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  1. iller added a post in a topic Horse skill change ticket   

    once you've gotten Instant Accel any horse and went over the tiniest of little bumps or downslopes ... it becomes immediately Obvious 
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  2. iller added a post in a topic Are Trade Crates Worth It?   

    would say it depends on the Cargo ... boxes of Balenos timber or Steel ... basically anything with a base price under 40k, wouldn't bother, too much distance to cover manually that ISN'T covered by Tradeships so you're wasting a bunch of playing time that could be used more efficiently.  For overflow of mats like that... I just box 'em up in Anorcado Harbor and dump them all in Epheria now that everything is 100% and never goes below that.  That way everything is handled 'Macro' style at the world map level which means 99% of the process is AFK'able.  -- IOW this is really down to personal playstyle preference in many ways if you rule out "opportunity-cost"
    Stuff like Titanium ingots & Calph crates ... I only haul it out to Arehaza for fun when I'm having a slow day
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  3. iller added a post in a topic Is the luck stat on workers overrated?   

    This is definitely where I stand on the issue.  The first Artisan I ever made it a priority promote up, was a human for Lynch Farm Ruins.
    ...yeah I got plenty of Artisan Goblins these days too.  But most of the time, they stand around doing nothing, waiting for me to notice it's time to queue them for some more Armor or Weapon or Horsegear crafting.  ...maybe if the stupid Housing/furniture setup in this game wasn't go goddamned Pay2Win I'd have them posted on Specilaties production 24/7 but otherwise it's just a Hassle to even attempt to keep them busy & working full time and I don't feel that the results are worth what the Humans produce for the same "Oatmeal" Upkeep.

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  4. iller added a post in a topic fix Valencia drop rates or...   

    Valencia is FINE.   The real problem is that Sausans are flooding the entire market with unearned Botting-Levels of stupid idiot moron Commie Silver
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  5. iller added a post in a topic Shakatu seals   

    TL;DR -- this needlessly drawn out "event" doesn't create Wellfare, it creates SUPPLY and Equity .. therefore it is the opposite of Manipulative crony-capitalism
    I will personally adapt to whatever system is there, all the while trying to steer it back towards my own principles even if that means steering it into a Ditch first (like I did when I when I voted for Bush & Trump).  And the only difference between me and the working class that did the same thing, is that I was fully cognitively aware and not just subconsciously aware of it.  So in that sense yes I absolutely CAN compare the real world to a game because both of them are running on a Video Game economic model not tethered to real Gold backed securities nor the physical Warehousing of commodities.   Just because a DUO Ogre ring is a lot simpler to place in Storage than 300 million Sausan Armor Scraps does not mean 'doling it out' to those who have not "earned" it is radically more Harmful to the "efforts" made players who faced real Risk and consequences in their Treadmilling routines.
    What this equates to in-game ... avoiding any soapboxing on what I personally think they must NERF to fix this problem ...is that I personally avoid any kind of activity that would have me directly injecting the billions of silver I already have back into the market.  Instead I look for ways to convert it directly into the commodities that are missing and in high demand on the market.  ...This might even mean selling all of the High Tier horses I own as well at some point because I want to be the Champion of Supply even if I'm praying for total collapse of the market due to the fact these idiots don't understand just how important Transparency really is.
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  6. iller added a post in a topic Shakatu seals   

    10 of them a Month is hilariously miserly and doesn't even begin to approach real socialism.  
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  7. iller added a post in a topic Ranger need a buff   

    Drem may have a point, it's hard to argue against those measurements
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  8. iller added a post in a topic What happened to Witchzards again ?   

    LMAO, good luck with that   ..no one on the other end wants to read any of it nomatter how well it was Translated to them  (they don't like us .. we're not of the glorious peninsula birthright they want to associate with) 
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  9. iller added a post in a topic You think the servers are bad now?   

