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  1. Uno added a post in a topic What should i buy with my pearls?   

    If you don't know what to buy now it means you don't need to buy anything now. When you will need something you will have your pearls there ready to buy it.
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  2. Uno added a post in a topic What server should I join?   

    You don't pick a server anymore actually. There is only one server, and which server it is depends on the region you set in the launcher.
    can you stop posting this servers thing? They are channels not servers, the "homeworld server" was just a technical name used during the server merge, a concept you most probably didn't grasp. So remember: one server, many channels.
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  3. Uno added a post in a topic Best server for a new player?   

    The new server Olvia seems the best to restart with. Copy-paste from the current patch notes:
    Starting this Friday (Dec. 2nd) we will open the Olvia Servers.
    The Olvia servers are special servers that provide 200% EXP for new and returning players on characters over level 30.  To enter these servers you must have a new account (Made on or after Dec. 1st with the Opening of the New World!) or have been absent from the game for 30 days.  Players who meet these requirements will be able to login to these servers.  Please note there are a few key points about these new servers.
    Olvia Servers do not have world bosses
    Olvia Servers do not have horse races
    Olvia Servers do not participate in sieges or node wars
    Olvia Servers do not participate in the Red Battlefield
    After 30 days you will not be able to access the Olvia servers.
    The Bonus EXP from the Olvia Servers will not stack with other EXP Bonus Events.
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  4. Uno added a post in a topic Trying to get the hang of things   

    You are just not far enough. Armors unenchanted have very little protection bonus differences. What matters most is the piece bonus, and the set bonus. Pay attention to the description of the armor (not all of them have it, in particular the first ones don't). Follow the Spirit's guidelines, he will tell you and teach you about enchantment when it is time. 
    For the life skills, you will also be taught everything by quests. There are even short movie guides ingame. The wikis are more reference than help, you check them after you learned mechanics.
    The only thing you need to know that none will tell you is that the devs made this poor choice to disable by default most quests. So if you didn't already click the options above your quest list and be sure to activate all types of quests.
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  5. Uno added a post in a topic New player, need help   

    Many of them are bundled together, you don't have a line in the webpage for each of them.
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  6. Uno added a post in a topic Pirates rotations   

    What about in the Scenario B, Player B is there to complete a quest or knowledge and Player A who is the typical whining PK who can't grasp the very concept of karma can't discern it because he doesn't care, as he literally flags anyone in sight without giving a damn?
    There is no simple or general scenario. The only FACT here is that mobs are not anyone's, so when you post stuff like "my spot", "your spot", you're already wrong. Until when a good slice of the community won't understand this extremely simple concept, their destinity will be to continue whining in vain, since it's obvious the devs can't do much about it. It's up to you to use your brains.
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  7. Uno added a post in a topic A question about sunflower crates   

    it really depends from many factors, how much of the map you have discovered, your trade network, your trading level, your cart...
    The trade level is very important because if you can't buy the required good due to level req. you are limited. However already at skilled you can do a good amount of imperial deliveries and with them increase your level even more.
    let's say you could make 100-200k on average per run, but it requires your attention only for a few seconds each run (the time it takes to buy and sell. The Trade Info screen has even comfy waypoints to destination traders ready to use) which is the real benefit. Be sure to have reinforced your cart though, for bandit attacks.
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  8. Uno added a post in a topic Maybe we were a little too harsh..   

    You have issues understanding what you're talking about. First you talk about IP block, then you talk about SWG when it didn't have european servers (due to SOE being a failure of a company, that in fact doesn't exist anymore). You seemed young in the sense that you talk of IP block now that it is seldom used (they work on DNS now) and pretend it wasn't there from the more than a decade.
    The korean audience is different from ours, it is a good thing that we get publishers to provide a game that was tailored around korean standards to be a bit more enjoyable by our audience.
    Something that doesn't apply to SOE and Amazon, obviously.
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  9. Uno added a post in a topic A question about sunflower crates   

    that is imperial crafting. I mean imperial delieveries. You buy trade goods and take them to a specific imperial trader that will pay them 250% the price, plus distance bonus. They will only buy determined goods though, you can see the current requests hitting ESC and clicking the Trade Info icon (with a cart).
    Sometimes there is a delivery "combo", with Balenos and Serendia (Velia and Heidel) at the same time, which is quite profitable in terms of experience since running from one to the other is pretty fast.
    I can't even load 30 crates on my cart due to weight limits, I don't get how do you manage to load 7k crates on a horse... and even be able to move it?
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  10. Uno added a post in a topic Delphe Knight Certificate   

    are your characters level 50?
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  11. Uno added a post in a topic Which class should I choose ?   

