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  1. Uno added a post in a topic Nouver or Never?   

    If you think I can bait to the troll feed you added at the beginning and end of your "opinion" you are sorely mistaken, mr. none.
    I agree with everything you wrote in between as it reasonable, and in fact in no way it mentions promises and lies, since as it is obvious, there has been no promise nor lie.
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  2. Uno added a post in a topic 2x worker speed but 1/2 luck = 1/2 speed but 2x luck?   

    in my exerience instead human are luckier and bring in more of the rare resources in the long run.
    Furthermore, even assuming the equation was right (and I still don't agree with it), the human worker is still more apt to use for such a task because it has more stamina and hence needs to be "recharged" less often, plus it would need less beer in total to achieve the same result.
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  3. Uno added a post in a topic supplying the delphe knights bugg D:   

    1) first step to resolve your issue is to acknowledge there is no bug.
    2) you were asked to confirm that you have all the quest types active and your answer was "didn't work". Either they are all active or not. Please double check and come back with a proper answer.
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  4. Uno added a post in a topic Nouver or Never?   

    Nope sorry, no matter how you try to twist it, you still are exaggerating it (on purpose).
    Again, it is not lying to genuinely make a statement or even a prediction, estimate, wish that then doesn't come true. Can you quote the CA saying "I PROMISE"? No you can't. And you can't because it takes an adult to be a CA and a CA knows better than making PROMISES on something he doesn't have any control on. It's about time you stop to ridiculize yourself and realize there has been no promise. Yes *someone* has once said the kids could have Nouver before Christmas. Turns out it probably won't be possible. Boo-hoo, we both know we will surive and we will have Nouver when we will have it, so let's move on.
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  5. Uno added a post in a topic Drying Fish   

    it is only an annoyance yes, but I must say I disagree with this design choice especially from a realistic point of view. This detail you can't dry during rain is a nice candy that adds to immersion, but treating snow and rain as the same for this purpose ruins it.
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  6. Uno added a post in a topic Nouver or Never?   

    When you grow up to a man, you know what it means to give your word and how important it is to keep it. A lesson you seem to have not learnt yet.
    Hint: when someone say something, it doesn't mean they have given their word on it. This behaviour to turn a statement into a promise and then cry about it is typical of infants.
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  7. Uno added a post in a topic How to fight grind spot bullies (no patch needed)   

    in this case the competition is in who manages to kill mob(s) faster. Those who activate the PvP flag and most often attack at the back and without a warning in order to cowardly eliminate the competition are the losers, not the other way around.
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  8. Uno added a post in a topic Permanent Winter Weather >.>   

    I don't know, really. I like it now but now it's Winter in most players hemisphere. I also like the other seasons... I'm thankful there are other seasons; I'm sure you know you'd not like winter if there was only winter.
    But yeah, since it would be optional, why not.
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  9. Uno added a post in a topic Nouver or Never?   

    The real question is: what will the kids cry for after Nouver finally makes it?
    Maybe it's time to grow up and learn about something that isn't Nouver.
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  10. Uno added a post in a topic What if there was no RNG on Enchanting your Gear?   

    I think luck is an important and fun component in any game. The issue with BDO is "simply" that unluck is an equally important component, and that is where there is room for improvement IMO.
    In few words: there should be a luck component that gives you a bonus to progression. If you are unlucky, no bonus but you can still progress. The way it is in this game instead, if you aren't lucky, you don't progress.
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  11. Uno added a post in a topic Rangers so Overpopulated! Are you dev surprised? #NERF RANGERS   

    Rangers exist so that the players who refuse to play it can boast about it.
    Be a proud non-ranger player and not a whining forum kiddie.
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  12. Uno added a post in a topic Anyone excited about Nouver on Wednesday?   

    boring thread is boring.
    It's not like it's a game or life changer.  It's pretty evident to everyone and their dogs that this thread's purpouse is only meant as a warning for Kakao. Which is really sad.

    Perfect example of ignorant comments. I have played this game since its OBT, first translating with Google through tablet and then with the community "patch", both "translations" are good for a laugh, not to mention barely functional, and not remotely comparable to what we have in our release.
    This game has a quite good translation (in english) with hundreds of voiced dialogues translated in a professional way by real actors. I have played a few weeks that crap that was ArcheAge, a competitor to this game, and after a few months it still had NPCs in game talk in korean in the western release.

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  13. Uno added a post in a topic Survival of the Fittest - A suggestion to reduce karma bombing.   

    Karma bombing, definition
    a way for a certain part of the playerbase to turn around facts, by attributing an active stance on someone who is instead victim of said facts.
    The active part of the fact is entire responsability of a player that kills another outside of war declarations, and as this game and the vast majority of others that include GvG PvP, incur in a penalty to karma/alignment. This action has been called PKing since UOL, the first MMORPG ever, but some players in this community managed to twist reality so much that now the action protagonist is the passive victim, which they call karma bomber, because his unfortunate role of victim causes these players the above mentioned penalty.
    This whole matter has been put up by players who can't cope with the game mechanics, or to be concise who aren't good enough at playing BDO, they should, as they themselves love to say, "git gud". The first step in getting good is to review the game mechanics themselves, because to be good at something you need to know how it works. So let's be really concise here:
    1) Do game mechanics include anything remotely similar to spot ownership? No.
    2) Do game mechanics include anything remotely similar to mob ownership? Yes.
    Anyone who wants to "own" mob(s) simply has to damage them faster than the competitors. The "solution" to temporarily exclude competition by killing other players characters, 99% of the times without any dialogue, cowardly attacking at the back with cc and so on, or other ludicrous proposals posted in this thread, is prosecuted by those players who waste too much time whining on a forum and dreaming of whatever fantabulous system rather than staying ingame to find the right strategy to deal with existing mechanics.
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  14. Uno added a post in a topic RNG FS   

    question: what is the difference between 30failstack and 43?
    answer: none.
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  15. Uno added a post in a topic 111 / 89 / 63 Failstacks on 1 Item.... 2Billion gone...(Screenshots added now..)   

