same thing as he closes this thread.
    CMs don't really take care of stuff like this. Support does it.
    They can take over a month to respond (and it doesn't guarantee they'll solve the problem) so gl.
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  13. Vix added a post in a topic Hey DAUM: this survey is horse S***, and you should not work with the company who ran it again.   

    94.73% of this population were male gamers, with 5.27% being female.65% of the sample audience were ages 18-24.30% were ages 25-34, and 5% were 35 years or older.Well that doesn't seem accurate at all.
    Although recently one certain user told me an "average gamer" is around 31 years old so... <u< I'm going to say I was correct and they were mistaken.
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  14. Vix added a post in a topic Impossible to get an answer   

    It can take them month+ to answer.
    At least they didn't close your ticket and mark it as "solved" after few days, so that's good.
    The Customer Support is poop, so don't expect much.
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  15. Vix added a post in a topic Bring out this costume to Peal shop pleassse:D   

    Can I get pants though
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