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  1. Notsopro added a topic in General   

    Frequent Crashing Since Patch
    I'm not sure if anyone else has this problem but after todays patch, my game does nothing but crash over and over and over. I tried using my warrior to go to calpheon to get a yuria blade for my plum. It literally took me about 2 hours because of how many times my game crashed while my character was auto pathing to and from calpheon
    I'm not sure if this is patch related, but since release I have never had the game crash this many times just traveling
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  2. Notsopro added a post in a topic Easter Egg Furniture Quests   

    ahh okay, thanks for the info, now i feel bad tagging jouska  guess i should have looked around a bit more. I just looked at the standard easter event post
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  3. Notsopro added a topic in General   

    Easter Egg Furniture Quests
    Last patch extended the easter event by a week, and according to it, the event doesn't stop until after maintenance in 2 hrs and 20 min. The people you turn the eggs into currently dont have quests, and was wondering if anyone knew why? Do you not go to the NPCs that are in the egg's description, or are the quests just no longer available for some reason? @CM_Jouska
    • 4 replies
  4. Notsopro added a topic in General   

    Pile of Sunrise Herbs / Bunch of Silver Azaleas
    I was wondering if anyone knew the uses for these items as I can't seem to find much information on them. I was thinking they might count as 5 in crafting recipes but you can plant breed the blue quality types of these plants, so I wasn't sure if there was an alternate use for them.
    Any help is greatly appreciated
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  5. Notsopro added a post in a topic MS Painting Easter Eggs   


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  6. Notsopro added a post in a topic max # of yellow/orange workers?   

    Just unlucky. Honestly I would settle for professional and just make sure you are always trying to promote one. Each worker can get a promotion every 10 levels. Not sure if it's worth the hundreds of energy trying for an artisan unless you get lucky on the first few tries
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  7. Notsopro added a post in a topic Mining node with silver ore?   

    High gathering ranks start to yield gold, silver, and platinum ores from any non-ore specific rocks from my experience. My gathering is currently prof 6 and I've gotten all 3 of these ores from anything like feldspar to bloodstone. there are also specific nodes for each of these ores in the world, you just have to find them. These nodes seem to have about a 2 hr respawn time. But in conclusion, if you want silver, get your gathering as high as you can
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  8. Notsopro added a post in a topic Loyalty Shop Vs Pearl Shop   

    There is no reason for Daum to change their current business model. You can cry, -----, moan, and complain all you want about how things are expensive. But most of you -----s don't sit there and consider the fact that this game is 30$, has no sub fee, isn't pay to win like every other version, and has more content than any game you will buy for 30$.
    The loyalty shop needs to stay as it is. They have specifically put items in the loyalty shop that are pay to win items in the other versions. That's the benefit you get from loyalty.
    I get so fed up with people crying about the costume prices when its literally -----ing irrelevant. If you are going to play the character you bought a costume for for at least 30 hours, you have no reason to complain about the cost. If you don't have a job, or a way to pay for cash shop items, well then you're just shit out of luck.
    MMOs cost money to upkeep, and our version costs 30$ to play indefinitely. To cry about costume prices is petty as -----
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  9. Notsopro added a topic in General   

    Does Tool Rarity Effect Rare Drops?
    I was wondering if anyone knew if the quality of the tools also effected the drop rate of rare items. The reason I ask, is if your worker has a chance to proc lucky per tool completion, wouldnt it be cost efficient, and faster to make the lower-tier tools to try to get them to proc lucky?
    Also does anyone know the % to get a lucky tool based on a 20 luck worker?
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  10. Notsopro added a post in a topic Best spot for silver azalea?   

    Does anyone by chance know what "Bunch of Silver Azaleas" are used for? My worker has gotten a couple and im not exactly sure what their use is. I cant find any recipes linked to them, unless they are supposed to act as multiple azaleas in crafts, meaning a bunch could equal 5?
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  11. Notsopro added a post in a topic Tips for a new alchemist?   

    Was wondering if Sinner's Blood required 1 bloody tree knot or 2 per craft. http://blackdesertfoundry.com/2015/05/03/all-recipes/ says it requires 2, and http://bddatabase.net/us/recipes/alchemy/ says it requires 1. 
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  12. Notsopro added a post in a topic Tips for a new alchemist?   

    ah, well thanks, ill probably just wait till plum is released and start working on alchemy then, since it'll be my new main
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  13. Notsopro added a topic in General   

    Tips for a new alchemist?
    I wasn't too into alchemy since launch, but since the alchemy stones have come out, I've seen what stats you can get from them and am wanting to craft my own. I've found all the matts required and know how the upgrading process works. I'm looking for some tips for crafting blood of the sinner in high quanities. The bloody tree knots seem to be a pain tho, and was wondering if there was any good way to get them outside of the worker node on treant forest. Not sure if it helps to get lucky axes and hack at fir trees, or any trees? Not sure if specific trees drop the bloody knots, or what gathering lvl you would need for them to be worth using energy to farm for.
    Currently my gathering is prof 5, and my alchemy is apprentice 5. I know I have to get to skilled before I can start messing with the alchemy stone itself, I'm just primarily looking to mass craft blood of the sinner. Any help would be appreciated.
    • 7 replies
  14. Notsopro added a post in a topic Is the games population lowering ?   

    If bdo was f2p for us, it would have died within the first week. B2p means it's not likely to go pay to win, and as long as they don't allow pearl items to be sold for silver, it never will. As for twitch viewers, I don't watch because I don't find anyone entertaining. 
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  15. Notsopro added a post in a topic Alts energy   

    Alts are useful if you want extra energy to use on things like node investment, milking cows, amity games to unlock various quests/knowledge, and several other things. They are by no means necessary but they are definitely incredibly useful. You can do everything on your main, but if you want to concentrate on leveling certain life skills, alts help you do those misc things that aren't life skill related
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