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  1. jjplay175 added a post in a topic Voting: Forced Perma RNG In Stat Increase Upon Level   

    I prefer to see it as rat dropping... I didn't notice they were there but someone pointed them out and I am not happy... just because I can't see the rats, I know this is only the beginning! My main argument is pointed mainly towards my unhappiness with exploits and several issues that have occurred that daum haven't dealt with correctly and the lack of communication.
    I am not happy with this personally true... but I could probably forgive it under the intentions of it being a way to improve the game and just being one I disagree with but there is nothing... they just throw a few rats in to breed and you get nothing... no explanation, no resolution, no fix and your complaint means nothing <-- That is my problem, that this is one of many things I dislike, this is a small one true... but daum doesn't seem to give jack about any of them *AND* what else don't we know? because we know daum wont tell us and we know they wont fix it
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  2. jjplay175 added a post in a topic Voting: Forced Perma RNG In Stat Increase Upon Level   

    What are you on about... this game is rng anyway, your chance of hitting varies! if anything happens, and they survive you just put it down to getting an unlucky miss... that's like you having lost a bit of your capability to make rational decisions but you don't complain because it's just how it is! and then 5 years down the line finding out that the pills a dr was giving you was the reason all along! and then you complaining and everyone going "Well you didn't complain before when you didn't know the pills were doing it, now you're just complaining for the hell of it"

    That is the most retarded defence I have ever heard! "You didn't know something was wrong so you didn't complain" thus we have no reason to complain? Please just leave the internet... with this logic anything we do illegally is fine if we don't tell people because they don't know and when they find out they have no reason to complain because they didn't complain before!
    And if you are unable to realize that any difference in HP or any stat has the chance of actually turning a fight then you truly do lack the capability to be part of this argument... if everyone in the country got given 100 tickets but they decided to give every house that has the number 1 in it an extra... that guys 100 tickets might of failed but that 1 extra he got gives him the win that would of been someone else's! the chances of this happening are slim, true! but... this case isn't happening once in a lifetime, once in a year, this is happening 1000's of times daily... if you roll chances 1000 times a day but you make adjustments that give 1 side a slight small... chance of surviving then out of the odds of 1000 fights... it will actually cause an impact! a small one yes... one that doesn't matter too much yes... then when you get Node wars where there will be 100's of people on each side, that battle will have this chance rolled several times over several varied battles, sometimes it will balance out but sometimes this may be the deciding factor in which it shouldn't of been.
    That is my point "sometimes this may be the deciding factor in which it shouldn't of been."
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  3. jjplay175 added a post in a topic Voting: Forced Perma RNG In Stat Increase Upon Level   

    I agree, it was worded very poorly, I had to read the comments to understand the question
    ps: (Waiting for someone to quote my earlier comment saying that it will rarely impact things so it doesn't matter, any unfair impact is too much)
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  4. jjplay175 added a post in a topic Voting: Forced Perma RNG In Stat Increase Upon Level   

    Little impact, it has an impact, there will always be situations that it will impact, if you have 1hp more than me then in a months time you will survive some situations I would of not, but it's not that big of a concern! this adds onto a lot of other things I am not happy about with this game, saying having 20hp more than someone causes no impact at all is just illogical, all logic and law of averages will specifically show that they will indeed benefit and survive things and thus cause an impact
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  5. jjplay175 added a post in a topic Voting: Forced Perma RNG In Stat Increase Upon Level   

    Not that this would happen but it would mean that when people get a better roll they need to work less and it saves them time, I could class them as lucky and get on with it... if I got less I would feel unlucky... and get on with it
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  6. jjplay175 added a post in a topic Voting: Forced Perma RNG In Stat Increase Upon Level   

    It's a small issue at most... but it is an issue! I wouldn't have an issue with 1, I would just put a simple comment saying it doesn't need to be a thing... the true problem is that I am running out of paper to take notes of all the terrible decisions and mistakes they are making! it's the quantity of problems that concerns me and the major issue of "What will they ruin next?" This game has amazing potential but I have no faith in it now... Daum ruined that, I just lay down and wait for their next mistake and I am waiting for that 1 thing to pop up that makes me decide to just stop playing.
    #DaumsNextMistake <-- This so needs to be a twitter thing, got to start making a list
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  7. jjplay175 added a post in a topic Voting: Forced Perma RNG In Stat Increase Upon Level   

    ^ Clearly has never developed or been part of a developing game in their life...
    I myself enjoy making indie games using the Unity engine, I know things are a lot different but I know well enough that half of them points you made are just complete speculation to make your argument seem better... anybody here that is a coder will be able to tell you that what you are talking about is just a good example of terribly bad code...

    Oh and bad practice, you take peoples concerns into account to make a fun game, you don't bend over and give people like you what they "Think" they want... daum is on the other side though and gives us everything we absolutely fking hate... Ty daum, I would really like to know where your stats come from
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  8. jjplay175 added a post in a topic RNG Hidden stats   

    Your mistake here is that you are not looking at the bigger picture... when you see someone run off with 10hp *Which does happen a lot* when he comes back after potting and kills you and you don't get away with 10hp... that is RNG, in most cases it wont matter, in some cases it will... the fact that in a small amount of fights they win simply because they got lucky with RNG... well, that is stupid in any competitive PVP, also take into consideration that if you have guild wars, the HP difference in total of all members can be huge depending on a lot of factors... getting lucky really does give you the edge.
    Competitive <-- There should not be any unfair advantage given to people, getting a lucky item drop is fine because with time anyone can achieve it but... rng stats? you just perm gave them an edge and every small edge someone gets, the better their chances #Unfair
    + secret 5 bonus AP for starting your name with Z + Bonus accuracy for that title you collected + Bonus boss drops because your name ends in a Y + ???