    I'm not worried about the people who actually Buy the game off Steam.  ...lots of people just BUY games on steam, especially Cheap games under $15. ...and then sometimes never actually Install it..   ...this whole country has a real issue with Compulsive online Shopping it seems...
    NO, I'm only worried about the rush of Trial Codes that will be tossed around to the Twelvies they're friends with who will lag it out, ask stupid questions, and have no idea what they were installing in the first place b/c they thought it was another prettier version of WOW...
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  10. iller added a post in a topic Do you think there will ever be an MMO that looks as good as Black Desert in the near future?   

    The thing about Ashes,  engine-wise, is it's Unreal 4 ... of COURSE it's going to look better than anything else out there.  Ue4 also has one of the best intermediate Coding toolsets in the entire industry b/c of Blueprints. And while it's not unlimited potential, its Dynamic rigging/physics are pretty darn on par with professional level programs like Maya-LT or atleast better than the Crap those idiots at Bioware were trying to make work.  But it has one massive issue which is Netcoding.  This is the whole reason you don't see tons of MMORPG's coming out on Ue4 like you see so many Single Player games coming out on it
    Who got Baited??... I knew this game was going to be a Grindfest that's why I only bought the $30 option and then never spent another dime.  I even knew it was going to have Terrible uninteresting A.I. b/c the first thing I read about it review wise was an Interview with the Developers where they literally admitted TWICE that they had a lot of improvement to make in that area
    But how about actually addressing the point I made?... or maybe address this point (b/c it's made quite a bit better than I can currently make it myself):
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  11. iller added a post in a topic New Korean Pearl Shop Costumes for May (Conqueror Re-skin)   

    That Lance actually has a really good design Aesthetic behind it.  Impractical A.F.  But but the composition & silhouette is superb
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  12. iller added a post in a topic For those who played over 5000 hours...   

    Surprisingly, only about 750 of my hours were overnight/AFK   (I was kinda late to realizing how important it was to get on that train from the beginning).
    I'll tell ya one thing that made the other 4250 hours more bearable.... and that was to not spend most of it grinding Mobs b/c that is about as tedious as it gets when the AI is so terrible it essentially doesn't even exist in this game.   But it also helps that I have like, half a dozen games over my basement dwelling career I've logged over 5k hours in so I did this one standing on my head.  Hell, I put 5000 hours just into playing a single class (Monk) in Guildwars1 and that was b/c the AI in that game was really good.  I also have 5k in TF2 b/c the enemies they added when it went Free to Play were so life-like too!  ...
      in any case, despite having both types of ADHD (or maybe b/c of it) , I found it a fairly consistent routine to be pulled in so many different directions by this game at once that it was possible to forget how boring some tasks could be if you over focused on any one of them.  Some days I admit it's not easy to want to keep going, especially when it involves the Enchanting interface and its soul sucking RNG depression spiral. Plus the combat is Shallow AF.  But changing up my whole Node setup every now and then usually snaps me out of any funk... along with switching around the gear on my alts and trying out some Recipes I might have overlooked and seeing if they become staple Money-Making crafts
    This is also a REALLY ideal game to only halfway pay attention to while you have a Podcast of some kind playin in the background
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  13. iller added a post in a topic Good gosh almighty. Fired this game up again today, what the...   

    This sounds like a real Exaggeration ...
    it is not 
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  14. iller added a post in a topic Ranger need a buff   

    Playing against a class enough times still gives atleast halfway observant people a pretty good window into what's going on with that class... if it didn't, then it would be a REALLY HYPOCRITICAL for Ranger players here to then do the same thing by comparing themselves directly to the current meta class
    /basic logic 
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  15. iller added a post in a topic BDO on Steam? Nah.   

    What are you talking about?... There's no Steam-Dedicated servers.  It just launches from the steam platform.  Everyone's still stuck playing on the same exact Godawful lagging Desynchy N.A. servers nomatter what
    the 1 and ONLY benefit,  getting some real NUMBER SAMPLES finally via:  http://steamcharts.com/
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