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  1. Uno added a post in a topic Value Pack and Maintenance   

    no, because the downtime is not 24 hours as you pretend it to be. The downtime is 5-6 hours, so that "costs" you 50 cents per month which is 6 dollars per year. However, NOT SLEEPING, since maintenance happens at night, would cost you way more in health care than 6 dollars per year.
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  2. Uno added a post in a topic What is RNG   

    In my opinion it doesn't help at all. You started with good intentions, stating you would explain what is RNG, while you haven't spent many words talking about it, but rather about statistics. However, statitics you described work on real numbers, real life. We are talking of GENERATED numbers here, something you completely forgot to talk about. What do you know on the matter? I suppose not much, otherwise you wouldn't have written a wall of text about something off topic.
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  3. Uno added a post in a topic Least played class?   

    on my server I don't notice any lack of Valkyrie or Tamers. The least played is surely Ninja (Kunoichi a bit better). The Berserker has also always had low population.
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  4. Uno added a post in a topic Anyone concerned about the HUGE population after server merge?   

    The more the better. Here in Europe we haven't had all the lag issues americans are telling about (assuming they are real). Besides, merging servers should actually help distribute population rather than the contrary. If the playerbase is smart enough, which is doubtful, I know.
    Anyways with many more channels, it will be easier for players to spread among them creating a more even and balanced environment than the one you have now. Think of it as if you're now on Uno which is full but can actually log in on Orwen with your main character, where is much less population. The question is: will the players do it (spread evenly)? Given that (from the tales and romances I read) you have 2 empty servers and a full one, it's a gamble.
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  5. Uno added a post in a topic Fix Karma / Death penalty ffs   

    I'm sorry but you are incorrect. And I would bet you make your points incorrectly on purpouse.
    Yes, if you put it like that, you may sound right. But the thing is that the matter is quite more complex than that. HOW LONG have you been picking flowers? Do you think all the flowers are yours? This other guy has all the rights to be picking flowers as you do. Does he know how many flowers have you been picking? Why should he care at all? Arriving on a spot first is meaningless in an online international server open 24/7 (sorta). He may think the same about you, that you are a duck for picking the flowers he wanted too.
    Yes it's a pain when someone comes ruin your plans. Yes many of them are annoying. But no, it's not called griefing, it's a game mechanic and in this game it's much softer than it used to be in past games. You have to learn to deal with it I'm afraid, or change genre of games if you don't like it, exactly because this is a game mechanic. The best course of action is compete with the other party on who farms faster/better, or just move on if you aren't on par. But the fact is that the respawn and number of creatures in this game is so high that I find all this whining ludicrous. The reality is that many whiners here can't cope with competition and don't know the meaning of PvP. PvP is competition in many forms, not just direct combat. I read earlier that someone was pissed off because in 5v1 they couldn't get rid of this guy who didn't fight back. Well yes, he beated them in a PvP challenge, this group of 5 disbanded because it wasn't smart or good enough to deal with the competition and yes, this is PvP too, just like it is PvP to compete for the Life skills leaderboards.
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  6. Uno added a post in a topic Honest opinion after one month of BDO   

    I play this game from December 2014 (OB Korea), with a couple pauses, and I still haven't explored all the map. But I'll get there (only problem is that they keep adding new places). With many hidden concepts, I'm still far from mastering many aspects of the game. The best way to play it for me is with long term goals, meaning one should know it takes a long time to do stuff, and not get caught in a spyral of extreme, ever-increasing competition. In this way you have the time to appreciate the great level of details "hidden" in this game. Otherwise you're bound to deal with frustration very soon, because you spend time to do repetitive actions that become boring, only to reach the point when you are ready to enchant your weapon and then... fail it. So it's all time wasted. It's obvious that if you play like this (and 90% of players do play like this) you'll shelve the game sooner than later. My way instead is to try to enjoy every moment of gameplay, take Patience by the arm and wait for the moment to come when it comes, rather than force it to come asap.
    You played one month, congrats. But I don't think you are now a standard noob. *I* am a standard noob
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  7. Uno added a post in a topic Fix Karma / Death penalty ffs   

