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  1. DkFox added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    You missed the butcher knife.
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  2. DkFox added a post in a topic I've had it with random PKers...   

    @Dajova I think you've made your point quite clearly. So there's no need for you to keep responding and trolling/threatening the (clear majority of) players that don't agree with you.
    If you don't want to enchant your gear past +15, you should not even consider grinding in Mediah/Valencia. You certainly shouldn't complain that people with PRI/DUO/TRI+ gear can kill you if it's 'too much of a headache' to enchant your own gear. You have also made it quite clear that your problem is not in fact with the system as you keep saying, and that it is with players behaviour, which Pearl Abyss and Kakao cannot and will not police, due to the nature of the game.
    Several people have made legitimate suggestions to you regarding the fact that nobody has a 'right' to certain mobs or areas. The game revolves around competing for resources (as someone else already said).
    You are kind of behaving like an entitled a-hole (again, it's been said already multiple times), so please realise it see that in a suggestions thread, everyone can respond with their own views.
    Just to clarify I too am a player who, wherever possible, tries to resolve situations reasonably and without unnecessary violence. Sometimes I have to resort to flagging, most of the time this gets the message across, and it genuinely is an issue that people can repeatedly come back and karma bomb the way they currently can as if they are exercising some 'right' to vengeance for being 'unfairly' killed(???).
    To wrap up my view of the core counter-arguments to yours, as I am entitled to:
    Q: What do you lose when you are PKed? A: Nothing
    Q: What do you lose when you PK? A: A large amount of karma, that takes a significant amount of time to get back.
    Q: What do you lose when you die with -ve karma? A: See http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/41050-going-negative-karma-red-is-like-your-worst-nightmare/ 
    Two final tips:
    1. Left on low HP and killed by mobs? Use V. Or run away from mobs if you're being attacked by another player.
    2. Stupid enough to carry trade items around on your person in meaningful quantities (the only thing I can think of would be a huge stack of coins from Pirates, which is a heavily contested spot anyway) in addition to ignoring 1.? You kind of deserve to lose them.
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  3. DkFox added a post in a topic BDO wants you to die!   

    I think the point was that the post got deleted. What's the harm in reminding players to take care of themselves? Bad business I guess.
    OP mentioned that most developers such as Blizz embrace it and respect/care about their playerbase.
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  4. DkFox added a post in a topic EU Territory and Node War Chronicles   

    4 Elephants confirmed. Good fight though, can't say it was boring!

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  5. DkFox added a post in a topic Picture The Seasons - Calendar Event! [Winners Announced]   

    @CM_Aethon were the Autumn season effects removed early with the patch?
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  6. DkFox added a post in a topic Node leveling! Please have this looked into!   

    Ouch... really sucks that that one can't be put in storage. I carry it around with me everywhere and therefore can't totally empty my inventory for farming.
    On my way to Desert Fogans to put in some hours. Actually considering resetting the level 10 node to 0.... I seriously can't believe we have to even consider doing ridiculous things like this in an attempt to prove there is something wrong... What is life?
    An afterthought relating to that Pirates data (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/17TDVmoBa1tEzbehNdzz1ytAVQ8jZOpK8ztznopf5j00), my thoughts are that either:
    1. This suggests that node level has no observable effect on drop rates
    2. Party leader node level does not affect loot for the party.
    I haven't investigated the situation around party leader vs individuals' node levels; can anyone give a TL;DR on the general consensus?
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  7. DkFox added a post in a topic Node leveling! Please have this looked into!   

    I believe that Pavo would shut his mouth and stop being so f***ing argumentative for the sake of stroking his own e-peen if he had really studied statistics even at the most basic level.
    Back on-topic.
    @Nagasaki, a suggestion that you may already have considered (omg Pavo get ready for this; someone actually using 'The Scientific Method'. Mind=blown. Though to be more specific what you should actually be asking people to do is to consider the core principles of good Experimental Design).
    To negate the variable factor of clear speed, which you have already somewhat done by limiting your runs with the aforementioned conditions, you could look at the ratio of trash:green:blackstone:blue(:yellow) items. This approach would supplement your experiment with statistical analysis investigating whether there is a shift (potentially reduction) in the probability distribution of certain rarities of item.
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  8. DkFox added a post in a topic Level 10 node problem.   