    what most people don't realize is that failstacks only give a small bonus. The huge part of the roll is still pure luck. So saying I'm at 111 and another guy got it at 54 is meaningless. What is the difference in bonus between 54 and 111? Go and look and you'll get it. The fact is you were unlucky.
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  16. Uno added a post in a topic All Valkyries should get +20% Life Exp, Increase production cap of +2 item per yield, bonus node yields (✿◡‿◡)   

    You have absolutely NO IDEA what tank mean. You blatantly confuse survivability with tanking.
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  17. Uno added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance December 14th ** Updated **   

    I know that it is not a correct term but it was written down by GMs. However in the current language, if I say there is a main item that implies that there are more items of the same type that are subordinate. So yeah, you were mistaken, period.
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  18. Uno added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance December 14th ** Updated **   

    I wouldn't hold my breath on a router replacement being a significant change for the players. We don't even know if it's EU or NA...
    When you come down to such measures without a proper hardware failure, most of the times it means you have no clue where is the problem.
    the definition of MAIN router suggests the exact contrary of your conclusions.
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  19. Uno added a post in a topic "Altaholic" needs advice   

    Your reason tells you that you should choose, but your intuition prevents you from choosing because you started these two characters following intuition in the first place.
    If you follow your reason, you initially feel better because you will convince yourself that you gained something doing it and you did the right choice, but it will be an ephemeral satisfaction. On the long run your intuition will have the best of you, instilling doubt in your choice, causing regret and forcing you to re-try the other character you discarded because truth is that you loved it.
    If you follow your intuition you won't regret your choice, except that your reason will tell you that you will be left behind.
    You have to find your place in this game. In my opinion you want to compete with players that would have almost none of your doubts, that would never mention "style" nor spend hours to create characters. Don't do it
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  20. Uno added a post in a topic Are the Devs Incapable of Fixing Loading Screens?!   

    yeah. I don't know how long the OP has been playing online games, but probably not before ADSL2 came out. In the past we had 56k or the first ADSL, plus games were made much differently, and reloading an area was actually pretty common.
    One of the major reasons why I play BDO is that it lets me play semi-AFK (I don't leave my computer completely AFK and I don't advise doing it), so yeah nowadays I don't experience this issue anymore but it's also true that I can't play any other game that lets me move around the map for unlimited time without me doing anything, and actually while doing other things like playing other games or downloading and stuff. It's a bit preposterous in my book to demand that nothing ever go wrong with it, considering the big amount of variables involved, many of these not under control of the devs. I am actually thankful that we are even allowed to AFK do a lot of stuff, and when I am semi-AFK with my character moving (typically trading) I go to check every now and then if it's all ok or if the char got stuck.
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  21. Uno added a post in a topic Daily/Weekly quests   

    I can't recall because once you gain knowledge of the Boss the "quest" name changes and you don't have to do anything as it auto-completes and give you the scroll.
    You should do a search on bddatabase.net
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  22. Uno added a post in a topic ..   

    You see them while exploring. Which probably you don't do.
    If you were an explorer you'd know which chests award which loot, and where they are.
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  23. Uno added a post in a topic Daily/Weekly quests   

    most people choose Bheg and Giath because their (incredibly rare) drop is worth more on the marketplace. You also want to choose them because having the same quests saves much time and it is more likely to find a party.
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  24. Uno added a post in a topic Are the Devs Incapable of Fixing Loading Screens?!   

    it's not a bug but lag issue, so it's not like they can simply "fix" it with a patch or anything. To me it happens when I close the game to tray icon. But I don't expect a game to work flawlessly without my presence. Assuming you can call it "game" in such conditions.
    Rather than accusing the devs of who knows what, maybe you could use proper terms instead of "fix the loading screen" which says nothing about the issue.
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  25. Uno added a post in a topic Maybe we were a little too harsh..   

    It shut down (SWG) after 8 years (they aren't a few) and because the agreement for copyrights with LucasArts was over. There were quite many players still subbed when it closed, I should know since I was still playing it. 
    Maybe you should stop talking about stuff you only have a superificial knowledge. As I have already explained, the division, at least for this game, has to do with cultures, not with geography. Even Australians are allowed to play on EU servers, did you ask yourself why? What about you start thinking that maybe there are reasons you are not aware of for what you don't understand when it makes it so absurd at your eyes that the only conclusion is that other persons would be stupid? In my experience a team that can produce such a game can't be made of retarded persons. But at any rate, since you are the ultimate expert in business, I suggest you apply for a job at Kakao and help them make of BDO the biggest game ever, inviting even Martians to come play on the EU server.
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