    Why should there be a punishment for grinding mobs? It's one of the core points of the game. They are mobs, not YOUR mobs. Because it is an online, open world game, anyone can come at any time in your same spot and do the same thing you are doing. IF they also decide to kill YOU, then they get hit by some sort of punishment. If you have problems understanding what is an open world game to the point that you call griefers players that want to be doing the same thing you are doing, then maybe you should consider playing instanced games like WoW. But you probably played tons of that and this is in fact the real issue here.
    You can't steal mobs. First they are not your property, so they can't be stolen. You also can't kill steal them. Have you ever played Lineage2? If you did then you'd know what it means to "steal".
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  8. Uno added a post in a topic Home Server Selection   

    You would have a few more CPs, depending on how much exp you had on the non-home server. Remember that CP does not equal exp, since the exp needed for CPs increases point after point.
    But the result should be the same regardless which server you chose as home, if that was the question.
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  9. Uno added a post in a topic Haven't played in a year, is it worth coming back?   

    the game hasn't changed, it's always the same game from 5 years ago, when as you will recall we started playing it.
    How can someone else tell you what's worth for you? We don't know anything about you, including and especially WHY you quit.
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  10. Uno added a post in a topic My Will is Broken   

    Maybe the players in BDO keep going mad because they are told, like the above, that the RNG is a "random system", and they translate it to random. First of all, system and random have opposite meanings. And that is exactly the reason why nothing computer based will ever be random: a computer simply does what it is programmed to do, hence it is extremely predictable and not random in the natural way we think when we think of randomness. When a CPU draws a number in an array, it again just execute another set of instructions. So what people here have to understand is that normal statistics based on a true randomness don't apply very well to a RNG, with a RNG you see stuff like we see in this game. It is the same in every other game, with the difference that a decent programmer knows it and tries to limit the use of RNG as much as possible, unlike in BDO where it's literally everywhere, including in rewards, which is really a poor thought. Imagine an olympic celebration of winners where the prize for the first three in the list will be drawn from anything from a pencil to a gold bar?
    Personally, after a first hand experience, I have come to the conclusion that I will let others brake their keyboards on their desktops and quit out of frustration (been there, done that), I will just buy the expensive stuff off the market once I collected money through the non RNG ways available (like trading semi-AFK while I play other games :D), and try the luck and the joys and pains of enchanting on less expensive stuff that I can always sell to make money.
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  11. Uno added a post in a topic How to start Dismal and Mysterious Man quest.   

    My theory (hard to remember this level of details and I have no access to the game now) is that the quest through which you obtain the knowledge is the quest from Lara, not from the Mysterious Man, which in fact I don't remember giving any quest. The knowledge itself talks about the children of the orphanage that are frightened by the ghost. When you got there did you read through what the man says or just skip it like 99% of the players do?
    maybe you skipped the dialogue and hence missed the knowledge?
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  12. Uno added a post in a topic Stuck on Quest: [Lv.35] Waragon Nature   

    it's not the place nor the mob, it's just random.
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  13. Uno added a post in a topic Which class should I choose ?   

    Did you read up a bit about this game before deciding to try it? It has nothing in common with WoW.
    You spoke of dungeons and raids: no such things in BDO.
    There are also no classes, but characters. Classes in the classic acception of the term in MMOs indicate a role of the character, typically in a group (party), but there is no such clear distinction in BDO. At best you can divide characters in ranged and melee, although this distinction is not as heavy on the gameplay as in other games like WoW.
    For these reasons, speaking of "versatility in pve content" doesn't make much sense. Everything in this game is pvp oriented, but the versatility lies in the fact that the pvp content isn't limited to combat, you can compete in the ranking of life skills, which are skills for harvesting and production, TONS more deep and interesting than in WoW.
    To answer your PS, I play the sorceress, she has a good mix of ranged and melee attacks, but if you asked this question thinking that this would allow more "versatility" then forget it, it's no more versatile than any other character available.
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  14. Uno added a post in a topic How to start Dismal and Mysterious Man quest.   

