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  1. Ladon added a post in a topic Mobile version BDO coming   

    You mean a month and a half out, right about the time Kakako games became a thing?  Meanwhile you somehow concluded this was a companion app mentioned in some interview that was conducted at the start of the year?  An interview that didn't even mentioned they were even making such an app rather that they were open to the possibilty?  
    Sure have me convinced with that logic!
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  2. Ladon added a post in a topic Mobile version BDO coming   

    Where are you guys getting this idea this is the mobile management app?  You wouldn't need to build a new engine and port aspects of the game for something like this. 
    It also says right there. It's a mobile version of black desert. It doesn't say it's a companion app for black desert. 
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  3. Ladon added a post in a topic Mobile version BDO coming   

    Not sure where you got this idea.  This news is brand new and nothing in the article suggests what you claim. 
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  4. Ladon added a post in a topic Rise of the amount of chargebacks (p2w update)   

    All this talk about fraud is hilarious. This isn't fraud. Issuing a chargeback on services from one company one time is a dispute, not fraud.  
    You would have to prove a heavy amount of premeditation for anything like this to actually be classified as fraud like buying up a bunch of accounts to sell gold with then issuing a chargeback on all of them after they get banned. 
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  5. Ladon added a post in a topic Rise of the amount of chargebacks (p2w update)   

    Nope. Has to go through a major collections review now before these show up on reports and there is no way a chargeback or two will pass with the current credit protection laws in place unless we are talking 10s of thousands of dollars. 
    Even more so if you go through PayPal since they are a financial proxy that cannot link to your credit history. 
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  6. Ladon added a post in a topic Rise of the amount of chargebacks (p2w update)   

    Chargebacks are part of your consumer rights.  There is no real established process to refund digital goods and chargebacks are one of the few options to consumers in this case.  EULAs are not legally binding and only dictate access to the particular service.
    Paypal is more than aware of this and why they make is so easy to carry out on your behalf.  This concept that you do not deserve a refund after utilizing a service you are not satisfied with or meets your expectations is a loophole corporations, especially digital service companies, have been exploiting for a while now.   It allows them to skate quality demands of consumers by claiming they are owed the money by simply providing a service and consumers laws are way behind on this entire concept and the corporations are more than aware of this.
    Also responsible use of chargebacks will not impact your credit score.  Responsible would be getting your money back from a particular company in a particular instance.  Basically if you keep them down to once or twice a year, they won't ever show up on your credit report. 
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  7. Ladon added a post in a topic Attempting to void ignorance regarding the new exchange system.   

    Binomel distribution has nothing to do with the success rate of enchantments dude. 
    Read up on the Bernoulli trial if you want to actually fool people with your psudo Wikipedia knowledge of the subject at hand. 
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  8. Ladon added a post in a topic Attempting to void ignorance regarding the new exchange system.   

    CMs will log in with system generated silver and buy up any item that has been listed for any length of time.
    You are crazy if you think they won't maintain this RL currency to silver market themselves to get people to keep spending money. 
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  9. Ladon added a post in a topic free publicity for BDO!   

    Step 1: Change your company name to run from bad publicity.
    Step 2: Proceed to step 1.
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  10. Ladon added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    I will get any refunds I can then sell my account to recover whatever else I might be able to if this decision goes through.  I don't really care if this it is against the TOS because apparently it's fine to just change an agreement whenever it is convenient. 
    This isn't a threat.  One of my biggest decisions to play this game and invest money into it was due to the limits that were put on the game to prevent real world to in game money translation methods.  I refuse to invest any money into games that allow for this mechanic.
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  11. Ladon added a post in a topic Why is RNG in games?   

    RNG create excitement and gear destruction curbs the power creep.
    Let's look at non RNG games like WoW and FF14.  All they do is make you do a task X amount of times to get a reward, let people have at it for a while, up the numbers on the gear a bit and make you do it all over again in an endless vertical treadmill.
    This is incredibly boring for many as well.  RNG is frustrating when you fail but very satisfying when you succeed.  You don't get any of this with the checkbox task systems.
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  12. Ladon added a post in a topic Fail Stack change When?   

    Not necessarily with gear.  This also shows a fundemental misunderstanding of the statistics behind failstacks.
    Statstically you are throwing away the built in base chance of a successful enchant every time you build a failstack on an item you are not trying to increase.  Yes utilizing your stacks correctly so that you aren't rolling 30 stacks on a pri attempt makes sense, but trying to build stacks on cheap or throw away items is showing to be a big waste of time.  Everyone in my guild that has been messing with trying to pre build stacks on gear is now way behind in gear.  That's because they continue to throw away the base enchant chance on the gear they actually want to improve.  
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  13. Ladon added a post in a topic Fail Stack change When?   

    Failstacks are overvalued.
    Every person I know with all Tri or higher didn't even bother and just pushed shards into the gear at low to no stacks.  It's stupid how much money some people waste in trying to hit some percived 'safe' failstack number.
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  14. Ladon added a post in a topic You guys want fair and balanced PvP?   

    MMO and balance never go hand in hand.  This will never happen in a game with difference in classes and roles. 
    Even the competative, arena based games have resolved to just rotating balance so that no one class sit on top for the entire life of the game. 
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  15. Ladon added a post in a topic Kuno awakening video released   

    Awakenings getting progressively disappointing for sure. You can tell Warrior Ranger and Sorc got a lot of love and thought in them then they sort of started running out of good ideas.  The skills and animations on those three and just so much better and more detailed than the rest.
    Sure they will be functionally sufficient like the rest though. 
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