    Agree with most of what you're saying in this post, partly because it's somewhat repeating a lot of the things I said too
    Exception being the part about diminishing returns. No, I don't think anyone who has responded thinks it makes sense for such a system to be in the game, unless you consider that the developer/publisher (a.k.a. the Casino) has the exact same reason to keep you 'playing'. Except it's just the players that invest their own time and real money, there is no house money, it's all digital and you never own anything.
    We are indeed very strongly suggesting that the system does not seem as straight forward as we would like to think, for a game in which (I agree) the primary activity is grinding! This is a Korean MMORPG after all, and that is a common feature. However, not simply that we don't understand the minute details, more that the systems they have implemented to improve your chances may be working counter-intuitively (or potentially incorrectly).
    I also agree with the anecdotes about slot machines - for the purpose of explaining how RNG can be immitated (and tweaked/rigged to give predictable win rates). But again, this is not quite relevant for the activity of grinding. If a player wants to grind for minerals/ore, they should expect to take a pickaxe and get a large amount of low value materials, some middle value materials, and a small amount of rare materials (ignoring hard/sharp shards), and maybe this increases with gathering level or consumables. What if, when grinding mobs at a node, the distribution of loot types changes in a non-intuitive way depending on the node level range you're at? For example: Node level 1-3 you get lots of green items, and rarely blue/yellow; Node level 4-6 you get even more green, and slightly more blue/yellow; Node level 7-10 you get much lower yield of green, offset by an immeasurably small increase (compared to base drop rate) of blue/yellow?
    This is what we are interested to both investigate, and receive some official feedback on.
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  9. DkFox added a post in a topic [Alustin] Siege and Node Wars   

    For reference, it was 4 guilds (Chaos United, Dogma, Pantsu Raiders and Fruit Salad)
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  10. DkFox added a post in a topic Level 10 node problem.   

    @Rogan I also think I remember reading about diminishing returns on workers gathering from nodes, so that could be a reason for yields decreasing.
    @GM_Axion for visibility, could you spare the time to read through this thread?
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  11. DkFox added a post in a topic Level 10 node problem.   

    I'm pretty sure I saw some data a few months back suggesting level 10 node would give an average of 20% increased worker gathering yield. Though doesn't worker level have some effect?
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  12. DkFox added a post in a topic Level 10 node problem.   

    A couple of people hit the nail on the head; it's not the ultra rare drops we're talking about here, it's mostly the green drops. I don't see what's wrong with 'eyeballing' trends within reason. If it takes you a day, two days, a week to get one basilisk belt or crescent ring drop that's fine, those items clearly have very low drop rates and even if the RNG code is bugged, it still gives a result. I could say that my experience farming Witch Earrings at Hexe doesn't quite follow the same trend, but that's beside the point.
    It seems as though above a certain node level, drop rates for uncommon items completely change (i.e. the loot table is flipped out of the window). Please, if your only response to this thread is "where is your spreadsheet with weeks of data, drop by drop", leave the forum and go back to playing the game (@Pavo no we are not all retarded, yes we know what probability is, and thank you, we will [not] take your feedback into account). My data is not fully recorded, but I can remember key details like getting multiple Basilisk belt parts dropping per session between node level 1-7, and going back at level 10 for multiple significant grind sessions and receiving a total of 1 ring piece. You say RNG, I say with a 'level 10' node investment and S-rank knowledge, that seems off and/or worse than no investment. That's the only point we are trying to make in this thread, you're entirely right that we can't definitively prove anything without an infinite sample size and datamining.
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  13. DkFox added a post in a topic Golden Desert Coin   

    Must have been what happened to me, as I spent a good chunk of time and 150 energy digging all over the top right section of the circle
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  14. DkFox added a post in a topic Level 10 node problem.   

    Not sure if serious. Just in case not troll: I didn't. Killed field bosses regularly for several months, not every day, but usually multiple channels at a time due to playing late at night. Mostly Bheg, quite a lot of Dim, the occasional Red Nose if I am nearby. Karanda has not been kind so far :<. Total boss loot tally: 2 tree spirit belts, 1 liverto, countless gold bars + hunter seals. Inb4 Git Gud - yeah I guess I'm just bad and should kill myself. I agree with the comic strip though, it's too true, but clearly this is satire and suggests that the example is broken (probably intentionally, or that nobody is smart or inclined enough to fix it).
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  15. DkFox added a post in a topic Golden Desert Coin   

    Right, apart from ignoring the glaring issue that is: The only consistent way to complete this quest is to abuse a graphical bug and subsequently dig outside the marked quest area.
    How is this even remotely acceptable quest design/implementation? I would get it if you just had to throw 500 shovels at is and brute force the result, but as myself and many others found, even researching the quest beforehand can result in that approach still not yielding success... The nonchalant quest description which advises you that 'moving around the area while digging will provide better results than digging in one place' is literally worthless, unhelpful even. Of course quests like this shouldn't be too easy/straightforward, and should definitely require some trial an error, but seriously what the Dickens happened here, and what happened to Quality Control?! *We added over 1000 quests in this expansion, some of them were even tested!*
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