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  1. Anxiety added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    Full cash back if you do this. Thanks for keeping your promises /s. I'm not one to usually complain about this shit but seriously what the ----- are you thinking? This will kill the game just like it has over in Korea. Game hasn't even gone a year yet and you are pulling shit like this you guys are a -----ing joke, I hope your ready to lose a bunch of -----ing money through cash backs.
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  2. Anxiety added a post in a topic Event: Get movin! 3rd - 22nd March   




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  3. Anxiety added a post in a topic Event: One for all, and all for one. 3rd - 22nd March   


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  4. Anxiety added a post in a topic Best armor for Ranger?   

    Two piece heve 2 piece neil tree/grunil when it comes out then boss armor whenever you get it. Specifically the body and the shoes of grunil.
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  5. Anxiety added a post in a topic Are any GM aware of the duped pre order items?   

    So that's why I haven't gotten anything yet what the actual -----. Daum better fix this soon.
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  6. Anxiety added a post in a topic Who else isn't staying up for launch?   

    Not staying up per se but I will be up for launch. I'm gonna take a nap around 9/10 and sleep until like 2/2:30
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  7. Anxiety added a post in a topic Because too many people don't know: You are not meant to log out of BDO...like ever   

    My electricity bill begs to differ.
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  8. Anxiety added a post in a topic Approx overpriced by 25%, reduces price by 10% to look "good".   

    Not really trolled I was happy with the cash shop prices to begin with sorry.
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  9. Anxiety added a post in a topic The reason the forums are like this = millenials   

    Would like but I have no more likes to give today i cri
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  10. Anxiety added a post in a topic /mu/   

    american football is great and i like some the world is a beautiful place and I'm no longer afraid to die but they're kinda part of the whole wave scene so if you plan to talk on cmhwak don't talk about anything that is part of the wave they don't like it unless you talk about it jokingly.
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  11. Anxiety added a post in a topic Guns Thread   

    Don't feel bad man I live in the socialist commonwealth of Massachusetts until next year when I move to Maine.
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  12. Anxiety added a post in a topic Guns Thread   

    I'm planning to get the threaded barrel version in hopes that the silencer bill passes the house (sorry for politics) if it doesn't I guess I can always fill out a form 4 Don't get me wrong though the legion is gorgeous and looks like it belongs to someone from like some sort of secret society so it has a mystique and beauty about it, which is why I'll be getting my 229 as a legion.
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  13. Anxiety added a post in a topic /mu/   

    neil perry, orchid, pg99 saetia, joshua fit for battle, raein, city of catepillar, the spirit of versailles, ----- wolves, envy, isadora crane just to name a few
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  14. Anxiety added a post in a topic Guns Thread   

    Thought about it when I saw them come out and decided I'm getting a 229 legion eventually after my 226 mk25
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