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  1. Mockup added a post in a topic Kuno help needed   

    Why you lying?
    Anyway, those vids where really helpfull, especially this one:
    Thanks man, i was using it the last days to try to get gud  Scrub levels have sucessfully been decreased *_*
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  2. Mockup added a post in a topic Kuno or Maehwa ?   

    lol nice one
    Ye i keep getting alot of remarks on how weak i am as a Kuno. This completely deviates from my actuall game experience.
    I hear alot that i have no AoE on my Kuno...first time i thought thats a joke or trollbait but no.. dead serious oO
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  3. Mockup added a post in a topic Kuno or Maehwa ?   

    Then your way higher geared then me, no idea how you grind slow. The only classes with equal gear (even when they are more AP focused then me) that i fall behind in grindspeed is DKs and witch/wizzards.
    I used to be defenseless in pvp but i really was just horribly bad. I got better, im getting spanked arround less, but thats defnitly not the classes issue, its me dance macabreing happily into a tree instead of the other guys face...
    When im actually not silly i do get my wins, so its k, just need to get gud. Thats kinda the whole point of playing in the first place, well for me that is :3
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  4. Mockup added a post in a topic Kuno or Maehwa ?   

    I dont think im that hard of an exception. And the only time you are useless in a fight is when youre dead, do way too little damage and cant land any cc's. Lower damage doesnt mean no damage. 
    Danse Macabre still chunks people out quite alot. 
    Anyway, i still think OP should just try it to 56 and see which one he likes better. There isnt a class thats pure garbage in small scale pvp. Some are harder to pull then others, depends on preference, skill and gear.
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  5. Mockup added a post in a topic Kuno or Maehwa ?   

    Well.. the first 2 days my damage was garbage but that is to be expected with a crappy +7 chakram that im swinging arround like a helpless blind person cos i had no idea what i was doing... 
    I build for dp, evasion and acc tho, cos i prefer being an annoying tanky self heal spammin lil nuisance, that gets her oponent dead anyway after he struggled so hard to kill me. Kuno is really good at that. I find no joy in one shotting mobs or people. Its over too quick, makes me sad. So no.. dmg doesnt equal fun at all.
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  6. Mockup added a post in a topic Kuno or Maehwa ?   

    Dude, that makes no sense.
    I didnt feel my Kuno was shit at 56, there was a dead clear concept behind the awakening skills and a massive damage upgrade. That concept wont change at 57+, its still a sah chakram, it wont turn into a spear and it wont suddenly stop getting whirrled arround like a bladed hula hoop...
    You get new skills at 57+, your old ones wont change from the ground up. Means if they werent fun before, they wont get fun because they get one or more extra hits...
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  7. Mockup added a post in a topic Kuno or Maehwa ?   

    Im really confused on how you cant tell if you like an awakening at 56...not having fun is kinda one hell of an indicator.
    Torturing myself to 58 because "someone said it would get better"... um.. no thank you?
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  8. Mockup added a post in a topic Stop the griefers!   

    Killing someone afk out of mischief is a completely different thing then flagging on someone in a contested grind spot.
    Dont view it as a personal attack on you because your character got flagged uppon. If that happens once by one guy, its really just a glare at you, nothing else. Its practically a rude way of saying "spot taken". That costs the flagger Karma and the killed one: Nothing!
    As long as another player isnt actively stalking you to kill you over and over again, there is absolutely no harm done to you. Its rude sure, but nothing to get worked up at. Its his karma he uneccesarily lost because he didnt feel like typing 3 words.
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  9. Mockup added a post in a topic Stop the griefers!   

    Well, going to a spot where someone is already killing is rude. It doesnt matter that they dont "own" the spot, its just polite to respect that they were there before you...
    There is enough spots for everyone on the map. There is ALWAYS spots where you wont get killed over and over again. I never lost more then 5 min time because of someone flagging on me.
    Also: Why are so many people insiting on grinding to 56 on their own? Team up with someone. People completely overreact over getting killed, the effect it has on the killed person is kinda a 10m walk from the node to the next mob...griefing because of something like that is just silly and a waste of time...
    Stop treating getting killed over a spot as a major offense, its at most a glare. However... actively stalking someone over an extended period of time to mess up his time spend and with no other gain for oneself... just because there wasnt a guaranteed great grindspot at arrival... thats petty at best.
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  10. Mockup added a post in a topic Kuno or Maehwa ?   

