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  1. Bloodwinter added a post in a topic Daum/PA: Please fix Abyssal Flame so that it does not activate when 'S' is being held down   

    I unspeced AF because in my opinion AF is garbage and always has been when the crowflare-cancel combo 100-0's everyone I fight.
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  2. Bloodwinter added a post in a topic Patch Notes - July 20th   


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  3. Bloodwinter added a post in a topic What Are My Sorc Sisters Doing Now ?   

    None of the above. My response:
    Winning just as much, if not more, than I did before.
    Awakenings are just going to turn me into some god-tier killing machine.
    Stay strong, sista. Our class isn't dead.
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  4. Bloodwinter added a post in a topic Constructive ideas. till DF is fixed.   

    Scattering Shadows chains into Shadow Eruption for the same purpose, and can initiate a floating attack to cause SE to deal a lot more damage.
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  5. Bloodwinter added a post in a topic So...what damage combos are the go to now?   

    At least I can be a CC monkey in GVG, I guess.
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  6. Bloodwinter added a post in a topic RIP Sorc   

    It sucks, guys. I'm just giving it time because I like this class more than any other. I've accepted the cycle of buff/nerf/flavor of the month from other games, so I will deal with it.
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  7. Bloodwinter added a post in a topic So...what damage combos are the go to now?   

    It takes an incredibly long time. Just picking them apart one at a time. Use clutch-combos and you can secure kills after bringing them down to 1/4 of their health. It's not easy, but surprisingly, it's actually possible.
    If it's a witch/wizard/zerker though, forget it. Don't bother.
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  8. Bloodwinter added a post in a topic So...what damage combos are the go to now?   

    Here's the results of my findings.
    Pre-patch: Didn't spam dark flame. Still did just fine in PvP.
    Post-patch: Still doing fine at sorc. Feel stronger in some respects, at least in 1v1 / 1v2. Still not spamming dark flame. Still winning in PvP, except now, my damage is complete trash and it takes forever to secure kills.
    Just gotta wait for awakenings.
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  9. Bloodwinter added a post in a topic PSA Dark Trade buff   

    confirm: sorc iz support class
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  10. Bloodwinter added a post in a topic RIP Sorc   

    Just wait till the bugs get hammered out and/or awakening is released. I love this class and my skill still matters even after Dark Flame was "nerfed", but I definitely want my damage back.
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  11. Bloodwinter added a post in a topic I don't understand, where did all the skill go?   

    I feel stronger post-patch, minus the fact a good portion of my damage is gone.
    Y'all selling your Kzarka amulets are weird. Sorc is still playable, just not that good until awakening.
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  12. Bloodwinter added a post in a topic Dark Flame II (Calling all Sorceress Players & Gm`s)   

    I'm still doing decently in 1v1 and 1v2. My issue is that I'm quite literally poking people to death.
    I think that one of the issues is that the amount of HP everyone got overnight is also putting stress on the damage tests. I've seen strange spikes in damage from Dark Flame sometimes, and then long periods of lower sustain. It seems fairly inconsistent and weird.
    It still does well in duels, and I am not struggling with those (though it takes longer to secure a kill) but it seems that our capability to burst groups of people in group fights might not be up to par.
    Just some observances.
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  13. Bloodwinter added a post in a topic Patch Notes - June 1st   

    Nice job, Daum.
    By removing XP loss for people with positive karma you have eliminated contesting over grind spots and encouraged a very annoying type of griefing, called kill stealing, or KSing for short.
    I dunno why people thought this was a good idea, but okay. I'll try it.

    Good shit.
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