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  1. BLUENOiR added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    I want my Delphine Knight Costumes!
    Hi guys, the game is screwing with me and i'm been trying to do a few things for myself in order to obtain designs for the Delphine Knight Costumes.
    1. Made a new character that is now 50, and was at 32 when trying to  talk to Jeron and Granbil so i can do their supply quest in order to gain a certificate from Jeron and give it to Granbil to get a Design.from lvl 32, i came by and check these 2 NPCs every 5 levels i've obtain until i hit 50 since the foundry website stated that the quest opens up at lvl 50 from Jeron, but to no avail.
    2. I made the Berserker character because i thought any character prior from the release of Maewha and Musa and beyond would not be affected by any new or old bugs, but to no avail.
    3. Went to Rosie at the Calpheon Library to check if i can forget Jeron and Granbil, but to no avail.
    4. I ran across all my alternate characters just to talk to Granbil and Jeron, but to no avail.
    5. i've went and buy and research knowledge around the world of Calpheon and Harpies just to see if this is the case, but to no avail.
    6. Made a Musa and to no avail.
    7. I followed all side quest and main quests prior from lvl 50 of my lvl 50 Berserker and assumed that the quest would unlock, but to no avail.
    I'm am currently out of options and do not know if there are any paths or hurdles i need to take which i hope to get information from anyone who is dealing with the same situation or have a resolved answer for this matter. Yes, I knew this quest and done it once before with my Sorceress in the good o'l days. I knew this quest existed before, but dont remember of getting a certificate from Jeron nor throwing anything away since ihave a knack of keeping everything i pick.up. 
    If there's another Jeron or Granbil anywhere please let me know community or community advisers Please help, i've waited for this costume for a very long time and it was the many reason i came back to play more committed than most for this game.
    Thank you! . 
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  2. BLUENOiR added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Jeron quests for Delphine knight Deisgns
    Hi, i've waited so long to get this armor and i studied the quest for ages, but when i approached Jeron and Granbil, i noticed they have no quests to hand me. probably because' I've done all their quests in the past, but i know i need to receive "Delphe Knights Certificate of Contribution" and give it to Granbil. Now i am thinking, am i too late to get this design now? I'm hoping this is a bug to be fixed but other than that, the quest is yet to be implemented. Please add the story quest line in correctly! 
    Thank you!
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  3. BLUENOiR added a topic in Suggestions   

    Boss Scroll: Idle time limit FIX PLZ!
    Hi everyone,
    I've played BDO since launch and when boss scrolls and relics have been implemented into the game, i noticed a flaw when the boss or monster idles when u dont interact with it due to some circumstances, like game crashes, running around when you need time to heal and recover, and some how revive at a super far away node when you expect to revive closer to the nodes you've contributed towards or happen to be close to.
    Well, the deaths do not bug me anymore, but sometimes the game crashes during a scroll summon or during the fight since there be a large spike somewhere, sometimes, causing the game to completely crash, thus having to relaunch the game which overall takes 2-3 mins, but sometimes during the wait you get disconnected from that load onto back to the launch menu which will take another min to log into again. 
    In my experience, it takes 2-3 mins before the summoned boss or monster to vanish and i want this to last a bit longer. not sure all would agree but a total 5-7 mins total would fit the bill. 
    Please make this ordeal a consideration fix please!
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  4. BLUENOiR added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Valk Awakening Quest is Broken
    After talking to the weirdo at the Abandoned Monastery to receive the first knowledge, he supposedly gives you a 2nd one to talk to the guy at the Serendia Shrine, but to no avail, after recieving it, it didn't show up on my Quest Log Tracker. I decided to check the guy at the Serendia Shrine and he has not continuing quest o i can follow up, as swellas going back to the guy at the Abandoned Monastery, the Npc at Calpheon and the Black Spirit. I am at a loss here, Please help!
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  5. BLUENOiR added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Valks Awakening Quest line is broken!
    When i woke to start the Awakening Questline for the Valk, i made it across to meet up with the weirdo that gives you a few coin quests at the Abandoned Monastery, i received the knowledge, but the quest then disappeared from my Quest Log, i know for sure i have to meet the guy at the Serendia Shrine, but nothing is well! Please Help!
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  6. BLUENOiR added a post in a topic Actions against 'Shovel Exploiters'   

    is it safe to Dig again?
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  7. BLUENOiR added a topic in Suggestions   

    Will Halloween Costumes like the fox and Ram Horn be Permanent?
    At The Moment, i want to buy the Ram horn costume set for one of my own, but i do not have the funds at the moment. Will the Ram horn and Fox costume that doesn't seem so Halloween-ish will still be in the cash shop permanently? Please reply soon~
    Thank you!
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  8. BLUENOiR added a post in a topic Halloween Item Bundle and Bloody Suit   