    Im a Kuno too, im not grinding slow. Maybe you're geared wrong?
    I switched from Grunil to Roaring Magical Armor + 3x Steel Taritas for accuracy. Also switched pure AP kunai for acc Kunai. My grind speed went up alot even tho i lost over 10AP when i did this.
    Kunos sustain is sick. Had a DK jump me, lost 50% health, went into spinning wheel and used 1 pot, back to 100%.  Nice try man *_*
    Then duel some people, see if you like how the char handles.
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  11. Mockup added a post in a topic What an Undergeared Striker is Capable of   

    What an undergeared Striker is cabable of:
    Harrasing newbies at Sausans.
    New class, people have no experience fighting Strikers jet. Kinda huge advantage there...
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  12. Mockup added a post in a topic Just got the game!   

    So true! :3
    Ranger.. easy to play.. AHAHAHAHAHA .. my fingers cry every time, i still think that whole "easy ranger" thing is some kind of sadistic joke to trick unsuspecting ppl into playing it T.T
    I got good enough with it to have fun with it when i level mine for bosshunting later on but damn...
    I main Kuno and i find that WAY easyer then ranger. #personalPreferences
    Witch/Wiz is really easy tho. Good to make one if you have trouble with the unique controls of this game. You can still use her as an energy slave later
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  13. Mockup added a post in a topic Looking for equipment sugggestions   

    Grunil is an extremely heavy set, as a new player that has probably not purchased weight increase this directly translate to time wasted having to drop of things in towns/wagons alot more often. Setbonus requires all 4 items equiped.
    You should consider that when deciding for grunil.
    You get a very good free chest plate from quests (Roaring Magical Armor, 60DP, 50HP, 5ACC, 2 gem slots, can be onbtained at lv 52 i believe). There is no reason not to use it and it mixes badly with grunil.
    Heve set is way better for flexibility (2 gem slots). It weights not even half of grunil, setbonus already activated at 2 and 3 pieces. If you somehow get lucky with boss boots/gloves/head later on, those TRI and TET heve pieces you might have by then will still be usefull to you, even if you swap one out.
    Steel Taritas and Taritas set: Nice for acc, Steel version is almost weightless. Full setbonus activates with 3 pieces, great to mix it with the quest chest. My favorite set so far. The Acc really helped with my grindspeed. However next time id probably choose Heve because i really prefer the flexibility.
    Agerian is nice for the speed, however those stats can be aquired easy elsewhere (glove crystals, food, weapon crystals).
    Talis is nice when you really value moovement speed. Setbonus also activates on 3 pieces.
    Lastly: Buying DUO and PRI Armors of the market is easy. I would not spend all that time and efford into failstacking and trying to enchant. The chance of paying way more then the market price is quite high. It also costs you alot of time that could be spend otherwise.
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  14. Mockup added a post in a topic About to join the ranks of the others who have left this class....   

    Idk, ill have to look that up later, since i didnt do any pvp since i got them, thanks.
    Just noticed a huge increase in grind speed after i got them. 
    So...after checking it out:
    Most people who tested this seeme to agree that they work perfectly fine in PvP... 
    People who say it doesnt, did not consider stats like acc and eva. So im gonna go with them not working is not true.
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  15. Mockup added a post in a topic About to join the ranks of the others who have left this class....   

    So... they basically gave me a bladed shield with a hohle in it that i throw arround and slam into monsters faces. My selfheal became redicoulous i can loose half my health every 10 sec and i dont have to chug a single pot to be back to 100%.
    I have so many blocks... monsters while grinding need to get me stuck to do any damage and if they do.. well i just spin and danse macabre, that usually kills the group.
    I found building Kuno AP focused with little acc and no eva and dp an underwhelming experience and switched. Acc, Eva and DP is what im doing now.
    I love the fact that comboing is so rewarding as Kuno. Main Kuno for life!  Btw im not 12... put 20 years on that and my fingers do hurt alot after every weekend. Especially my shift finger... i think in a few weeks i can flex muscles on it..  The ADHD part might be true tho... i do get massively bored with classes where i dont have to combo or can just switch weapon to completely change the way im tackling a situation. I never really mained any classes in 14 years of mmoing because i would get bored of every single one of them after a while.
    So im really greatfull there is Kuno in this game  
    Btw... crit dmg gems in off hand weapons  
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