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  1. Bobfish added a post in a topic Should Daum Ditch Energy Cost of Processing??   

    Why are we the only version that has this restriction? Especially as we have to pay to get the game, but it is free for other versions.
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  2. Bobfish added a post in a topic Classes are just a little bit unbalanced??   

    I've spent most of my time duo with a Warrior (I'm a Witch).
    I'm not sure how the number of skills is relevant, we're both more than competent at killing everything in our path solo.
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  3. Bobfish added a post in a topic Petition to have the game localized in the English Language   

    If you can't understand the English in the game, then I think it's more likely you than the game's localisation.
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  4. Bobfish added a post in a topic Energy regen is still quite low - suggestion   

    This is what we have for the character you have playing, and I'm fine with that,
    1 Energy per 3 minutes when online with character2 Energy per 3 minutes when online with character in crafted bed3 Energy per 3 minutes when online with character in store bedHowever, in addition to this, I would also like:
    1 Energy per 6 minutes on alt character, when online with a characterIt really annoys me that I can be playing the game, but my alts are still counted as offline, give them an energy regen boost when I'm connected to the server.
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  5. Bobfish added a post in a topic Economy and crafting is pretty messed up   

    All crafted items have stupidly low prices that none of them are worth actually selling. There are a couple of simple foods that could be profitable, but the profit margin is so small for the time invested (energy), that you're better off making something you can use yourself.
    The fact that the food people want can also be purchased from a vendor for a slightly higher price hurts the market as well.
    What they need to do is increase the price of crafted goods across the board (silver is very easy to get late game), and then remove the ability to sell all raw resources.
    People would them either have to get the resources themselves or buy the finished goods, no half measures.
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  6. Bobfish added a post in a topic New Witch player help with the tramp look   

    Non-store armor for the Witch: http://bdo-fashion.com/armor-witch/
    You'll always look like a tramp.
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  7. Bobfish added a post in a topic Steel dagger vs Bronze Dagger?   

    Here: http://i.imgur.com/y65qNFX.png
    Recommended gear progression for all classes. This is for PvP.
    If you only plan to PvE, then it doesn't really matter what you use, there is no need to be optimal for PvE.
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  8. Bobfish added a post in a topic 4/4 Taritas, which piece should I replace?   

    Transfusion stones can break on death, so it is a less reliable way to maintain max cast speed.
    Recommended gear is Agerian, but that is mainly based on PvP. In PvE, anything is functional enough.
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  9. Bobfish added a post in a topic Low on costumes n stuff   

    I think they've removed a bunch of stuff whilst the sale is on, then they'll put it back.
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  10. Bobfish added a post in a topic Win = Lose - BDO Logic   

    The game is designed around objective based PvP, nodes/castles. The open world PvP and Karma system is there to make the world dangerous, but isn't the focus of the game's PvP systems.
    If you just want to run out into the world and randomly kill people, then you can, but you'll take a hit to your Karma. Now the Karma system may not be perfect and I expect they will keep tweaking it, but keep in mind the game is designed around the objective PvP, that is what the developers want you to do.
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  11. Bobfish added a post in a topic Would this be acceptable if this wasn't an MMO?   

    It could be worse, we could be dealing with a third party publisher like Gameforge or Trion. I'd rather have Daum be a little poor at communicating with us but actually have some sway with the developers, than another publisher who can't even get the developer to respond to an email.
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  12. Bobfish added a post in a topic Worst thing about this game so far   

    It's an MMO, the forums are naturally going to be the worst part of the experience for everyone
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  13. Bobfish added a post in a topic Post Pics of Your Witch/Wizard   

    Not the greatest of pics, but is the best close up I have.