    there is a lot of content that is not pvp, not only just fighting mobs. And even fighting mobs can have different goals, so it can become a (slightly) different experience. Keep in mind the combat itself against mobs isn't the most challenging in general... however the action combat adds much to it, at least with my class.
    What adds a LOT of content besides combat is the whole Life Skills system and quests. If you don't play this part then you are removing a big part of the game.
    Be sure to manage the quest list options and activate all type of quests, because by default they are disabled! This choice (of defaulting 80% of quests to off) is the one where the devs really messed up IMHO.
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  12. Uno added a post in a topic A question about sunflower crates   

    Trading crates is ok for money but very few exp. Best for that is imperial deliveries (mixed with normal trade while you're at it). You can do that semi-afk while doing other things around the house or even playing another game for a pause to grinding.
    How do you move the horse? Remote recovery?
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  13. Uno added a post in a topic Maybe we were a little too harsh..   

    Amazon is an international company, Daum (now Kakao) was not. To publish a game in a country you need someone there in the first place. In fact, Daum decided to open offices in NA and EU to publish the game there.
    Moreover, the service provided by Amazon is completely different, hence comparing the business model is useless.
    And lastly there is no IP block. The IP block is stuff  that dates back to when you were not playing these games.
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  14. Uno added a post in a topic Workers not repeating task after merge patch   

    All nice and dandy but shall we stay in topic? I read the OP, and posted accordingly, since he clearly states that he didn't try just once, and it's obvious he knows how to manage workers, it's quite useless to post stuff for newbies like "if you're WH is full your workers won't do crap". Lastly, your sentence about workers immediatly stopping is incorrect.
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  15. Uno added a post in a topic Dark Elf December 15th KR   

    wow we got even teasers now.
    This character is the only one with the potential to draw me away from my beloved sorceress
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  16. Uno added a post in a topic Can a Cm/Anyone in Kakao confirm the last piece of the attendance   

    The first box is the first box, as is OBVIOUS to thousands of players, yourself excluded. When you have two boxes with different package names you still have two boxes, the first and second.
    About the translation, even a human translator could get confused, because the name of the second box is " text-II", but in corean the ending ( -II) is a character ( ㅔ )
    Consider these translators might not know any context and just get a text on a sheet.
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  17. Uno added a post in a topic Workers not repeating task after merge patch   

    if warehouse is full the worker won't go work even just once.
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  18. Uno added a post in a topic New World Event Series   

    happy failcheck you meant.
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  19. Uno added a post in a topic Maybe we were a little too harsh..   

    Your whole life means nothing, you could be a teenager for what we know. The games you quoted are all recent... Also, AA uses the same way as BDO to keep the korean version for koreans, GW is not asian at all so I wonder what you're talking about.
    I remember Lineage2 being country locked and it was back in 2004. I would play the beta in japanese through a proxy 
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  20. Uno added a post in a topic What is RNG   

    You have still not described how a computer generates a "random" number, you only said that it does. Sorry but one thing is saying "it choses between 0 and 1" and another thing is saying HOW it does it. A computer is nothing but something that executes a set of instructions, these instructions are given by human beings and just like human beings a computer is incapable of picking at random, it is even incapable of picking in the first place unless it is instructed HOW to. Then, there are more than just one algorithm to generate "random" choices, each with their own quirks, and then you still have to insert this algorithm in a bigger picture that can influence the final outcome in various ways and even quite significantly, starting from the frigging common human mistake. None of these elements is considered in your theories.
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  21. Uno added a post in a topic Patch Stuck 48%   

    I started the patch at about 16:40 CET. Got stuck for about 10 minutes at 48%, then it continued without me doing anything other than reading ppl swear on this board
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  22. Uno added a post in a topic after patch game just constantly crashes/closes   

    Bullshit. If you did support you wouldn't be complaining for lack of support after literally 3 minutes and a post that gives no hint about your problem.
    Your post count in the proper section (support)? 0 (zero).
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  23. Uno added a post in a topic What Are You Doing During Downtime?   

    I gave compensation to my life for neglecting it too much due to a game.
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  24. Uno added a post in a topic I started playing in the last week and so far.. This is how I feel.   

    This must be one of the silliest things I have ever heard on the infernet. First of all if you quit that easily it means you have more than just this mere issue, but that you don't like the game as a whole, or simply don't enjoy it anymore. This can happen, just don't come to tell the fancy story that a skill that has been changed made you quit the game and be honest about the real reasons.
    Anyways, upon major changes to combat skills they always gave free respecs, not to mention you get free respecs along the road while playing.
    About weight issues, yes they could make it account wide and cost more, or you can have the choice to upgrade the inventories of the characters you want, allowing you to save money if so you wish. I can't figure how can you think the first option would be better.
    You only play a week, that is very few for a game like this, so you're excused, for now

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  25. Uno added a post in a topic Maybe we were a little too harsh..   

    It happens from the very beginnings of MMORPGs developed in Asia. It is also just your opinion that this is a mistake. 
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