    Coolbeans! Thank you guys!
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  9. BLUENOiR added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Halloween Item Bundle and Bloody Suit
    Hi, i just realized that the in-game cash shop has the existing bundle that is also sold on the main BDO web page. Well i bought it from the Main BDO page and now awaiting its arrival to my account in Edan NA. How long will it take to arrive to my account usually?. I've already accepted the "USED" item when it was available in my account page. Thank you in advance if someone reples. : D
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  10. BLUENOiR added a post in a topic Pirate Fanart Contest Thread - is back and up for voting   

    Since people are a bit confused if this is a non-BDO or BDO related  pirate art contest~   
    Here's what i copied from the "MEDIAH 2 EVENT PAGE"
    2. Pirate Fanart
    Start: May 4th 10:00 UTC (After maintenance)End: June 1st 10:00 UTC (With maintenance)For our second event we want to see your artistic side, draw a picture of anything pirate related, it doesn't matter if it is pen & paper or digital, then share it on the forums >Here<.  Once the entry period is over we will move the entries to a new thread where people can vote for their favorites.  From the top 20% of the entries we will do an internal vote to determine the winners.
    1st Place - 5,000 Pearls2nd ~ 5th Place - 2,500 Pearls6th ~ 10th Place - 1,000 PearlsAll participants will receive a 7 Day Lahr Arcien Costume
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  11. BLUENOiR added a post in a topic Actual SOLUTION! June 22nd Patch File Corruption FIXED!   

    Obsidian, my solution are one of many  that narrows down what the individual may be having, i hope mine is helpful. I don't think it was an anti-virus thing, but a "firewall" issue since i left my virus protector on during this situation. Best wishes to you!
    Bradack, that was one of my first go to ideas when dealing with the corrupt files, sadly, all my guild mates were not on since they're all from the east coast and Europe lol.
    I'm gonna mention your link on FaceBook and mine as well for some solution since some of our Euro friends and US central has the same issues. Our Devs aren't helping us out for some reason.
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  12. BLUENOiR added a post in a topic Actual SOLUTION! June 22nd Patch File Corruption FIXED!   

    1 Alright, just in case, yes turn off all your firewalls(Public,Home, everything with a firewall). Some windows versions are old like windows 7, 8 and 10 has different firewall window deigns that may have different tabs. For example, windows 7 have 3 tabs of firewalls when you scout to look and turn it off and on. Windows 10 has just one entire screen and you have to look for a link option on optional preferences upon turning on and off the entire firewall.
     2 go to your BDO folder from the directory you installed it into. go to your "PAZ" folder and select all the "PAZ" files that are between "june 21-22nd" and delete all those and    delete the "version.dat" from the folder before that so you can install the patch over again. ----this is important because you're deleting 1.2-5 gb of data that might have corrupted for this new patch. If your download stopped at a certain percentage, this is perhaps your problem.
    3. Like my guide above, Right click and run administrator on the launcher, and this is important. Double clicking on it is a security check, not an administrative action. they're 2 different things. Let it download until it finishes and hope to the RNG gods that it will change to the color purple or blue and state that it is repatching. If you see it says PATCHING, you're in a good place so far.
    4. Once done, run the game until the peral abyss disappears and wait for that lovely picture of the town appears with the 3 optional buttons we usually go in and out of and it should finally work. Don't forget to turn back on your fire walls afterwards
    I hope this works!
    Edan: Delacoix
    Weird, my last post didn't stated your concern~ i did this just in case~
    man i was about to delete everything that a was on the 21st and 22nd when i had that idea in mind, but when i came upon the folder i noticed that there was a PAZ folder~ i knew from there i know what to do when i studied what PAZ does in coding and information.
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  13. BLUENOiR added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Actual SOLUTION! June 22nd Patch File Corruption FIXED!
    Been at this for 5 hours and someone probably found out how to fix this, but i found the answer and everything is working properly now.
    1. delete the version.dat file
    2. turn off all firewalls
    3.run the launcher in adminstrator
    4. let it download until you finally see that the launcher actually states that it is repatching the game after download. The red "start game" icon will be highlighted blue saying that it is patching the game. This is the noticeable change from all those redownloads and patches you've done so far. "you will know it is actually working.
    5. run the game till you see the start options and quit button from the game and dont forget to turn back on your fire wall when done.
    THANK YOU WINDOWS 10 Firewalls! you're a big ass!
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  14. BLUENOiR added a post in a topic file corrupt during update   

    which files are those if i might ask? Is it just the Paz Folder? or anything that is dated the 21st and 22nd?
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  15. BLUENOiR added a post in a topic Devs Team communication regarding Patch 17.06   

    i find it reasonable for the ghillie suit to be changed for the node wars, but it loses it's purpose and flares as well. I personally hate the Ghillie suit, but i am always welcome to game changing situations in the battle field~ I agreed with those who stated that pvp should be enabled at 50, because there are certain skills that are above lvl 45 that seemingly be overwhelming to those who just happen to obtain that lvl. Being attacked by someone who is above that with certain skills seems to be unfair to those whom are trying to aspire to that strength and advancement. 
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