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  1. Uno added a post in a topic IMPORTANT / Pls Read when u dont like +16 and higher Enchant   

    These discussions were here even before the game launched, so it's neither something important like the topic states, nor a matter of +16/+20 like the topic, again, states.
    The issue lies with people who don't know how to entertain themselves. When you play a competitive game, what keeps you entertained? Probably a fair competition. If you aren't competitive in combat now it's because you don't have the means others have right now. It takes patience, eventually yes, you will catch up and you know it, but many want it now because PvP for them means combat and only combat. Find some other competition for the times being (yes, there are others) to entertain you with, compete against yourself (it's the most interesting competition in a game, to be fair), or go to the arena with your friends and fight there.
    If you are caught by the frenzyness that Daum is forcing us into now (in order to catch up with KR, I assume) you will ditch the game and it would be a shame. I've read people talking about Valencia and making comparisons with Korea. KR is completely another story, making comparisons is silly. The content was implemented more smoothly and in a much wider time window. Valencia came after 7-8 months. Moreover, the players didn't know the details of new features as we do now, hence progress was more evened out among players and overall slower, since the most hardcore players would "waste" much of their time into exploring the game. Each time a new class was implemented you would see (almost) everyone rolling a character to try it.
    IMO if you think you like the game but you also like to have a life outside of it, you should make an effort to be patient and wait for our version to catch up with KR, at that point we will get a reasonable progress, as right now it's all a bit fubar. But in any case, if you don't play more than 8 hours a day like the people who are one shotting you today, you should realize that you will never compete at the same level with the most hardcore, not in a game that is progress based and where progress takes the most prized of the resouces out of the game: time. I believe you (me) are in such large numbers that this won't spoil the game.
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  2. Uno added a post in a topic Events I Missed :(   

    I doubt they will repeat the same events, or if they do I doubt they will have the same prizes. In that case anyone who participated the first time would not be interested at all.
    What muscarine said though: there are always events ongoing, so you will get other (interesting, we hope) prizes
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  3. Uno added a post in a topic Waiting to play the game til ninja, should I give up?   

    of course you will be able to catch up. In Korea the Ninja has been released 7 months later than the first 4 characters, so this mass histeria typical of the NA market is out of place, but well in line with the childish mentality of "I want only this and I want it now" and with the bigger p. competition...
    There are a few statements you wrote that need a thought or two. You say don't want to force yourself to play a different class. Ok. There are like 8 characters, you want to tell me you dislike all of them? How do you even know you like only the ninja? Have you played him? In case you didn't notice this game greatly encourages players to have more than one character. The gameplay is fun with many of them depending on your tastes, it's hard to believe that you can enjoy the game only with Ninja but everything else would have you to be forced to play the game. It's not like a character class changes the game radically.
    You can play one or two alts, that you will need for various reasons anyways, while waiting for Ninja, and instead of focusing on them, just gather the money and items you will need later to equip your ninja. Once you hit level 50 with your first character it's a joke to take a second character there, and a first character doesn't necessarily have to be a main character.
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  4. Uno added a post in a topic +20 ruined this game   

    Are you implying a casual player should compete with a no lifer? How??
    all good until the conclusion (focused development), which contradicts the premise (no to different branches).
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  5. Uno added a post in a topic Seriously... Is there a way to turn off guild flags?   

    Yeah. It's about a community that should be ashamed of itself. Take it to the culprits, the community itself, not to the developers.
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  6. Uno added a post in a topic Valencia Update Events !   

    LOL, of course you can know: read your minimap. It's that easy yeah.
    Have you even bothered to try fishing outside of hotspots? I fish a lot better than before the patch out of the hotspots. Based on my experience I can certainly say that fishing for me is more rewarding than before. But I have actually fished (not much, just as always, because it's too boring for my tastes) after the patch, rather than just give up because it's the current trend of the guild or whoever else.
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  7. Uno added a post in a topic Suddenly, Paid Hairstyles!   

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  8. Uno added a post in a topic Anyword on Sorc fix? ranger fix?   

    I suggest you stop writing this kind of nonsense and get real if you want to have a serious discussion.
    It's been over an year that you go around the internet telling everybody that they should play Sorc using one to two skills. The only thing you're good at is making tons of people seriously believe you know what you're talking about, I give you that. But perhaps now you are *a bit* exaggerating?
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  9. Uno added a post in a topic Do you spam Dark Flame at bosses?   

    spamming one skill is cheap, predictable and vulnerable to changes to the skill. I don't spam a single skill but use all I have at my disposal in the situations I deem more appropriate. Some years ago I would have thought ridiculously obvious to write such a thing, today with the oversimplification (in general) of video games, it seems it's necessary to state this loudly. I see that now the majority has moved from spamming a single skill to spamming another single skill. Most players don't even test seriously the efficacy of skills. They just read a guy who *seems* to know it on the forums and that's enough to ditch every skill but one.
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  10. Uno added a post in a topic Suddenly, Paid Hairstyles!   

    disregard that post, it's just plainly wrong.
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  11. Uno added a post in a topic Daum is killing the playerbase   

