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  1. Koro76 added a topic in General   

    Problem Entering Red Battlefield
    Roughly 1 out of every 2-3 times I try to enter Red Battlefield, I either get disconnected from the server, kicked to character select, or get a TON of LUA errors, with a subsequent kick to character select. I haven't seen any other posts here about this issue, and I'm wondering if this is happening to anyone else. If so, it's a pretty major issue and needs to be addressed. If not, does anyone have a fix for it?
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  2. Koro76 added a topic in General   

    Cash Shop Ticket, 22 Days old, Still waiting...
    @CM_Jouska, My ticket, ID#54240, has been open for 22 days and is still awaiting response. I've had a serious transaction issue (took my pearls, did not receive items) and after hearing that ban appeals and pearl shop tickets are top priority, I'm surprised to see that my ticket is still unanswered. Can you please check up on what's going on?
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  3. Koro76 added a post in a topic My recommended changes to PvP   

    Let the flood gates of flame open.
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  4. Koro76 added a topic in PVP   

    My recommended changes to PvP
    I've been playing since the conqueror launch every day and PvP on a daily basis as well.
    Recommended General Changes
    1: Crowd control immunity timer. When you get cc'd you should get a 10 second buff that prevents you from getting CC'd again. NOBODY likes sitting still waiting to die, and especially in this game, if you manage to survive a stun or knockdown (moreso if you have more than 1 person attacking you), you deserve to have a few seconds of unhampered play.This can also be split into the 4 kinds of existing crowd control, each having it's own cc timer, with each timer being longer (20-30secs?). This also encourages skilled use of cc, instead of spamming it. (This may also require removing CC from some skills. For example, I know that all except 3-4 of the Wizard/Witch's attack skills have CC, including basic attacks, which would suck if you were unintentionally triggering immunity all the time)
    2: No exp loss from deaths. This is a PvP game in NA, so why are people being punished for PvPing? Also, this can possibly contribute to the gate-keeping problem, where we see stronger guilds forcing literally everyone else out of endgame leveling spots. If people have nothing to lose from PvP, they will be more willing to contest the iron-fisted domination of guild parties, instead of slinking off to another channel (where it will probably happen again) or town so that they don't lose more xp. The reason I don't just say to remove xp loss from PvP deaths is because if that happened, players would just attack you while grinding and let the mobs get the last hit. We all know it would happen. We're not stupid. It also equalizes pvp opportunity because you won't need to be in a guild while a guild war is declared to participate in unpenalized PvP, which is the main reason guilds declare war in the first place. It can also change the dynamics of guild wars to one where they actually mean something instead of just a 15 minute leveling spot spat before they're retracted.
    3: Give everyone 500-1000 extra HP when they hit Lv45. People die way too fast. You're often lucky to make it out of a single CC in a serious fight with one person, let alone others. Extra HP for everyone would do wonders for an emphasis on skill in a system where the current solution to every problem is CC -> nuke, and would make sieges even more interesting as well. Heck, this might even have some other awesome benefits like letting melee classes not be completely terrible at world bosses.
    Now, here comes the part I'll inevitably get flamed for:
    Recommended Class Changes
    1: Reduce the damage or take out the cancel on Ultimate Charging Wind (Ranger). I've seen Rangers kill entire groups using only this cc and this move. If you only need one move to win, it's too good. The skill cancel makes it even better. Just take out the cancel and the problem would probably be solved, since the skill itself has enormous recoil and would maintain the viability of the skill as a killing blow.
    2: Reduce the AP from Shards of Darkness (Sorceress). I actually think that Sorceress is really balanced except for this ability. It just lets you kill things too fast. Even at higher gear levels, when some of the higher AP classes have ~120 AP, this is still a ~25% increase. That's enormous. At lower gear levels, it's obviously even better. I'd (probably) be cool with a % gain here, so it scales instead of providing top gear bonuses all the time.
    3: Guard skills block too much damage (Warrior & Valkyrie). I've NEVER seen an attack break the guard of a Warrior or Valkyrie when their opponent is similarly geared. Guard should be a strategic decision, not something you can just throw up whenever and know you'll be immune to all frontal attacks.
    4: Make Wizard/Witch's 100% black spirit skill aimable. A buff for the weakest 1v1 class? Gasp. Blasphemy. Every Wiz/Witch I know of complains about this skill. It overrides their main PvP/PvE skill when it's up and is absolutely abysmal. It's (roughly) a 10 second channel ability that deals massive damage, gives you a guard, and roots you in place. Granted, if players get caught in it, they're almost always dead....about halfway through, which gives their friends plenty of time to leisurely walk around it and get some free back attacks/cc on you. The shield doesn't help much, because it the person is in front of you, they're usually caught in the completely massive aoe anyway. If people don't get caught in it, it's basically a free kill since you're just sitting there with your back wide open for ~10 seconds. Making it aimable would be a significant boon for Wiz/Witch. Firstly, it would give them a way to force melee to back off, making you able to aim it at your feet like residual lightning, it's parent skill. Secondly, it would increase the skill requirement for using it. If you're attacking at range, you're not protecting yourself. If you're planting it at your feet, you're not hitting ranged attackers.
    TLDR: Changes to PvP need to happen and PvP 2.0 doesn't have all the answers. We can't trust KR for all of our PvP changes since the systems are so massively different. Also, you shouldn't comment if you didn't actually read what I said.
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  5. Koro76 added a post in a topic MS Painting Easter Eggs   


