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  1. realistic1 added a post in a topic Giath's Helmet 198kk buy or not? Need an answer fast!   

    Your over the top insulting reply to someone with a legit response (it is your money and item is worth what you are willing to pay for it- you didn't ask auction price) illustrates your toxicity, I am surprised anyone jumped in to help. 
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  2. realistic1 added a post in a topic Guaranteed boss armor for everyone in 30days   

    Under the attendance reward day 30 rewards a boss gear bundle where you can roll for ONE piece of armor. 
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  3. realistic1 added a post in a topic Aftermath of last night [Episode 2]   

    Perhaps now that someone other than Team Legacy has used this shitty exploit (as per the definition of exploit and fort rule requirement) tactic during a war, it has a chance at actually being looked at by the CMs/GMs/PA...... 
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  4. realistic1 added a post in a topic Aftermath of last night [Episode 2]   

    To be even more fair, we need to also mention the second time Team Legacy decided to use thorn balling under their new name Good_Fight (now Iconic) where it did impact the outcome of a castle war- a war where lotd would have had the castle had it not been for almost 3 hours of them intentionally thorn balling in that war- a war they were not eligible to participate in. 
    I agree with Bizarro's point..... If Team Legacy was able to use this on more than one occasion actually impacting the outcome of a war they were not eligible to participate in and CMs/GMs/PA continued to look the other way, this practice is at risk of becoming more 'acceptable' by other guilds. Granted, most guilds will never stoop to this level, but history shows we have at least one that seems to be getting quite good at it through repeat practice. 
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  5. realistic1 added a post in a topic aftermath of last night   

    Nah, you don't come across as having the brains that Free has when it comes to organized manipulation. I think of you and most of those around you as 'Freelancer wannabes' delusional on who is actually in control.  
    As you seem to have missed my point......This group can change their name as many times as they want (freelancer's safeguard for public failure), still a duck answering to the puppet master. 
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  6. realistic1 added a post in a topic aftermath of last night   

    Yep, just coincidence he still reads this forum, his character shows up in game at times, and he still whispers people asking for an explanation if numbers are not going 'his way' during war decs. 
    If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck..... 
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  7. realistic1 added a post in a topic aftermath of last night   

    Glad to see you put this in print again but forgive me if I take a wait and see approach. You can repeat it 200 times, doesn't mean it wont happen-history with Team Legacy demonstrates this.
    Anyone that refers to themselves and/or others as the entity of 'Team Turbo' belongs with Team Legacy.  
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  8. realistic1 added a post in a topic aftermath of last night   

    You know what they say about the law of large numbers.... probably something to this if all these people see the same thing. 
    Only one question I am curious on.... if they tell ya to thornball will ya be a good minion and do it? Don't panic, rhetorical question-enjoy your pvp as part of Team Legacy and Black. 
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  9. realistic1 added a post in a topic aftermath of last night   

    ??? I had no issue understanding exactly what was said by Autism.
    My point is that autism acknowledged in his post that he was aware of the questionable activity and stated that he 'gave him a second chance' due to rl issues.
    Just because someone is not caught and banned by PA does not mean they are not cheating in this game. There are plenty of past and current cheaters that have eluded the ban hammer and there are guilds that have taken action against cheaters prior to PA doing anything.
    I was just curious if PA is willing to look the other way or give me a second chance if they catch me cheating and I throw out the rl tough stuff excuse.  
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  10. realistic1 added a post in a topic aftermath of last night   

    Yep, and it only took stooping really low, swallowing your pride and pretending things like respect and integrity don't matter in gaming. Glad you are enjoying that pvp with Team Legacy and Black....
    Dearest CMs/GMs, 
    If I am going through some rough RL stuff (my Starbucks order was screwed up this morning), will you be as forgiving as Autism with a second chance so I too can cheat in this game? 
    Wtf does rl have to do with forgiving/ignoring cheating in this game? Was it a stroke where perception of right vs wrong was distorted? 
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  11. realistic1 added a post in a topic Kzarka x100   

    2 kzarka kills - 0 aura
    2 Karanda kills- 0 aura 
    Pearl Abyss is RNGing this game into the ground. 
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  12. realistic1 added a post in a topic Good Fight Wins With a Thorn Ball   

    I just move several pieces at a time or if I end up in a real bind, I just switch colors/sides when necessary and declare I am being creative. 
    I am pretty sure that this ^ would automatically qualify me for Team Legacy (and all the new names they are using this week) membership instantly bypassing the app requirement and interview process. I would still need to meet the other main requirement of having 20000 thorn potions in my possession for entry but I hear it can be done....  
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  13. realistic1 added a post in a topic Good Fight Wins With a Thorn Ball   

    Perfect analogy Soth0007 but in this case, the rule book DOES say no participation in a war without owning a fort in the territory and Walk still is screaming there was no cheat, glitch, bug or exploit as he intentionally participates against the rules impacting the outcome of wars with massive thorn ball group, body blocking, low level door levers, door glitches... .
    If you haven't got it yet Walk, your stance should be that you are continuing to use a shitty cheating route of participating in wars you are not eligible to participate in because you know you will not face any consequences by stooping to this level again after the CMs said there was 'no foul play' after trying to decipher (likely a communication gap again just like the T5 horse situation) what the devs meant by this is 'creativity' and they will be looking into it further.  Simply grow a pair and own it.  (or continue to knock those pieces off the board and return here to claim your hands are clean) 
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