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  1. HoloRE added a post in a topic Still no one but me can see my cape....anyone else have this problem?   

    Sorry for the late response -- I've had this issue since a few weeks after the game launched. I've made multiple tickets to the support but all their solutions have failed so far (They don't know what's causing it.)
    I can however say that it is a thing that is an ACCOUNT problem and not a PC/Settings problem. When me and a friend swapped accounts to see if the bug still stayed, I could not see my characters cape, while he could see his characters cape. (Which means that no matter who logs on my account, they will have the bug)
    I might also add: Whenever my settings are reset and I log on it shows my cape as automatically turned off, and I believe this happens every time I relog. Which means, the cape even if it is shown as turned on, In reality it isn't due to that.
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  2. HoloRE added a post in a topic Guild Storage Access   

  3. HoloRE added a post in a topic Psycho-stalking arrogant grind-PKers   

    I often find myself in a situation at pirates where this type of person appear. I don't have a lot of time to just mindlessly grind for hours, so when I actually do grind I'd like to use my time as effective as I can. I can clear all of b spot/behind main spot w/e at pirates before they respawn (even with the camp far back) which means I can do the full rotation solo. I finally sit down and start grinding with the limited time that I have to play, I find an empty B spot on a channel and start grinding. it's all going good etc - Then some random guy comes and takes a camp. I run by him, not wanting to kill him because maybe he didn't know I was there. I run to the next camp and he runs by me just like I did to him, and starts the next camp ahead of me. To me this means contesting the spot. He doesn't ask for duo, he doesn't ask anything he just starts grinding. I ask if he can find another spot as I don't have much time to grind and I'd like to be effective - He ignores me and goes on to the next camp.
    After this I have two solutions.
    1. Kill him, hoping it will make him aware that he should probably find another spot.
    2. Get my profit/exp increase halved by not killing him and letting him take half the rotation.
    I usually go for 1. Because as I've said, I don't have much time to actively play, and besides why would I let him grind the rotation and halt my progression when he hasn't even said a word to me?
    I lose karma, he loses nothing. He comes back and does the same thing. Never saying a word, or sometimes "Hope you have enough karma haha" as he grins while being guildless for the SOLE PURPOSE of doing what he is currently doing (Karma bombing).
    Speaking of, how can you honestly say Karma bombing doesn't exist when another player has the possiblity of destroying your potential gain by just running in and halting your progression for legit no reason and with no effort involved.
    Put it up side by side and see who the real no-life is - One guy is trying to improve, the other guy is trying to prevent the first guy from improving - Who's the actual "no-life" moron?
    To think grown up people can have the mentality of "If I can't have it, no one can have it!" in a videogame is borderline mentally inept, man.
    So next time you think you're being hella funny, edgy, "Rawr x3 xDD" and a vigilante of justice, remember that you are wasting your own and another person's time for NO reason.
    Thing is, if a guy actually came up to me and told me he was low geared or new to the game and asked for a party, I'd party with him EVERY time. NO ONE ever says this shit. They just walk in and start grinding without a word.
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  4. HoloRE added a post in a topic 4 Days and...   

    F > Dash in close > A+LMB cancel into > Shift+LMB > S+F > Shift+F seems like a good combo. Especially if S+F knocks down.
    You can also start with A+LMB cancel into Shift+LMB > S+F > Shift+F
    or if you want non-awakening abilities in your combo then-
    A/D+LMB cancel into Shift+LMB > S+F > W+C(switchS) > Fatal or Shadow stomp, your choice > Grab > W+RMB(switchC) > w/e you have up. I would probably just A+LMB or D+LMB at this point in the combo to finish it off.
    P.S. A/D+LMB cancel is if you do a fraction of "half moon" (the sideways awakening attack) then instantly use Shift+LMB (Lethal spin) you use the ability faster and you cancel a little bit of the windup animation before she starts spinning.
    SwitchS = Switch to Shortsword
    SwitchC = Switch to Chakram
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  5. HoloRE added a post in a topic Tamer is the weakest and most pathetic class in bdo and it even got nerfed last patch ???   