    I agree on point 4, but I respectfully disagree on all the rest.
    The game is grindy only when you want it to be and make it be. I have seen a lot of players turn BDO into a grind because they do the wrong thing and in the wrong way, trying in substance to adapt the game to the playstyle they developed for other games, instead of doing the other thing around.
    Luck, renamed RNG by the community, is a main element in ANY game since the very invention of games. Of any kind and genre. Obviously, the perception of this feature is TOTALLY subjective: if you feel lucky you will enjoy it, if you feel unlucky you will scream it is a huge issue.
    Ninja delay, meh... if you like the game, you enjoy the game, Ninja or not Ninja. Korea has waited like 7 months IIRC before Ninjas were implemented.
    Communication and the way Daum&PA deals with hackers and cheaters is again too subjective a topic. You can discuss everyone's opinions, but you will never come to a real conclusion.
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  12. Uno added a post in a topic Anyword on Sorc fix? ranger fix?   

    in this thread, you read people claiming that a sorc now has trouble even with mobs (mobs that after the patch were turned into butter). The post above talking about raw damage Dark Flame vs 0 DP player is just sad.
    ok, they nerfed DF, but perhaps "someone" was relaying too much on this skill, especially in PvE. With the almost free skill resets I would say now is a good time to go test some of the other skills with a bit more objectivity, because in these past months I've read a lot of contradictory BS or just plainly wrong statements about pretty much any skill that isn't DF, and this from the supposed experts of the forum.
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  13. Uno added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Regular Maintenance June 17th   

    yeah they are bad.
    Are they a reason to quit? No comment, really...
    and btw after months of this maintenance schedule one would think that people got over it, regardless of how bad their schedule is, it has been this from the beginning, and a few hours without access to the game won't change much, especially when they haven't updated anything for about a month and the game got so boring that I wouldn't have logged in without an update anyways.
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  14. Uno added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Regular Maintenance June 17th   

    You describe a minority, which is complaining, and call out for people only looking at themselves? That applies to your reasoning as well.
    Are you really serious mentioning students that have finished school? So what do you propose, Daum change maintenance schedule because school is over? Get real.
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  15. Uno added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Server Maintenance May 25th   

    lol? Lol what? If they are working on the server, SERVER, why do you even mention your network? That was the point of my answer, the problem is that you have no idea what you are talking about, hence you couldn't understand it. And if the issue you are experiencing whad depending solely on the server, it would be an issue for everyone, not for "many players".
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  16. Uno added a post in a topic Should Daum NERF Sorceress?   

    wow look, a new topic of discussion in the Sorceress forum. It surely deserves all our attention in light of its originality!
    not only from behind but even from the sides, the block range is quite narrow. Way to behave as an arse by boasting blatantly false statements and then block your spokesperson in order to avoid the obvious answer that you are clueless in regards to what you are talking about.
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  17. Uno added a post in a topic At 55+, are you using Claws of Darkness IV or Black Wave?   

    which is the reason why I explained these 2 skills don't.
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  18. Uno added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Server Maintenance May 25th   

    what net? The point in the name internet is that many networks are involved. At best you could assess your connection to the server's net, not "your net", and it case it was bad, it could be neither your problem nor Daum's.

    people that bother to take the time to post useless stuff on a forum are annoyed no matter what.
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  19. Uno added a post in a topic Stop saying sorc is bad in GvG   

    great, I knocked you down from a "huge" (?) range. Now what? Can't do shit from huge range and you'll be up soon enough to laugh at my vanished mana.
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  20. Uno added a post in a topic Sorc mobility and movment speed   

    I use Talis Armor and boots and the crystal for weight and movement and I have 5 points in movement. I can't live without it, even if just for running around.
    It's interesting that everyone compares to other classes, in my experience you enjoy the added movement exactly when facing other sorceresses, instead.
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  21. Uno added a post in a topic Taritas on Sorc?   

    HP given by Agerian, Heve or Grunil is probably better IMO. When you hit 0 mana points you can always drink a pot, hit Q or throw the shards. When you hit 0 HP, you can only choose where to respawn
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  22. Uno added a post in a topic At 55+, are you using Claws of Darkness IV or Black Wave?   

    on the other hand, you can't tell the difference in area covered by BW and CoD (two to three times), you can also turn easily with BW whereas you can't with CoD, not to mention that you are using BW from a range and hence you aren't getting pounded at the sides or back meanwhile. It takes only a little effort in Maths to understand that the total damage output of an AOE skill is higher if you hit more mobs, which makes BW an extremely useful skill when farming. It's a useful skill which doesn't substitute CoD, nor does CoD substitute BW since they work in completely different ways and have different purpouse (besides damage, of course) and should be used in different moments. When you use them in combo you save time, mana and HP loss.
    Now, of course one can say they don't like BW, perfectly fine. But this BS about BW being useless is growing old. The deal here is that most players can't bother using more than a couple skills, so they want to discard others so bad that they brain train to think they are useless.
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  23. Uno added a post in a topic Patch Notes - May 18th   

    why, because of whiners, obviously.
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  24. Uno added a post in a topic Change maintenance times!   

    Man, I didn't know the sourthern hemisphere was so different that weeks are made up of a couple of days. I was told that aussies are a bit strange, but not this much! So you only have Wednesday and Thursday in your week? No Sunday? That must suck, I feel for you.
    And by the way...: is there even a server localized for Oceania? Because if there isn't one, how could they perform maintenance in another time for a server that doesn't exist?
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