    It wouldn't surprise me... Daum never fails to amaze me, I am in awe at how much 1 game can ----- up... I look forward to a years time where this none p2w game allows you to buy stats to help further *Balance* the game... Daum can you just put +10 accuracy on my ranger? yano... because you can? that is how your company works right? because you can?
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  9. jjplay175 added a post in a topic RNG Hidden stats   

    Ahh the 28 explained ^
    Something big? I am finding it hard to focus on a specific show of incompetence... too many god damn mistakes for me to focus!!

    DAUM PLEASE!! Slow down on the ----- ups... getting dizzy trying to keep up x_x
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  10. jjplay175 added a post in a topic Voting: Forced Perma RNG In Stat Increase Upon Level   

    What!? I would rather Gear mean everything than a lucky dice roll on level up... are you being sarcastic? or is there a joke I am not getting...
    Are you implying PvP is more fun when you go to shoot someone but they got a better roll than you so you don't win? (Not implying that is how it works) but seriously... I am completely failing to see your point here
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  11. jjplay175 added a post in a topic Solution to the Weekend XP Bug (poll)   

    Would be nice if a single Daum employee would pop in and say "It's okay guys"
    Looks more like they looked through the keyhole and were able to see a crowd of people so they looked at each other and said "Lets keep this one locked" then just whistles and walked on by as if they have no idea it's there
    Well we found Daums moto! "Ignorance is bliss" it sure as hell seems to make them feel better
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  12. jjplay175 added a post in a topic Solution to the Weekend XP Bug (poll)   

    @PM_Belsazar Sorry if this is not specifically what you handle... but I feel that the community here is being ignored enough, all of this anger and frustration, you should be able to look at it and see that the source of it is a passion towards this game! When you guys were given this amazing game to publish over here, you know that it was an amazing opportunity because this is indeed a big game that a lot of people wanted and a lot of people invest in... so I hope you should be able to look at all the comments in here and see that we are unhappy... disappointed, we want to like you because we love this game but you know that this situation is being handled badly...
    Instead of everyone just ranting and stating how you did things wrong I want to ask you specifically Belsazar, all the frustration aside... How could you allow this to happen? surely there are things in place to prevent this and even if there isn't, what are you all actually doing to prevent this from happening again?
    Exploits keep popping up and people are abusing them willingly... It was almost like you promote exploiting... the fact that you are going and giving NA the bug just sells it... you want to know what it is that truly makes me feel disappointed? You all said that you try to tailor the EU/NA servers to the regions and because of that a lot of things are handled differently, in game mechanics... xp, pvp and probably a lot more things than we know about but... That is what sold the game to me, that is what sold your company to me! I thought you were looking at stats to work out the best ways to get the full potential out of this game and I loved that! But... turns out what ever stats you have, show a lot of people liked to exploit bugs? So what? Have you tailored our version to be a broken, unbalanced mess that allows people to do what ever  they want... even when not intended? even when it shouldn't exist? I knew about the bug with the field bosses from a very early point and I can tell you that my guild never did it once... because exploiting a mistake to give yourself an unfair edge is never right... Korea punishes bug users and exploiters and you decided to make it acceptable here... let me sum this up.
    What are you going to do to prevent unfair exploits getting past?What are you going to do about the people that will unfairly take advantage of these situationsIn my opinion... there should be a notice telling everyone that if they exploit bugs they find that they will get banned, punished, rolled back... what ever you feel is fit to fix it! this doesn't mean someone goes and uses a hunting rifle on a boss once and it stuns it so they do it a 2nd time and confirm it... this is full on guilds locking down field bosses and using the stun exploit to rocket themselves... If you have the community at heart, how can you allow that? How can you ignore all of our concerns? so if you really are the best company to have this game and we didn't make a mistake by trusting you then make a comment here and put us at ease (communicate)
    If you decided to read this, then thank you for your time and I look forward to your input
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  13. jjplay175 added a post in a topic Solution to the Weekend XP Bug (poll)   

    I decided I am personally going to grab all the complaints out of this thread and send them to the korean developers, inform them that they picked a shit company to be their EU publisher
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  14. jjplay175 added a post in a topic Solution to the Weekend XP Bug (poll)   

    Is there a way to block seeing morons posts on the forum? If not, may I request it?

    anyway, another 2 days has past and I realized that no CM has decided to post them... Who here recalls the daum CM telling us how much he loves the community and how the community means a lot to them? well... finding it hard to believe at this point
    *(Still Waiting For A Reply)*
    I feel sorry for all the people that dedicated to fishing because it's a part of the game they enjoyed, the ones that worked hard to get into the top fishing ranks because it's what they find fun... I feel sorry for those that despite all the hard time they put into it, they have become but a small fish in the big ocean due to this exploit! I wouldn't even mind this small blip if it was a 1 off but it's not... this is yet again another mistake that has ruined a part of the game *Again* and what annoys me is that there is still nobody representing Daum in here...
    Thanks Daum, 10/10, strong community interaction, would eat up lies again.
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  15. jjplay175 added a post in a topic Solution to the Weekend XP Bug (poll)   

    Just sounds like another exploiter who has no integrity, Well played
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