    In my experience Tamer is one of those classes I feel are always extra tanky. While I kill rangers/maehwas/musas/witches/wziards in one combo Tamers always need more than one combo to die.
    I never engage on tamers due to their huge AoE ccs and insta gib combo. I agree with you that BDO has big damage numbers etc but mention any other class that can kill a target as fast as a tamer. Mostly when I get cc'd by a tamer my health falls faster than a 245ap sorc that spins over me (not even kidding).
    Anyways I believe that you know what you're talking about because I've seen you play and I know you're very skilled.
    Also nice post, very well structured and it has a bunch of good points. I hope the CMs respond!
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  6. HoloRE added a post in a topic Down Smash   

    There's 3 ways to cancel Shadow stomp's animation
    1. Throw a kunai first and then quickly shadowstomp
    2. Floor Sweeping and then quickly shadowstomp
    3. Smoke screen and then quickly shadowstomp
    So you don't actually need the smokebomb (unless you think it looks cooler of course) to cancel shadowstomp
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  7. HoloRE added a post in a topic What to do against certain classes?   

    Lmao w/e dude - If you can't kill sorcs or rangers near your level you shouldn't even be on this post. This post is for people who play Kuno and know how to play Kuno and you obviously don't know how to play Kuno if you can't beat sorcs or rangers near your level/gear.
    And I'm speaking about arena/grindspot contesting/RBF/nodewars/sieges.
    P.S. You talk about Kunoichi not being able to kill any of those classes with similar gear but you can kill a valk in an "ambush"? lol.
    Pretty sure you're the one attacking/killing undergeared players. "If they have too much dp I run" - So you mean any Valk outside of the ones in Hexe trying to get their first Witch's earring?
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  8. HoloRE added a post in a topic What to do against certain classes?   

    ? I've killed Sorceresses, rangers, ninjas and tamers that outgear me, outlevel me AND know what they're doing. And Tamers and ninjas are the hardest one of those 4.
    And since you say ignore maehwa/musa I'm guessing you're only talking about node wars. If there's a musa or maehwa contesting your grind spot you can't just ignore them.
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  9. HoloRE added a post in a topic What to do against certain classes?   

    I don't see the point in running or hiding from most of the classes as our kit allows us to fight them and win. (Ranger, Sorc, Witch/Wiz, Musa/Maehwa, Ninja)
    Sorcs are vulnerable to block jump when they are at the end of their helicopter spin thing
    Rangers are vulnerable to block jump after their W+F or in between their Dashes (if you are good at timing it)
    Maehwas/Musas are vulnerable whenever they don't dash, just dodge whatever they throw at you with block jump while on the same time hitting them with it.
    Ninja is just a skill matchup or the one who hits a cc first.
    With Tamers I've found it very effective to wait for them to engage then dodge whatever they throw with block jump, 180 your camera and press S while still in block jump. If you're "lucky" the pet will derp out and not cc you while you do your combo.
    I'm very surprised that both of you said fight the valk -- I must have been doing something wrong because whenever I fight an aggressive valk (who just charges you down constantly) I get f*** destroyed. Almost everything is a superarmor and does a ton of damage.
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  10. HoloRE added a topic in Kunoichi   

    What to do against certain classes?
    Hello my fellow Kunochis. This post will be about PvPing as Kunoichi so if you don't PvP often you this might seem irrelevant to you. Anyways --
    First off let me tell you what I run with.
    I have TRI Bhegs and TET Liverto (Accuracy.)
    I have 210 raw ap unbuffed. With buffs (assuming they all stack correctly)
    +30AP from Black spirit rage consumption.
    +15 AP from Endless Fury elixir.
    +8AP from my Sharp alchemy stone
    +5 AP from Knights combat rations(+5human damage for whatever that's worth). (I run Knights > Hamburg > Arehaza)
    +10~PvP damage from skill add-ons(Not sure if it counts as real "AP")
    +7 AP + 1,75% Accuracy from passive.
    Assuming they all stack correctly (Which they show that they're supposed to on the buff bar) I should have around the equivalent of 285 ap when fully "tryhard" buffed.
    (I also use Party Elixir of Assassination and Party Elixir of Life as they can overlap with normal offensive and defensive buffs.)

