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  1. Uno added a post in a topic Difference Between Raft/Ferry/Fishing Boat??   

    The fishing boat can be made on Ilya Island, hence easier to reach from Velia than Calpheon.
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  2. Uno added a post in a topic Economy and crafting is pretty messed up   

    when you sell the potato crate you get trading experience.
    You won't make big money by selling 10 potatoes on the marketplace either. The trade experience, or making beer or other dishes would be a better use for those potatoes. If you want to delve into the economy/trading aspect of the game then it can be convenient to make and sell the potato crate. If your guild (assuming you're in one) runs trade missions you might be interested in investing in trade experience. In future they should implement imperial trading, which is more rewarding than regular trading, and requires that your character know something about trading. Instead, if your only concern is silver coins, then just sell the potatoes on the market. People who use potatoes in their activities will buy them and everyone is happy. On the other hand, your logic is somewhat faulty because if everyone would think like you, we would all place potatoes on the marketplace, hence none would sell them and your premise that selling potatoes is more rewarding than a crate would prove wrong.
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  3. Uno added a post in a topic Weekly Maintenance   

    the game has localized servers. The least one would expect is localized maintenance time.
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  4. Uno added a post in a topic Petition to have the game localized in the English Language   

    wow. Just WOW
    as if americans made any sense in english.
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  5. Uno added a post in a topic Petition to request IQ testing in order for people to contribute on the forums   

    We all know the world is full of idiots: this forum is a testament to that fact. As well as your and my answer to a post that didn't deserve any attention.
    To the OP: in order to have an intelligent discussion, avoid a public forum as a mean of communication.
    This obsession for the IQ is typical of anglosaxon countries or is it only my impression?
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  6. Uno added a post in a topic Ranged Sorc Build?   

    it's a way to recover mana (efficient, not efficient... situational terms, can't use them out of a context). In my book it's better to have it than to not have it, but once again, if you don't like it then don't use it. Potions are another mean to recover mana, but they don't deal damage to the enemy, they have a cost and a weight that is shared with life potions and equipment.
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  7. Uno added a post in a topic Ranged Sorc Build?   

    1. I said I don't like it, if you like it then by all means use it. Just... do use it, don't just watch well cut videos shot out of real actions.
    2. ...all skills that use mana, which you can recover thanks to Sinister Energy. How do you estimate its damage? I'm curious. You realise the damage shown in the tooltips is a damage on hit and not a dps? The speed of attacks is crucial, especially for the Sorceress. My advice wasn't exactly to level it, but to try it and decide yourself if it's worth leveling or not. Of course if you don't level it the damage is too low, yeah.
    3. By that account all skills root you based on the cast time, not just this one. I did mention that it's quite slow, root or not isn't the real point. It's not used in PvP (by DeusEx, I take it) probably because it is slow (or if you prefer, long), and its counter for being slow, which is knockback, doesn't work. The lowered magical defense effect alone isn't much juicy...
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  8. Uno added a post in a topic [EU] Trading Company [Alustin][International][Hardcore/Semi-Hardcore][Family][Discord]   

    Greetings, I'm quite interested in joining the guild. Your approach to the game is my own.
    I played the KR version with a focus on life skills (I have very little experience with Valencia, though). I own an explorer's pack though so you won't be seeing me before the 1st of February, from what I understood.
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  9. Uno added a post in a topic What top 10 guilds do you think will dominate the EU server?   

    but... there are 2 servers
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  10. Uno added a post in a topic Ranged Sorc Build?   

    Sorceress isn't really a ranged class so there can't be a purely ranged build. She has some mid-range abilities that you can exploit more than the melee ones if so you like, but I should say "if you like to limit your options".
    The base skills are the three ranged skills put together in the tree (using bdo tome translations): Sinister energy - Absolute darnkess - Black wave. The last 2, in particular Black Wave, are useful for knocking back opponents and hence keep them at a distance. Couple of notes: 1- you can chose to underestimate the usefulness of basic attacks, like Sinister energy, as most "experts" will advise. If you are wise and prefer to experiment yourself you might find them wrong. 2- Absolute darkness doesn't have a cast time, if it's the skill with the icon depicting a black moon/star with a skeletric hand close up. However it's quite slower than Sinister Energy.
    Other ranged abilities are:
    Signs of Agony. Personally I don't use this skill. It is unlike most skills of the Sorceress. Normally she does burst attacks so if a few miss you don't really notice it. This attack is a single attack with a long cast time and long cooldown. If it misses (remember the law of Murphy) you will have wasted a lot of time for nothing in return. On the plus side it does have a longer range than most of her abilities, so you can use it out of combat and its being slow becomes less important.
    Dream of Doom: powerful but with a long cast time.
    Mark of the Shadow: it's a leech ability, but it's useful especially because it helps "gathering" mobs for aoe attacks
    Shadow Eruption: not the best skill of Sorceress, but still...
    Abyssal Flame: personally I don't like it, too long cast time compared to the effects.
    I will add one more: 
    Darkness Released. It's not a ranged skill but it will knock back enemies and yourself (it's cast at close range) so it's a useful tool if you want to do ranged combat.
    But the bottom line is that it's not advaisable to think to a purely ranged approach. Sorceress is an interesting class because of all the combination of skills you can use, plus it's not really designed to be a ranged class. There are other classes for ranged combat.
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  11. Uno added a post in a topic CBT2 - Maintenance 20.02 - COMPLETED!   

     It's a poor policy to treat EU customers as second grade by having maintenance at the same time and favorable only to NA.

    I think I remember I had to chose the region when I claimed the cash and the default is NA. Be more careful when you perform these activities.
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