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  6. Koro76 added a post in a topic About Level 56. @Jouska   

    How to hit level 55:
    1. Hit level 52
    2. Go to Calpheon Shrine
    3. Have a perpetual war with everyone else grinding there, have whole guilds show up to force out people with lesser numbers.
    4. Cry for weeks
    5. ???
    6. Hit level 55
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  7. Koro76 added a topic in General   

    Calpheon Bank
    Hello, how may I help you?
    This area is a rising star in terms of investment. Would you like to hear about what this area has to offer?
    What's wrong with this guy?
    Hah! I'm busy too, you know.
    He's got no manners!
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  8. Koro76 added a post in a topic Dont see some of the production nodes   

    I'm experiencing the same problem with Costal Cave near Velia.
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  9. Koro76 added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Purchases from Pearl Shop not Recieved
    3 days ago, I purchased 17 pets from the pearl shop in order to prepare for pet breeding and have not received them yet. The Pearl shop took my pearls and did not send me anything in my mail OR in my pearl inventory. This is a serious issue considering how many pearls I spent.
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  10. Koro76 added a post in a topic Do you miss a CBT2 title/reward after 9th of March? - please reply   

    Missing Title/Reward: Title: "Are you looking at me?!" from Beauty and Beast. Reward: 500 Loyalty from Triathalon
    Character name: Morlock
    Family name: VanRythe
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  11. Koro76 added a post in a topic Event: And the oscar goes to… 3rd - 31st March   

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  12. Koro76 added a post in a topic Event: Get movin! 3rd - 22nd March   

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  13. Koro76 added a post in a topic Event: One for all, and all for one. 3rd - 22nd March   


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  14. Koro76 added a post in a topic Witch/Wizard Awakening   

    Given that awakenings compensate for class weaknesses, and wizards/witches have damage, cc, healing, and support all covered, I can definitely see something defense based coming. For flavor, I'd love to see a floating book shield for wizards. Also, since wizard and witch are said to be undergoing a drastic separation come awakening, I imagine they'll each be seeing drastically different ways to improve their defense.
    Alternately, since melee is weak on a wizard/witch, we may see some kind of physical transformation, maybe into a demon or something, to help them keep their glass cannon role.
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  15. Koro76 added a post in a topic If There Was One Single Item You Could Add To The Cash Store ...   

    $10 million US deposited into your bank account.
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