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  1. Uno added a post in a topic Housing Monopoly   

    the system could work better if it was more elaborate. Like, only certain sets of furnitures (including pearl shop ones) allowed in certain towns. Limit to the number of pieces you can place (scaled with CP invested to own the apartment). In this way there could be a much closer and fierce competition, plus we could get rid of certain ludicrous set ups, with top ranked apartments that are good only for throwing up, and others where you risk to get stuck the moment you step in to visit them.
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  2. Uno added a post in a topic Most tanky class?   

    I wonder if even the devs know it. But what is sure is that players don't... we can at best make biased speculations.
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  3. Uno added a post in a topic Is Sorc. really the most difficult class to play, but also the most powerful?   

    not because of the reasons in your title, but because it's fun and it's sexy. Add to that that she's one of the 4 starting classes (considering KR OBT).
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  4. Uno added a post in a topic For you filthy casuals asking for hardcap/gear equalizing   

    Let me tell you what you should have gathered instead: simply that players of this game have a lot of issues, not just the problem that the OP has.
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  5. Uno added a post in a topic Rip failstacking after future patch   

    of course they are, it's the norm to overreact here.
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  6. Uno added a post in a topic Griefing to a whole new level   

    it's useless to try to explain them what they know well Tolmos. These guys are just pretending to not know what they are doing. The real purpouse of all the whining they put up on the forums is to bring back exp loss on PvP death (you will read mention of it in every freaking thread they open to whine -yet again- against the non existant karma bombing), since of course what they suffer from is not the loss of karma, as they blatantly admit, but the complete inefficiency of their mindless actions. If they were anywhere near a decent player as they boast to be, they would make competition go away by taking away from it the reason to be there, which means they would kill mobs faster enough that the competition itself will move on since it's only a waste of time. The fact they go out of their way and turn red (I mean that face behind the monitor, not the char's name) to kill others, is a source of entertainment for the so called "karma bombers", which of course will not go away.
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  7. Uno added a post in a topic Griefing to a whole new level   

    thanks for informing the public of this important matter. Yet another ludicrous story that is of course centered around the non existance of karma bombing.
    none of this involves karma, or better, none of this involves negative karma. Try again but you should refine your lies to a whole new level, to quote the OP.
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  8. Uno added a post in a topic The 6 days review by a new player   

    Darkfall took 8 years to see the light and it was complete garbage. I've never played a MMO I had paid for so little. The combat was just plainly stupid even in PvE, let alone PvP. You had to run in circles like crazy and obviously it suffered from lag way more than BDO.
    if you don't mind me asking, when you have paid you win what exactly?
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  9. Uno added a post in a topic Honest question about gameplay style   

    Honestly: we don't know if it's possible to play your way because we play our way. Even if we would try to assess if it was viable, we would do it following our perceptions of what is acceptable or not for us in a game, so it would be a biased opinion.
    This said, IMO it all boils down to how much competition you are looking for in such a game. If you enjoy the action combat against mobs and prefer a more solo approach then yeah you can play pretty much the way you want, if you want the competition though you'll have to follow certain guidelines. Finally, if you get too much involved in competition, and happen to be unlucky... well, gg.
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  10. Uno added a post in a topic sad truth about end game and RNG (read especially if you're new!)   

    you can spot such a person when they ask in global: "how many FS do I need to enchant this or that?". It's obvious that (too) many players are convinced that if they have a certain amount of FS they are almost sure to succeed, and that (too) few players have studied percentages and understand what 1 to 20% actually means.
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  11. Uno added a post in a topic sad truth about end game and RNG (read especially if you're new!)   

    ... when you do that, you should invest better the few spare moments you can dedicate to elaborate some thoughts. For example you might think at something that does not concern the game, it could be refreshing for your ideas and your mood.
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  12. Uno added a post in a topic This forum needs better/actual moderators   

    That's because most of the feedback for the publisher consists in that.
    It's become a common habit nowadays to spit in your own plate and it's not like a few volounteer moderators can invert the trend of millions of internauts.
    The best approach you can take is to elevate your tolerance to intolerance to a higher level.
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  13. Uno added a post in a topic Boss gear for pearl?   

    I saw that post too, but what hit me was it was advertised as a trade. "WTT Kzarka for pearl item". But come on, it's not a trade when I pay your weapon over its price through preorder, and on top of that I have to pay real money to gift you a pearl item. Made me chuckle.
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  14. Uno added a post in a topic Seriously though why is the reward vs punishment for PvP/PK so imbalanced?   

    old school games WORKED so well because they WERE played by old school players, which would never whine about "karma bombing" on a forum and actually consider the use of this term a laughable and ludicrous practice.
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  15. Uno added a post in a topic Seriously though why is the reward vs punishment for PvP/PK so imbalanced?   

    there is nothing to fix as the system is how it was designed for this game.
    If you want to play games with drops on players' death or a punishing death for the losing player in PvP there is a wide array to chose from, why then don't you go play those games instead of asking the devs to change their game? Says much about the logic you adopt. Besides BDO would lose a consistent slice of players out of a change like the one requested and gain nothing, since hardcore pvpers would not be attracted by such a change and will not play this game in any case, as evidenced from the fact that most PKer wannabes of this game are crying rivers from months now about supposed "karma bombers griefers". These players (that infest this thread too) are clueless to the point that they invented from the ground up a new term in an active form to describe the passive behaviour of any player that somehow gets in their way and is punished by swift death from a surprise attack, and then repeat this stupid mantra of karma bombing over and over like little children in the hopes that the devs pay attention to their whining.
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