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  1. Towarzysz added a post in a topic Is this game TOTALLY p2w?   

    I think you mean 50 not 55. 
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  2. Towarzysz added a post in a topic For all you whiny little babies crying about Cash shop prices   

    They would go F2P but by that point the player-roster would be replaced to a large degree which would bring new live to the Cash Shop. Let us ask Daum a question, do they care about the game or do they just want money? 
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  3. Towarzysz added a post in a topic Ancient Relic Crystal Summoning Scroll   

    You get your moneys worth back through the scrolls. 
    Use them.
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  4. Towarzysz added a post in a topic For all you whiny little babies crying about Cash shop prices   

    Maybe they should localize prices in different European countries, Europe is a very unique region where economies vary extremely. What's cheap in one country might be expensive in another. But I shouldn't teach Daum basic marketing techniques, I'm sure they'll learn for themselves when the cash-shop income will not be neough to feed their wallets. 
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  5. Towarzysz added a post in a topic Potential teleport exploit ?   

    Also, I think if you unplug your internet cable when you are losing you will get magically teleported out of the game without dying? Haven't tested this but I lost connection serveal times while mobs were hitting me and when I reconnected I was alive while I was sure I was dead. 
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  6. Towarzysz added a post in a topic Is this game TOTALLY p2w?   

    Well to be honest 3-6 Months is good enough money for me. I'll uninstall that game with clean heart at least. 
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  7. Towarzysz added a post in a topic Is this game TOTALLY p2w?   

    I hope that won't happen, because I won't play this game in such state. 
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  8. Towarzysz added a post in a topic Is this game TOTALLY p2w?   

    Yeah... It's not possible to lvl 55 in a day even in 5 man party playing 24/7 grinding. This game is not pay to win, you can still overcome and destroy this guilds. But it is 100% pay for advantage. Those who pay will have it easier. 
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  9. Towarzysz added a post in a topic Hig end content   

    Yeah this Koreans are so bad at making MMO's right? Must be why 90% of our market is flooded with them. 
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  10. Towarzysz added a post in a topic Cash Shop Hero   

    Yes to a degree. But you have to remember that you can't just compare the wages and suddenly think that we earn so little. It is true, Poland wages are not considerable high and honestly we don't earn that much. However, everything here is cheaper than in different countries. If you come to Poland with 10 Dollars you will be able to afford much more than 10 Dollars can afford you in America. This is the key difference, yes we earn less but the living costs, food and other supplies are cheaper as well. All of this though doesn't change the fact that Polish people live in general poverty mostly because of the exploitative work market and practices, if you want to learn how to work hard come to Poland. 
    Also our Elderly support services where you get X amount of money after working 30-40 years are a joke. My grandpa worked all her life and all she's getting is 500zloty monthly which is about 120-130 Dollars. Really? Part of the reason I left the country. I know people will call me traitor and shit but I don't care. I'm a true pole at heart and if a war breaks out and shit I'll be the first one to come back, but not going to live in that shithole run by retards just for the sake of it. 
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  11. Towarzysz added a post in a topic Deleting Awakened Skills P2W?   

    Well I wasted all my 3 Awakening skills on some useless crap because I didn't really know what I was doing. there was no warning above or no tooltip telling me how this shit works. 
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  12. Towarzysz added a post in a topic 2900 pearls for a costume? Seriously?   

    hahahaha ok mate. 
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  13. Towarzysz added a post in a topic Congratulations Daum, Ghillie Suit   

    Why? -----ing idiots like you so entitled to refunds. You should get jack shit, if you buy the suit purely for the fact it gives people advantage. Balancing is part of every game cycle, just because something is re-balanced doesn't mean you are entitled to a refund. 
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  14. Towarzysz added a post in a topic What is going on??   

    Spam bots, they infiltrate every forum. 
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  15. Towarzysz added a post in a topic World bosses?   

    I think its the top 100 damagers? Not sure. 
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