    Album: https://imgur.com/a/EgZOD
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  14. Bobfish added a post in a topic Witch/Wizard Awakening   

    I don't see how a Defensive Awakening would work, the game is seriously lacking when it comes to support skills and group make up and a Defensive Wizard is never going to replace a Warrior or Valkyrie as an actual tank in PvE.
    In PvP, maybe it could be useful in sieges and some GvG, but it would be very situation dependent.
    I would think it is more likely going to be in a similar vain to the Berzerker. Currently Berzerkers have a very strong melee AOE, with their Awakened weapon they get greater focus on single target direct damage. We could see something similar for Wizard/Witch, as almost all our current spells are AOE or have an AOE effect, we could see our Awakened weapon give us more focus on single target direct damage, perhaps at a shorter range as well.
    Alternatively, maybe more of a focus on Crowd Control, which I think would be much more viable for us than a Defensive Awakening.
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  15. Bobfish added a post in a topic AP - DP What to work to?   

    How do you zero Casting Speed? That is crucial to a Wizard/Witch.
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  16. Bobfish added a post in a topic Healing Aura I -V   

    Really? Spec into left click? You do know that is the staff attack right?
    Healing Aura is fine to spec into, but you should figure out what combination of attack spells you want to take first to ensure you actually have enough skill points for them.
    The Wizard/Witch has several options on how to spec, provided you still have a solid primary attack combination of spells then dropping a few points into Healing is okay. Keep in mind though you are a DPS class first and foremost, your support is limited at best and more of a top-up than an oh-shit skill, especially as Valkyries have similar Healing to bring to the party as well.
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  17. Bobfish added a post in a topic Win = Lose - BDO Logic   

    The Karma system is fine, you're supposed to fight for controls of nodes and castles, not a PvE grind spot.
    If you want to fight over the grind spots, then GvG. This is only an issue at the moment because there is one 50+ grind spot, it will be less of an issue once Mediah is released and people can grind in multiple locations.
    Besides, the patch today nerfs the Catfish, as I assume they don't want you to go too far beyond 50 before Mediah arrives.
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  18. Bobfish added a post in a topic Pics while we wait!   

    Hmm, strange. Album is here: http://imgur.com/a/EgZOD
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  19. Bobfish added a post in a topic Pics while we wait!   

    Fun times  
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  20. Bobfish added a topic in Guides   

    Fish-Traps & Workers
    Obviously fishing is quite a big deal in BDO, but the quantity of fish required for Cooking some foods is quite high. So I've sent my Worker out to a Fish-Trap, yet the results have been rubbish.
    First session (eight times), the Worker failed to catch anything, nothing at all appeared in my Storage in any of the neighboring towns.
    Second session (eight times), the Worker did catch something! I found six Fish Bones in my Storage.
    Is Fishing just really bad for Workers or am I doing something wrong?
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  21. Bobfish added a post in a topic PM Diary 3   

    Do this mean Vanity Costumes don't have stats on them like the Functional Costumes?
    Because that would make them totally worthless.
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  22. Bobfish added a post in a topic You want longer leveling time?   

    I don't understand this, since this genre formed there has always been a public outcry about Korean Grinders, and how they take forever to level and slow boring mob grinding games. Now here we are with a Korean MMO that isn't painful grinding in it's native version and the western audience want to make it more of a grinder?
    Seriously, 59-60 is 300 hours in Korea, at the current rates in CBT2, it will be 1,050 hours. for ONE level.
    If Daum want to make 1-50 take longer, they need to adjust the experience curve so the amount remains the same from 1-60 as KR, rather than just increase the amount required across all levels.
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  23. Bobfish added a post in a topic [JORDINE]][ENG/EU[PvX][TS3] Magikal Gaming - Mature Multi Gaming Guild   

    Roll on Sunday, for much Magikal goodness!
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  24. Bobfish added a post in a topic Wizard sucks at lvl 12 (grinding)   

    Chain Lightning is easy to grind with against weaker mobs, much more effective than the other combos. But at around level 20, it's damage is just too low compared to same level or higher mobs. Then fireball+explosion or lightning+residual is more effective, plus our other combos.
    The class is only hard if you're letting yourself get hit by the group of mobs you're trying to kill. Dodge more
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