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  1. Syndra added a post in a topic Suggesting Potion Consumption Rework   

    Wow you're really cool headed. c:
    I really wish the CBT would compare these suggestions instead of running through the entire test without seeing the other side of the coin. When I first heard about this suggestion, I really liked it; it gives an opening to attack. I don't know how it will play out in game which is why it would be nice if it was like one of those events we had in CBT 1 to compare both options, instead of going through the entire next CBT with something like this suggestion or now a 7 sec cooldown on pots. Just a simple patch with a garbage animation for a day would be enough. (It would also be nice if they made the exp same as KR for CBT2 so people get to experience it and actually get to 50 for pvp)
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  2. Syndra added a post in a topic Confused about people against faster leveling.   

    First of all, why would include maplestory in that list? That games is the literal definition of pay to win and is definitely not how we want this game to follow. 
    Secondly, I don't understand this: how will making it easier to level to the soft cap, make pvp any more casual. I'm sorry if you forgot, but this isn't a PvE centered game. I really got into this game because of that. So why are trying to change the focal point of this game. You're just gonna make as many people quit turning this into another generic MMO grind fest. 
    Thirdly (I don't know how MANY people have already said this), making it slower to level up isn't making the game any harder. The AI is already pretty damn simple. You aren't making skill = level. If you think faster leveling is making this game more casual, you're dead wrong. I don't know a single game where pvp is casual. (Well maybe maplestory, but what did you expect, it's Nexon)
    Personally I don't want this game to be referred to as "the next WoW/FF". To me it makes it seem like BDO failed if it gets referred as that because no game that is striving to be unique, should have to be compared to the classic MMO giants. If they are so good, just play them; but don't force the newer MMO's to be copies of them.
    Ask yourself this now, do you want this game to be a massive time sink before you get to the good content (You currently get your massive time sink AFTER you reach the level that PA designed this game to be played at), or do you want this game to be how it should be played.
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  3. Syndra added a post in a topic Ladder Animation   

    Pretty cool idea but not very important. I do understand that a lot of players in this game like their immersion though, so I wouldn't mind seeing it as low priority. I personally would still jump off survivable heights even with this implemented in though. 
    I believe the walking animations they added was due to us (I think), so this is definitely the time to throw stuff out there.
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  4. Syndra added a post in a topic Confused about people against faster leveling.   

    Bear with me when I say this. It's not making it faster, it's making it normal. BDO should not force you into spending all your free time grinding for hours on end; there are plenty of other MMO's that can do that for you. They do however, understand that there is a market place for these grinders. The people who want to grind all day can do so past level 50, while the people who want to play this game how it was meant to be played (Not PvE) can do so at THE LEVEL THIS GAME WAS DESIGNED TO BE PLAYED AT. Hindering people to play this game the way it was meant to be played because you want this new unique game to be more like another generic MMO is not a valid reason. Levels 1-50 should be easy/tutorial/not a grind fest as level 50 is not the max level (GASP). This has been said a thousand times already because it's common knowledge to us players who have played the game at level 50. It's not common knowledge to the CBT players because most, if not all the players who hit level 50 were players who had already played on other servers. 
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  5. Syndra added a post in a topic Fishing Tournament!   

    Character Name: HaruHong
    Family Name: Potential

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