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  1. Exception added a post in a topic Why Red Battlefield is such garbage?   

    A train leaves Washington traveling at 105 mph and another leaves Dallas traveling at 123 mph. It is 3pm.
    What color is the second seat on row two? 
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  2. Exception added a post in a topic Please put best equipment in Cash shop   

    Blade and Soul proves that you can actually have enough MMO like content for people that like that stuff, and also have separate tiered arena combat for those that want to PVP. I think you could even level up there. Tera did the same IRC with their equalized battlegrounds.
    There's already no effort involved, ( I guess effort can be subjective, but It's requires little to no effort from me to kill ai mobs, my first level 1 play through of Dark Souls required effort for me) you just kill mobs and hope you get what you're after.  
    There are already items like additional pets, artisans memories , weight limit increase and inventory expansions that somewhat reduce the time you spend doing mindless, engaging tasks (can't say how much time, when I quit the game I had 3 pets, there's no way I would play without them). 
    Adding the weapons to the cash shop would allow me to spend more time doing what I find the most enjoyable thing in the game - fighting, and It wouldn't be against poorly developed AI. 
    This is an option, however, the boring AI makes grinding intolerable for more than minutes at a time. I'm sure there are other ways to make money, but again those things really aren't engaging to me. 
    There's nothing wrong with putting time in. I've put hundreds of hours into learning  Guilty Gear, BlazBlue,  Tekken and many other games. There was a direct 1:1 of the amount of time I put in and how I fared during competition. Hell, after 10 years of Gears I'm just now feeling like I can wall bounce without thinking about it, and i'm picking up new techniques still. 
    There's no such ratio in BDO. Your luck determines your 'skill', so I don't believe the current system allows for 'high level' anything, but an equalized gear stat would allow for the game to develop that (then you'd see who's actually good vs who's actually luckier vs who has the most free time).
    It would be amazing. I know several people personally who would install it immediately. 
    The MMO aspect can stay as it is, I would like for them to add a competitive aspect to the game, one the rewards tangible skills.
    I think the genre failed here because literally every MMO tried to copy the most successful one for awhile.
    A 100 % skill based MMO would be the first of its kind. I call that progress.
    I want to play BDO competitively and punish people because they make poor decisions in their placement, positioning, and their skill usage - not because they are unluckier or play less. 
    Is this a viable strategy? How much silver are costumes selling for? 
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  3. Exception added a post in a topic Please put best equipment in Cash shop   

    I don't want to get into what's considered pay to win, but including items that are obtainable from playing the game shouldn't be too big of a deal.
    The people that want to buy will and those that don't won't. 
    I'm not demanding anything that constitute the core mechanics of the game change. The people that want to ride horses or whatever people currently do in game can still do those things. I'm not asking anyone to turn this into a linear arena based game.
    Another alternative would be an instanced arena sort of like the Red Battlefield / ground was with 100% equalized gear sets.  The people that want to grind/hunt/farm/fish whatever can still do those things.
    Kudos on being able to respond without throwing juvenile insults.  
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  4. Exception added a post in a topic Please put best equipment in Cash shop   

    Oh look, another ad hom.
    That's nice sweetie. You're so clever. 
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  5. Exception added a post in a topic Please put best equipment in Cash shop   

    Are you insinuating that people who play Counter Strike don't put in `time`? I don't know, I've never played it. What do you think? 
    Its one of those games where I can just go and win hundreds of thousands of dollars without investing time? 
    What about Guilty Gear? I can just stroll into Evo and win? So all the time I wasted in the lab back in the day trying to get links and 1 framers down was for naught?
    Damn. I wish I would have known.
    I want skill based competition, not `luck` based or `he who has the least amount of responsibilities` based, hence the reason they should give players like me who just want to compete the option to skip the time wasting BS.
    I thought BDO was a pvp game?  
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  6. Exception added a post in a topic Please put best equipment in Cash shop   

    I guess thinking with the brain is difficult for most so they just attach memes to posts (someone else has already done the thinking) or just label 'troll'.
    What's the point of BDO having an amazing combat system when you spend most of your time fighting the AI? 
    It's boring. 
    I play what I damned well please, thanks though. 
    I remember the days I could play games for hours at a time...something happened....I grew the ----- out of it. 
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  7. Exception added a post in a topic Please put best equipment in Cash shop   

    I think this would be great for people that just want to hop on for an hour or so a week and pvp. 
    Please add them. 
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  8. Exception added a topic in General   

    Please put best equipment in Cash shop
    I think I'm going to start playing this game again.
    Please put all the best weapons on the cashshop. I don't care the price. I will pay it.
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  9. Exception added a post in a topic Admission That I Was Wrong   

    My prediction: 
    Free to play in a few months. That's why the merger. 
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  10. Exception added a post in a topic Introduce full p2w (KR-style and beyond)   

    Yes, please do this. 1000% percent. I will pay 500 gold dinars for this. 
    Don't worry, Its not pay to win, its just PAY FOR CONVENIENCE.  
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  11. Exception added a post in a topic launcher error?   

    Flushing DNS works:
    Run cmd.exe 
    ipconfig /flushdns 
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  12. Exception added a post in a topic Cash shop is okay ? Keeps future content free   

    If you give this man a ride sweet family will die. 
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  13. Exception added a post in a topic Your T8 Horses Stats at lv 30   

    I'm just sitting here on my T3 like: 'OK'. 
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  14. Exception added a post in a topic Pearl Shop Discussion Megathread   

    Ad hominem. Deflection. This has nothing to do with rather the game is P2W or not. 
    Who mentioned anything about being offended? Where? Are you repeating something you heard someone else say? Buzzwords?  
     Is this a secret appeal to authority fallacy? 
    You do know cash shop is not synonymous with  P2W right?  Like how Final Fantasy XIV ARR has a cash shop? 
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  15. Exception added a post in a topic Frame canceling   

    Thanks for this, I see he's holding s + RMB and taping f. That's not how I've been doing it. That would explain why it doesn't work properly half the time. 
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