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  1. Zakeamass added a post in a topic Hate speech   

    You might have to manually make tickets for each person that says stuff like this. While I don't find "hate speech" wrong, it is the companies right to prohibit it for their service, and they do. So it will be a lot of work, but they will act on the reports, even if they can't tell you for privacy reasons. 
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  2. Zakeamass added a post in a topic I wish the Devs would focus on making more rewarding negative karma gameplay   

    Why not? It's a great idea. All the murderhobos go to the PvP channel, all the carebears will go to the PvE channel, and all the normal people can can enjoy that spicy zest that is the occasional PvP fight during a grind session.
    As far as more options for red players, I think it would be neat if they made it so that instead of trade items being destroyed, they become lootable if the killer is neg karma. It would make pirate island a -----ing goldmine for red players, and if you made it so that destroyed vehicles did the same thing, you'd get more ship combat, considering poping someones ship on the ride back could net you millions.
    Another great idea would be guild missions revolving around delivering some kind of trade pack to/from magoria that red players can steal and turn in for money as well.
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  3. Zakeamass added a post in a topic Hate speech   

    Hate speech isn't a thing. If it is a threat, it's a threat. If it is harassment, it's harassment. Those things are already against the law. I can spew all the things I want about how terrible Islam is (in america anyway, cause freedom), or even what I think about Muslims, but unless I take an actual action against an individual it's simply drivel, and can just be blocked and move on.
    And, according to the games publishers, most so called hate speech is already against the terms of service. So if it bothers you, block them, report them, and move on. I will also say that religion is protected, but it's also a choice. I choose to not be a christian anymore because I didn't like what they represented, even if I agreed with some of their ideals, perhaps you should consider doing the same.
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  4. Zakeamass added a post in a topic Whats karma bombing? and is it bad?   

    Karma bombing is not a thing, it's just a way for shitty PvPers to push the blame on others for them being salty and going red.
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  5. Zakeamass added a post in a topic Going negative karma (red) is like your worst nightmare   

    It dosen't even counter my point, the game is not PvP focused. You can call wow a "competative PvP game" dosen't make it PvP focused in the slightest. I'll also take the what the main site says over a little support snippet.

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  6. Zakeamass added a post in a topic Going negative karma (red) is like your worst nightmare   

    >Still thinking BDO is a PvP focused game
    This is a fantasy life game, it says that right on the website.
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  7. Zakeamass added a post in a topic click click dead   

    Well, BDO is a fantasy life game, not a PvP game, so I don't really know what you were expecting.
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  8. Zakeamass added a post in a topic P2W or Self Entitlement. Time to grow up.   

    Ok no, this is a troll. Everyone leave, abandon thread. Everyone below and above this line has been had. Edit: myself included.
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  9. Zakeamass added a post in a topic Crazy Statistic 80% of BDO Players Jobless   

    4 Pages of taking the bait, they guys name is Saltminer for Christ's sake.
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  10. Zakeamass added a post in a topic Dear PVP players crying over this change.   

    Bro, this is a fantasy life game.

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  11. Zakeamass added a post in a topic What are the best PvP Class ?   

    What kind of PvP? The main focus in this game is GvG and group based PvP, so what class you are is irrelevant, you will have a place. 1v1s are pretty much a gear check, or who can CC who first.

    That being said, I've herd that sorc's are one of the better classes for 1v1s and small skirmishes. If you want to be a monster on the front line, giant is a good choice, but can take some time to learn how to be effective. Ranger is a good class if you're looking for something easy, they farm really well, they're fairly simple to learn, and they're decent in PvP if you stack your AP. At the end of the day though, play what you want to play, there is no wrong choice.

    Another tip I'll give you is to take your time. Learn your class, do the quests, pick a life skill to make you some money. Gear is power, so having a good income means you can upgrade your gear more, and having better gear is what is gonna put you ahead in PvP.
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  12. Zakeamass added a post in a topic So basically Daum is pro griefing?   

    Actually, Daum advertises the game as a Fantasy life game and says nothing about there being PvP, so when people come in -----ing about the PvP mechanics, it's really Daums fault for not being transparent on the main site.