    My damage on Witches, Wizards, Rangers, Tamers, Maehwas, Musas, Ninjas etc is very high if I land my skills and combos correctly. It's basically almost a 1-combo-kill if I play patiently and wait for a mistake or an opportunity to get a block jump cc in. However versus Warriors, Valks and Zerkers is a way different story. I feel like I do 10~15% hp in a full combo against those classes meanwhile I die in literally 2 spells if they have minimum 180 AP.
    The worst encounters have been with zerkers -- Now after they've been buffed I find it actually impossible to kill them. Their 100% now heals them to full health and I simply don't do enough damage (even when fully buffed) to kill zerkers before they have their 100% up again.
    (May I add that their 100% is uninterruptable)
    I have 251 dp, 10 evasion from helmet, 2684 max hp(2784 with Party elixir of life) +10 damage reduction from Defense Elixir - and I found myself fighting a zerker yesterday that allegedly (I believe him since I literally did no damage to him) had 173 ap and 275 dp.
    However his grab combo (Grab > That spin slash thing > Grab > Spin slash thing) 100-0'd me THROUGH my extra large pots. I PvP almost every day and I know how to position and play the class especially when and how to use block and block jump to make the fight into my advantage but against these classes it all just seems futile.
    So- The reason why I made this post wasn't to gloat about gear or cry about class buffs. It was made to ask you fellow Kunoichis -- What do you do when you face one of the "tanky classes"? Do you fight? Do you run? If you fight, do you win? And how do you win? Because whatever I do it seems impossible to win.
    I mean, I've fought plenty of beserkers, valks and warriors and come out as the winner but many of those fights had a noticeable gear gap or they were simply just bad and didn't know how to play the "matchup" correctly. If I face a guy who knows what's doing then.. rip.
    P.S. Yes I know we don't have our awakening yet but that's somewhat irrelevant considering that beserkers don't even use their awakening to damage me, only to cc. All their damage comes from their grab>spinning-thing combo.
    I'd like to know what you guys think and possibly give any tips on what to do in these situations.
    Thanks in advance.
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  11. HoloRE added a post in a topic Frame rate issue   

    I used to run around 55~60 fps almost all the time (Unless when in cities) but now after the maehwa/Musa awakening patch the framerate drops are nuts man. I can't loot a mob without dropping to 20~fps from 60. I can't use a skill or move my character without dropping to 10~20. It's completely nuts- Idk what has happened.
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  12. HoloRE added a post in a topic MY RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM   

    I've been having mad FPS drops since the maehwa/musa patch. Like next level shit. Wish they would fix this soon
    I've always been able to keep 60 fps even with very high settings (except when in towns) and now suddenly I have 40 fps dropping to 10 on optimization mode. 
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  13. HoloRE added a post in a topic [DON'T FORGET] They only buffed our Tooltip and not our ACTUAL Damage.   

    I sincerely don't understand the outcries about buffs to Kuno and Ninja. We are already hella strong and can outdo most other classes. I rarely find myself losing to another class, even awakened warriors or sorcs unless they heavily outgear or outbuff me. (Zerkers however is another story..)
    I'm a lvl 58 Kuno and I have 194 / 235 unbuffed and I "only" need two combos to kill a warrior with 280~ dp in a potted fight. Accuracy however is very important as our main damage skills deal damage over many hits (i.e Shadow Stomp). Most people run around with DP between 215 and 260(if they are somewhat competitive that is). And people below 230 lose 30~50% hp in one Shadow stomp if it's a successful hit.
    If you manage to land your full combo on a target that doesn't outgear(or outbuff) you heavily you should be able to kill them without much struggle.
    Try any of these 3 combos and see if your damage output is still low.
    1. Use Shadow stomp(KD) > Fatal blow > Grab > Fox(or Ankle Cutter, your choice) > Shadow clone > Moonlight > Shadow stomp
    2. Go melee range(Make sure you dodge potential CC's with Shadow Slash and/or Ghost step) and cancel Smokescreen with Kunai throw or Shadow Slash, continue Smokescreen > Invisibility > Heart Aiming > Fatal > Shadow Stomp etc. (Combo only works if target is hit by the Smokescreen and is stunned.
    3. Or just use Log > Fatal blow > Shadow stomp > continue the combo from 1st combo.
    If the grab succeeds and if Shadow clone down-smashes and you still don't do much damage then I don't know what's wrong
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  14. HoloRE added a post in a topic Witch's Earrings Drop Rate   

    I've tried grinding Hexe twice for earrings for around 15~ hours combined.
    I have S rank on every single mob at Hexe, node level 8 and I was running kamasilve's blessing for all the time I was there. Got 1 witch.
    However I got like 4-5 Hexe Marie scolls (which none gave a witch sadly) and a lot of Relic shards.
    Rip Witch drops?
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