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  1. Exittium added a post in a topic Can't claim 500 hour playtime reward   

    @GM_Dew   My guildmaster gets the same when trying to buy a fort.Are node wars for tonight disabled or is this a bug affecting more than one thing? 
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  2. Exittium added a post in a topic Now processing, conection lost, on specific channels   

    i switched form med2 to calph 1... now im stuck in some loop essentially where I just get dc'd .. im just annoyed by this officially now 
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  3. Exittium added a post in a topic Keep getting failed to connect.   

    No go for me
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  4. Exittium added a post in a topic Now Processing > Failed to Connect [Orwen Velia O2]   

    Aye same issue. 
    ISP: TimeWarner Cable 
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  5. Exittium added a post in a topic Where to turn in horses for tokens to get a camel?   

    I'm pissed tbh. Its shitty overall that something wasn't implemented properly. I know there's only so much Daum can do themselves, But im tired of feeling played by Pearl Abyss.. Between the constant Ninja delays, to halfass implemented features.. its annoying
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  6. Exittium added a post in a topic Where to turn in horses for tokens to get a camel?   

    its was there laat patch its so you can sell to the NPC for silver... essentially we should have a checkin option at any stable master and exchange for imperial tokens option from the menu where you check out your horse reset name etc etc .. but its not there anywhere
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  7. Exittium added a post in a topic Where to turn in horses for tokens to get a camel?   

    Id like to know this as well.... I dont want to buy from the pearl shop camel armor for a BASIC camel from quest.... If this patch was halfarsed ill be a little peeved consdering a lot of people was looking forward to the camels. 
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  8. Exittium added a post in a topic It took me 10 min to get so red as f....k haha never did pvp before   

    I loved the excitement of being red and the dangers but once I died and Went from from 15 to 14... i said f___ this real quick and started grinding mansha's 
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  9. Exittium added a post in a topic Patch Notes - June 22nd   

    idk I have guildies who can't even login, and if they do they're dc'd right away. This patch has less stability.... and NPCs who turned their backs to us  
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  10. Exittium added a post in a topic Can't stay connected   

    Aye half my guild is having this issue... 
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  11. Exittium added a post in a topic Patch Notes - June 22nd   

    Thank you for making sense...

    No leave its not allowed j/k 
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  12. Exittium added a post in a topic And The Wait Goes On / Mmorpg.com reached out at daum, about the not so good patch..   

    Ahh yes, once again I'm reminded why I no longer visit MMORPG.com... straw reaching articles and just piss poor overall site 
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  13. Exittium added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    Oh good points, I'll give that a try after I reset my Males deaths lol 
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  14. Exittium added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    Add in the shultz belt for another 60 on weight as well.
    I'm just now venturing into the taming area. I was hesitant at first because to me it seemed overwhelming and time consuming but reading everyone's posts even though it can be time consuming it seems like it can be a good thing to do while taking a break from grinding. Right now I'm in the process of leveling a t5 to 30 (29 currently), and I have a male t5 at 30, I'm going to try them and see what happens once I'm done with my female leveling. I'll mate them in a few days because I have to purchase a death reset for my male.. he's got a few too many deaths lol thanks to a few misjudged jumps.. and river crossings haha. 
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  15. Exittium added a post in a topic Some stats on the P2W dye system   

    I stopped reading after I got to the bold. You have no way to accurately know and calculate RNG. And being that it is the MAIN factor in getting one of those sell-able dyes, makes the rest your argument pure speculation like everyone else's. We've seen that the picture around here where someone bought what would have been 100$ in dyes if there was no sale get 1 dye that was Sell-able. And there's this video where someone spends 50 bucks or whatever for 1 dye that's sell-able.  You guys need to really just chill and stop panicking like a bunch of teenage girls. Daum has show their willingness to listen to the community about stuff. 
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