    Granted, I feel most people do a bit of research on a game before they buy it, but considering when I bought the game, I thought that the PvP level was 50 and locked behind a quest because that's what I herd from people on KR. But ours was changed because reasons, so now we have to deal with the fact that people can no longer choose if they want to PvP or not.
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  13. Zakeamass added a post in a topic Time to show the PVErs what indiscriminatory Pking is   

    We could also just make it so the PvP level is 50 again so that the quest to get past 50 actually has a purpose. I thought the whole point of the quest was to make it so you could choose if you wanted to PvP, to make it so that if you did the quest, you can't ----- about "I GOT GANKED WAH!" because you already defacto agreed to it. But I guess our versions players are just so bloodthirsty that we just have to kill them 45s.
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  14. Zakeamass added a post in a topic Why did they remove the cost of a 1 sided war?   

    Bro, you just told someone not to change the Korean MMO back to the way it is in Korea, and then you try to act like they're the stupid one? Granted, they had shit grammar, but that doesn't change the fact that our version of the game is altered, and people aren't automatically wrong for wanting it to be changed back. One mil+200k/h is a bit steep in my opinion, but there's no reason to remove upkeep entirely. You people go on and on about how this is supposed to be some hardcore PvP game, yet in its original version, non-consensual PvP was heavily penalized, and with the lv 50 quest, you could choose not to PvP at all. From a mechanical perspective, the whole point of upkeep and the Karma system was to make PvP something special, something that had consequences that needed to be evaluated. But with the changes, the GvG is just a way for people to circumvent the karma system, with out having the penalty of it being a huge drain on resources.

    Now I don't conform to this whole, big guilds picking on small guilds being a bad thing, don't piss off big guilds, and if you're to weak to fight get talking or get going. I played eve and I can see the potential for good politics in this game as well, but as it stands now, the PvP community just seems really toxic, and every change suggested just gets flamed with people who don't seem to realize that this is a fantasy life game, and that the PvP elements are put in place to create a realistic and interesting world.
    It's one thing to argue that these changes are a good thing, but don't try and take some kind of moral high ground of "This is a PvP game, deal with it" when the game was changed from its original form.
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  15. Zakeamass added a post in a topic Guild Wars need to cost more   

    End game? What end game?
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  16. Zakeamass added a post in a topic Guild Wars need to cost more   

    Man, people who make the PvP/PvE distinction are the biggest cancer on MMOs. Who the hell PvPs in MMOs and DOESN'T also do PvE? It's a distinction made even more useless in this game, seeing as that you can't be good at PvP in this game without also participating in the PvE aspect of the game. The game is NOT a "PvP" game, like people say it is, there's just loads of stuff to do in this game that is not PvP. The game, the way it is/was implemented, is more so geared towards people who enjoy PvE and meaningful, objective based PvP.

    And on the issue of PvP, you people can't take the high ground and claim that "That's just the way the game is" when it was changed from its original form. PvP at 45? Why the hell? The entire reason there was even a quest to get to 50 was so that you can choose not to participate in PvP, there by making it so anyone who gets past 50 has de facto agreed that they consent to PvP, making it so these so called carebears can't complain in the first place. They had mechanics in place for this problem and they were removed in our version, they made changes and of course some people are gonna want it changed back. This game isn't about randomly ganking people, or declaring war on people at random, that was never the intention that the developers had, and you can tell by the mechanics in the game. The devs wanted focus on GvG objective based PvP, that's why they implemented Karma penalties and guild war upkeep to prevent pointless wars.

    This is not an argument about PvE players vs PvP players, its about people who want free form PvP vs objective based PvP. And anything that helps the latter would be a wise move, as the mechanics originally implemented support it. Its seems a lot of the PvP community came in expecting something that this game was never designed for. Sure you can do free form PvP, but the game makes it costly as a way of keeping the amount of people doing it in check, and at the same time maintaining that sense of danger that you can in fact be attacked at anytime. So if people want to argue that the reduced cost of guild wars moves the focus from objective based PvP to freeform PvP, its not because they're "carebears" or should switch games, its because they want the game that they saw in Korea that they thought they were getting here.

    I'll also point out the no where in under the "Game" section of the website, does it advertise the game as a PvP game, instead, it advertises it's self as a "Fantasy Life" game.
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  17. Zakeamass added a post in a topic Family Name is Restricted   

    I would have, but It didn't fit under any of the ticket topics. I went and looked at it now and realized that those topics mean nothing, so thanks.
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  18. Zakeamass added a topic in Website Tech Support   

    Family Name is Restricted
    I was going to make my family name the same as my forum name (Zakeamass) but I cannot, I assume because it has "Ass" in it. 

    Is there some way I can get a waiver, Zakeamass has been my online handle for around 10 years now, and I'd prefer to use it in Black Desert as well.
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