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  1. Haishao added a post in a topic Would you pay for a cash shop item that made your account immune to pvp?   

    Or they could just fix the PK penalties to work like it does in the original Korean version.
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  2. Haishao added a post in a topic Black Desert is A PVE Safe-Space   

    What need to be done is to fix the PK system by restoring the actual penalties like they were designed in the original game.
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  3. Haishao added a post in a topic Is BDO good for PVE players who don't like "punishing" gameplay?   

    Showing that you abuse the PK system in our version doesn't change the fact that PK wasn't meant to be abused like you're doing.
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  4. Haishao added a post in a topic Is BDO good for PVE players who don't like "punishing" gameplay?   

    I don't lose fight if I wasn't fighting to begin with. The only loser is you because you're a PKer.
    The competition in this game is Nodewar. Go play that and you will be able to own and defend your spot. PK was never meant to be abused like you do.
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  5. Haishao added a post in a topic secret island whith unknown purpose discoverd   

    Isn't it where the preview at Gamescom was held?
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  6. Haishao added a post in a topic Pk punishment(poll)   

    It should be like in the original game.
    Same with GvG.
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  7. Haishao added a post in a topic Karma Bombing   

    The flaw with OWPvP is that Karma cost was reduced from 200k to 60k and penalties from getting killed when outlaw, like equipment drop, enchant loss, and random location respawn, were removed in our version of the game
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  8. Haishao added a post in a topic Carebear Desert   

    Risk of dropping gears is part of the actual penalties for Outlaw in BDO. It was changed in our version because griefer cried they were too casual for this.
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  9. Haishao added a post in a topic Karma Bombing   

    Karma bombing is real indeed. The "bomber" and the victim just happen to be the same person.
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  10. Haishao added a post in a topic Where can I find lots of Zereth armor pieces?   

    Rhutum and around southern Calpheon in general is probably the best place. Rhutum drop a lot of equipment so I would try there.
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  11. Haishao added a post in a topic Karma Bombing   

    Funny how it's always the people with anger issue and behavioral disorder who get griefed and "karma bombed" all the time.
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  12. Haishao added a post in a topic [MEGATHREAD] Event Boss Armor Box: Red Nose Armor   

    I wasn't really expecting anything else.
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  13. Haishao added a post in a topic "We don't add costumes that conflict with the medieval philosophy of the game" - Pearl Abyss   

    Immersion is a meaningless buzzword and a weeaboo is someone obsessed with Japanese culture.
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  14. Haishao added a post in a topic Free event underwear   

    I got le vladian on my tamer, which is what I already had.
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