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  1. Battousaiyan added a post in a topic Sorcs needs to be nerfed.   

    I think melee classes need to be buffed to Sorc (Ranger/Wiz even) level. Rather than just beating Sorc with a nerf bat until they are as bad as most melee. Hopefully awakenening weapons will bring some balance to the classes and stop the QQ.
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  2. Battousaiyan added a post in a topic Why can't we do duel n open world?   

    Is there some special type of duel that I'm unaware of here? You can duel anywhere (except safe zones without an arena). Just flag for PvP and duel.
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  3. Battousaiyan added a post in a topic Yeah, sorcs are 100% balanced and bad in PVE   

    What if we just buff other classes rather than nerf Sorc and have even more rage?
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  4. Battousaiyan added a post in a topic AFK Killed while sleeping on bed   

    I guess you could say you're... Sleeping with the fishes.
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  5. Battousaiyan added a post in a topic Original Conq Pack "T5" Horse   

    Inb4 counts for 3 tokens.
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  6. Battousaiyan added a post in a topic Thank you Devs   

    This game is very heavy RNG, even for in MMO. Armor/wep/accessories upgrades, boss drops, health bar, horse skills, fishing, etc etc. I think the problem is more of the insanely low percent for many BIS items. However I knew (some) what I was getting into before buy Conq pack. A loooong Korean grinder. So I don't expect it to change much. I appreciate the fellow critics when they have something constructive to say and not just RAAAAGE!
    I've seen the servers slowly getting better and hackers slowly getting ban so atleast its promise. There are still many issues but there is only so much a company of 20 people (who rely heavily on a slightly larger developer) can do. More transparency and frequent communication would be great but they are burdened so I understand.
    Being a QQer for the sake of anger is just as bad as a blind fanboy seeing the game without flaw. Both will just push others away from the game and hurt the long term success of the company. Which means the servers go bye bye.
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  7. Battousaiyan added a post in a topic Why No Night Vendor?   

    Don't forget it will be a one use only token.
    Ding dong ding dong ding dong ding BANANAAAA PHOOONE. I have my hunches, We'll be denied a-bunches...
    FUS - RO - DAUM! Try everything I could think of...
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  8. Battousaiyan added a post in a topic Left me no choice....   

    Overwatch is a TF style hero FPS. Battleborn is the MOBA FPS (and its way better).
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  9. Battousaiyan added a post in a topic Late release of already available awakening weapons - REPOST   

    Yeah but then you'll have the Rangers, Wizards and Sorcs all pissed off too then...
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  10. Battousaiyan added a post in a topic server population   

    I do understand all those points you ask of me because I do love this game too. I've spent hundreds of dollars (I know its not a lot compare to you and others) in the CS and on Conqueror pack. Still, I find it commendable to those that address the plethora of issues it does have. Going in with rose tinted glasses to the issues doesn't help grow the player base. It doesn't support a good business model.
    I agree, some QQers complain just to complain (or troll). However many of them do so to address these issues and have high hopes Daum will listen. Since there is usually no response or delay/flip flop answers, complaints seem the only method to garnish their attention. I've greatly admire what PA has done here but there are many communication, server and balancing issues present between Daum and them. I like to roll with the punches and keep playing (even when they can't fulfill their word) but I can't expect this of everyone.
    I really want to see this game grow but Kat and you are two polar opposites representive to this forum's community. Which will make the game better and last longer? Regardless, I am as commited as you and just want what is best for the game. Obviously Daum can only do so much and people want different things changed. I know most of them are trying to do what is best but there still needs to be more consistency and transparency in communication. Less desync, less RNG, less one shots, etc. Otherwise, you and I will BE the community and the server will go down. I still have a fool's hope in them though.
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  11. Battousaiyan added a post in a topic Late release of already available awakening weapons - REPOST   

    Yeah I just did and thats a big "kappa" on Warriors being OP.
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  12. Battousaiyan added a post in a topic Late release of already available awakening weapons - REPOST   

    I can certainly agree there. However, I don't think the pet mechanic is out of place (maybe overdone), look at WoW, GW, BnS, etc...
    I feel for the warriors though, I really do. Slow ass grinding for gear and mediocre PvP at best. I feel like whenever a warrior shows up to a fight, the other classes are all thinking...

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  13. Battousaiyan added a post in a topic Late release of already available awakening weapons - REPOST   

    Sadly I know that is the case. Atleast Ninjas will have plenty of time to level to get their awakening weapon. Without getting ganked by other classes with them. Then again, they will still get ganked anyways unless its another Ninja.
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  14. Battousaiyan added a post in a topic Late release of already available awakening weapons - REPOST   

    Nevermind my post, thought you were talking about a zerker throw not a warriors shield throw. I've personally never seen a person claim how OP a Warrior or Tamer is though. That seems a strange concept to me. Unless it had something to do with their awakening GS or before Tamer/ CC nerf.
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  15. Battousaiyan added a post in a topic How to find out who killed you while you were afk?   

    Alternatively you can just click the exit button and it will show a recent recap with the same journal info.
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