     IIRC Emma's involvment starts later, when she hears who you met (no spoilers) in that stable.
    But if you already met this someone in the first step then you should go visit Emma.
    Or maybe the mysterious man doesn't actually start a quest but there is one of those dialogue buttons to press.
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  15. Uno added a post in a topic At how many stack does your boss piece hit TET?   

    100 stacks of lucky butts.
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  16. Uno added a post in a topic RNG is...   

    Yep, I confirm.
    My grandaunt told me that a chiromancer read her foot palm and that she would become rich if she created a character in Black Desert Online. In fact, she then contacted me to ask me what the heck is BDO.
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  17. Uno added a post in a topic How bad is Growing Sunflowers in Heidel?   

    Velia - Heidel is the heart of the game (in economy).
    It takes like 60 seconds to move from one to the other.
    It can't make that big of a difference for you
    If you are serious about farming and also want to do other activities you must be joking when you say that an alt is not an option.
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  18. Uno added a post in a topic how do i lower underwear durability   

    Step 1. Put your character AFK fishing
    Step 2. Go out fishing a girlfriend
    Step 3. "Lower" her underwear (takes some grind I know)
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  19. Uno added a post in a topic Ninja and Kunoichi Update Events!   

    You were not required to do it in previous events as well........ 
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  20. Uno added a post in a topic This new "Beauty Album" is more like a Bully Album   

    the people that think they can do whatever they want just because "it's the internetz" are those who are not ready for it.
    Granted, the OP took this matter too personally, but fact is that all the comments in support of slander are childish to use an euphemism.
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  21. Uno added a post in a topic Does the game get more challenging?   

    The proper answer to your question is yes, the game gets more challenging as you level up. If it will be enough for your taste it's only up to you to say.
    Don't mind the other boys answering, they were too in a hurry to prove(?) that they are l33t to realize that the question isn't if the game is challenging but if it gets more challenging. Obviously the PvE isn't as challenging as other MMOs, but you will not enjoy dieing after level 50, either, so you should find a certain degree of thrill in PvE too.
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  22. Uno added a post in a topic This new "Beauty Album" is more like a Bully Album   

    Don't play the smart ass. The boundaries of bullism and harassment are a matter of laws and have little to share with opinions. One of the "comments" quoted in the OP isn't either an opinion or a comment but plain offense and for the records the language is against the terms of service of both this forum and the game.
    You and others look (far) less than intelligent by defending this behaviour and add further mocking to the OP, which is why I am sure you thought very high of your hilarious sarcasm when you posted. Blissful ignorance.
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  23. Uno added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Regular Maintenance July 06th - extended   

    The fact that you (singular, your use of plural is incorrect) used DF as opener, basic attack and closer, is a glaring signal that you don't know how to play the class. Besides DF has to be activated during CoD, so you can't even use it as you described.
    Your issue is that you probably went to this forum and read the "advices" from "expert" players like Chun-Chun. Basically they've been telling everyone from the beginning that one or two skills max are good and the rest is crap. The last time I read that forum there was a discussion going among these super experts and none of them (NONE) knew what is the actual effect of W+F.
    Use these forums at your own risk. But IMO it's much safer, funnier and even probably quicker to just go ingame and test things yourself. With open mind and honesty: bias is not of help.
    Your sense of humor and sarcasm needs a buff.
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  24. Uno added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Regular Maintenance July 06th - extended   

    Wohoooo finally the beauty album we were all waiting for!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111
    You should refrain from making claims on stuff you don't have direct knowledge of.
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  25. Uno added a post in a topic Events I Missed :(   

    You are being extremely egocentric here. You should try to "imagine" with a bit more honesty. Designing good events means designing good events, something that entertains the customers which may or may not have a prize. Everyone already has a chance at what they want (from events), but of course they must play. You demand to have a prize for an event you never took part of and refuse to hear reason.
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