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  1. DheReaper added a post in a topic Impressive servers as ever....   

    then go away , no1 is forcing you to play this game ...
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  2. DheReaper added a post in a topic wow! What a supprise! The Servers are -----ed Up Again!   

    You no like the game status go away . No1 is forcing you to play the game .
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  3. DheReaper added a post in a topic For everyone who is having this error   

    reinstall windows again withouth anything fishy and stop  complaining .
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  4. DheReaper added a post in a topic 2 cpu's better FP$ ?   

    bump* maybe someone have 2 cpu's and can share the fps
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  5. DheReaper added a topic in Off-Topic   

    2 cpu's better FP$ ?
    i wonder if a pc with 2 cpu's will have more FPS than a single cpu (all 3 cpu's should be same and have same gpu like a gtx 1080 so the gpu won't be a bottleneck )
    Still 0 videos on yt or maybe i didn't found it
    • 6 replies
  6. DheReaper added a post in a topic Optimization of the current game vs KR client   

    Video or not true . Also write in chat : For bdo forums 3/10/2017 and we believe you .
    You can even record with a phone , just give us a real video
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  7. DheReaper added a post in a topic I got banned...   

    I also had cheat engine on cause i was playing Prison Architect and Enter the Ghungeon , got kicked more than 10 times by xigncode still no ban . Please ... Xigncode isnt stupid , he knows what are you doing even if you hide CE with several programs and injectors .
    Yep , CE has his own mid
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  8. DheReaper added a post in a topic Login details   

    Man did you bought the game ?
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  9. DheReaper added a post in a topic Boss Event   

    Then maybe a 99% coupon ? Tehe
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  10. DheReaper added a topic in Guides   

    You can obtain the new sub-weapon by completing the new main quest, ‘[Boss] Frightening Witch’
    You can obtain the new sub-weapon by completing the new main quest, ‘[Boss] Frightening Witch’ where can i get it ? I have lvl 57 and i didn't received it . I went to hexe and still didn't got the quest ...
    • 3 replies
  11. DheReaper added a topic in Suggestions   

    Drawing table as mouse .
    Hello , i want to know if using a drawing table as mouse will get me banned .
    This game is supposed to be played with mouse and gamepad only , or other devices are accepted , like track ball , drawing table , etc ?
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  12. DheReaper added a post in a topic "The F1 ~ F6 interaction keys have been changed to F5 ~ F10."   

    Sheeps will only follow the shepard , 540 sheeps here ...
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  13. DheReaper added a post in a topic PLEASE EXTEND THE ATTENDANCE REWARD EVENT!   

    So after i have read all you was just ... "posting" , how can someone say he cannot afford money to use on electricity when he play's a game who requires a good pc ?
    I do not think someone with a low end pc will play this game with 10-20 fps at lowest graph settings ...
    Anyway , stop fighting , the event won't be extended , the topic can be closed so that kids and grown up stop saying rude things to each others ...
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  14. DheReaper added a post in a topic Dark Knight must be soon, it's already on the site   

    Anyone for Cat Girl ?
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  15. DheReaper added a post in a topic "The F1 ~ F6 interaction keys have been changed to F5 ~ F10."   

    If keys were from start f5-f10 then no1 would cry ... A post with kfc and jojo it means its just for trolling the forums .
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