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  1. illutian added a post in a topic Introducing "Black Spirit"   

    I figured this was for April 1st. But...you know this kind of thing could actually sell.
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  2. illutian added a post in a topic Valentines Day Events [Update]   

    We went to our Cooking Ovens in our homes...because it says "cooking" and not "simple cooking". 
    Note: The previous 'combine xyz' event specifically said "simple alchemy" and not "alchemy" (which I would have thought meant to use the alchemy table -- Only that wasn't a one-item event unlike this one).
    EDIT: In fact, I didn't even know you could combine more than two items in Simple Cooking (or any other simple production); So, combine 3 items...says "cooking"; oh, must mean to use the cooking utensil. Oh...kay...where is the chocolate bar??? [come here] oh look the forum says "Simple Cooking". BOY! Would have been nice if the ingame message had said that...
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  3. illutian added a post in a topic Valentines Day Events [Update]   

    Love how the event Notice Page says to use "COOKING" not "Simple Cooking" (LIKE EVERY -----ING ELSE SAYS [that ring event said simple alchemy; not just Alchemy]) just "Cooking"...so there went that event -_-'
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  4. illutian added a post in a topic Just remove the damn snow   

    Eh, I'm content with 1080@35fps in Heidel and 105-110 in the field, on Medium | Custom (turned on High then turned off Improved, AA, High End); with or without snow.
    I do agree that the snow, itself, is rather unspectacular. It just doesn't seem to 'settle' right on plants. Plus it's annoying my 'footprints in the snow' don't work on paved road (ie stone bridges of Heidel).
    I also think the snow fall is rather bland. I want more snow falling!
    ...with blizzards...complete whiteouts. Oh the humanity of it all, a pile up of wagons on the East Bound out of Heidel! Horses turned over along the side, produce/trade items strewn all across the road. Wait...whats that under the wagon...
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  5. illutian added a post in a topic Just remove the damn snow   

    Ya...about that...
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  6. illutian added a post in a topic People Killing Witches and Wizards trying to stop them from getting Awakenings   

    Pretty sure the religious have killed the most people
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  7. illutian added a post in a topic Santa has Arrived in Heidel!   

    Jonathan! You get off that bookcase, right this instant!
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  8. illutian added a post in a topic Servers?   

  9. illutian added a post in a topic Unexpected error 900   

    Yep, even sent in a support ticket
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  10. illutian added a post in a topic Unexpected error 900   

    Oh that's nothing folks...wait till you trying and log into your account on the site..."Incorrect Password of Email"
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  11. illutian added a post in a topic Dark Knight releasing soon, male counterpart being "considered"   

    Your last bit was misread. It appeared to mean that PA might have announced other genders. Since I don't follow the game beyond what Daum releases, I wasn't sure. --  One of the bad habits of mine is to leave a post and come back to it hours later and finish typing.
    Plain and simple is PA won't do anything unless they can profit on it. And seeing as games like WoW offer pay-for character appearance changes (this allows gender change too) for around $15 per character per time. I see $5 (pearl option) or 2500 Loyalty (free, but with time option) as a completely fair business model.
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  12. illutian added a post in a topic Dark Knight releasing soon, male counterpart being "considered"   

    WoW had gender change in the form of appearance change; a paid-for service at $15 per character I might add. And it's not monetized unless you have zero patience. -- I would have them all ready to go, but the players would have to wait ~30 days to earn enough loyalty. I can wait 30 days...and I figure most other's would. And most of us probably have at least 3k Loyalty unused.
    And hell ya, I put it behind a paywall. Companies don't do you a god damn favor unless they'll benefit immediately from it. So you want them to pay devs to create the opposite gender for 12 classes FOR FREE?! And yes, it does take development time; you don't just click a button and boobs turn into balls (and vice versa). Unless you want copy pasted Human Fighter for Witch, Sorc. Bladder for Maewha, Ninja for Kuno...I don't know if there's a female giant ('Giant' is Berserker's model). Female models would have to use the Elf model with "trimmed" ears. It's doable, but it wouldn't be cheap...even on Asian Game Developer wages (which are way less than American devs' pay).
    Side Note: Your post suggests they are adding opposite genders next month??? If so, then ya, hold of on monetizing!
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  13. illutian added a post in a topic Dark Knight releasing soon, male counterpart being "considered"   

    $5 in Pearls or...2500 in Loyalty to unlock 'opposite sex' genders for each class.
    Now, sit back and watch to see how popular it is. It goes both ways, what if you like the play style of a Berserker but "don't want to look at a guy's ass while I play". -- I pick that because there's clearly no female counterpart; no Tamer isn't his.
    There, PA gets money from those not wishing to wait nearly 30 days per class to unlock the opposite sex. And the players get to play the gender they want; on any class. -- There's what 11 classes right now (12 being Dark Knight) so that's about 9 months of logging in every day to collect your 100 Loyalty tokens (won't count events or Achievements). Or $60 in Pearls.
    ...now to be suave about the whole deal allow players to purchase Gender Swap costume tokens, for 1 Loyalty each; limit 20 per family, to swap out their favorite costumes to the newly unlocked genders. Then sell those tokens for a few bucks ($5 max).
    There, PA, you can thank me later.
    ....or you could continue to place artificial restrictions, and factually turn potential players away because "lol, I'm not a -----, but I want to play Zerker/Fighter/Wizard/Ninja/Bladder" or "I don't want to look like a slut". Seriously, what marketing team decides it's a good idea to risk turning away wallets????
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  14. illutian added a post in a topic Dark Knight releasing soon, male counterpart being "considered"   

    I just don't get the argument to NOT have gender-less classes.
    Why is it wrong for a player to want to play their gender or the opposite of their gender? WHY DO YOU -----ING CARE?! Options, people, options.
    On the flip side, some of these classes should be gender-locked due to the lore of that class (ie Valkyries). But in those cases I would go the extra mile (kilometer) and make a male version with in that society that adopts the male patron gods as their source of power (think this game has multiple gods...don't really know, kinda didn't pay attention to the story. )
    Valks (male: Fist of Eileon?? -- Gotta fish on this one), Witches (male: Warlocks), Tamer (male: beast master), Ranger (male: Archer --where is it?!), Kuno (male: Ninja), Maewha (male: Bladder)
    Warrior, Berserker, Wizard (pretty sure Harry Potter establishes this as genderless!!)
    ...don't think I missed anyone??
    It's like they started out making gendered classes, realized the mistake, and started making counter parts. But up and forgot to create counter parts to the 'basic classes'. No...Valk is NOT the counter of Warrior. May seem like it, but it's not. It 'feels' more caster than melee-fighter. Kind of like Sorc, but with a shield. And Berserker...has zero; as in not even up for debate...unless it's suppose to be Tamer, in which case, "lolwut?".
    NOTE: Part of my 'counter of' is using the same type of magic. This is why I won't say Witch is the counter of Wizard. Typically, Wizards would use the arcane, while witches would use either druidic (Wicca style) or the 'Dark Arts'. So...Witch isn't a counter and Sorc is melee-magic so...ya.
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  15. illutian added a post in a topic [Updated][Maintenance] Maintenance November 30th   

    Really would have been nice if they had done a test BEFORE hand. Clearly they didn't because they would have stated that not only should your workers be 'idle', but that you should take a screen shot of your keybinds, your actions bars, and make sure your farms were in a state that you could replant them if need be.
    ...I now have to hope that some of the 241 items in my warehouse are the special seeds....FML.
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