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  1. Razeo added a post in a topic Musa player returning after long hiatus   

    Well obviously I wasn't just referring to the current lvl, i'm referring to Musa in general.  But thanks for the input.
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  2. Razeo added a topic in Musa   

    Musa player returning after long hiatus
    Hey fellow Musas!  So after being away from BDO for around 8-9 months, i've decided to comeback to the game.  However with all the changes and patches that's been put in during that time i'm unsure how viable Musa is at the current state of the game.  So my one major question is, is my 55 Musa viable enough to contend in the new pvp content?  Or should I start a new toon from scratch?  Thanks in advance for the feedback all!  Have a great day.
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  3. Razeo added a post in a topic My personal opinion on current state of Musa   

    I'm sorry.... but to those of you who insist that Musa/Maewha is still at the bottom of the barrel for any kind of pvp whether it be 1v1 or group pvp just need to reroll.  There are a variety of videos and even streamers out there who pvp on a daily basis that prove otherwise.  I hear all the cool kids are playing Rangers nowadays.
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  4. Razeo added a post in a topic What gear are you going for in Valencia   

    Main storyline quest chain ring (forgot what the name was) and Basilisk belt.
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  5. Razeo added a post in a topic I've yet to see a PvP video. (I.e. Request for Musa pvp vids)   

    Posted from another thread, also this is against every other class currently in the NA/EU version of the game.
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  6. Razeo added a post in a topic Why do our combos take so long to pull off and with so little damage?   

    I can see someone like Husel just spamming RS everytime he gets within melee range of somebody.  TBH it would be a waste of time dueling him if you did.
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  7. Razeo added a post in a topic Is Musa really that bad?   

    50% is a total exaggeration, its more like around 15-20%.
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  8. Razeo added a post in a topic Musa PvP 1v1 video - AP vs Accuracy discussion   

    Awesome video and tips!  Also, the Blader class lead from my guild came up with the same conclusions when comparing AP/acc offhands through numerous tests as well.  It reall all depends on playstyle, if you prefer a little more burst go AP, if you prefer more consistent dmg go acc.  Keep it up!
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  9. Razeo added a post in a topic Gear and ap/dp screenshots   

    Soon to be 134 ap once i get my Liverto to +15 (+13 atm), just need more memory frags.

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  10. Razeo added a post in a topic Got Bheg gloves, now what...   

    As far as boss gear goes, Bheg's is my #1 piece to get.  I agree with the above posters, get it high enough and you'll see a decent change.
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  11. Razeo added a post in a topic Musa PvP Guide - Advanced Stunlock Combos   

    Good stuff!  Bookmarked for future reference, thanks a lot!  
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  12. Razeo added a post in a topic Armor   

    It is, but like Janga said its totally worth it.  Once you upgrade all 4 pcs of armor to ultimate its an upgrade of 20 DP total.  So yea...  
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  13. Razeo added a post in a topic I've yet to see a PvP video. (I.e. Request for Musa pvp vids)   

    Honestly.. if you people wanna watch current Blader pvp.  Go to Twitch, there are a few Blader streamers who've started to pvp alot since the last patch.
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  14. Razeo added a post in a topic Rising Storm awakening?   

    Same with me   Ult. Nemesis slash is your best friend 
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  15. Razeo added a post in a topic Musa changes in todays patch   

    Absolutely!  Perfect the way it is now imo.
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