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  1. Greatro added a post in a topic Upgrade calculator?   

    great, thanks
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  2. Greatro added a topic in General   

    Upgrade calculator?
    Hello I have a little question, is there any upgrade calculator/wiki with every equipment piece on every + with set dp/ap?
    Like for example it shows me the amout of dp of talis boots+ 10, and i can check how much it will have at +11/12 and forth? and for all the other equipment? to easily check the ap/dp on +?
    or can anyone tell me is there a diffrence in dp of for example +15 agerian helmet and +15 heve/fortuna? same for armors etc?
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  3. Greatro added a post in a topic Grunil vs Agerian, help   

    lvl 52 witch, 3x agerian, taritas boots, all +10, I think I'll stick to agerian with some changes, agerian armor, gloves, boots, helmet heve or luck for two extra slots. If i add liverto weapon i'll have 5 cs, 5 cr, 5 luck, some movement speed. What do ya think?
    I think grunil is too expensive for now and you will have to use two +2 cs in helmet, if they break it hurts.
    I'd ask myself, so should i stick to my agerian with slightly changes and upgrade it +15?
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  4. Greatro added a post in a topic Liverto   

    Well once I was upgrading my agerian armor +9 and with bad luck I had like 20~failstacks. Then I switcher to my +13 yuria and with only one fail i upgraded it to +14. What im saying is -i think its better to use failstacks that comes from your usual upgrading and try to power up your weapon then forcing. You dont have to build 20+ failstacks on liverto. (ofc had my agerian upgreaded i'd lost my failstacks, I was just lucky with my unlucklyness) but still I think that building failstacks on armor with little luck might be better than forcing liverto.
    Or maybe im wrong~
    but straight to the point. lets not focus on upgrading to +15 in an instant. I'd be very happy with +11/12/13/14 liverto staff anyways. The real question is how yo upgrade it without pain and tears to those lvls? (I have 15mln silver[I know it;s low] but it doenst mean I have to use it all up)
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  5. Greatro added a topic in Wizard/Witch   

    Just got my liverto staff.
    Any tips how to effectively power it up so it wont broke too many times?
    How much failstacks do i need to "safely" upgrade it from 7 to 8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15? (tip might also be usefull for upgrading any other equipment)
    I know i can fairly cheap increasy my failstack with low lvl jewerly and i can also use my armor fail stacks on weapon if they are high.
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  6. Greatro added a post in a topic Huge FPS Drop Low FPS   

    Did that help you?
    it worked thanks ! i downloaded older version and everything is fine nice
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  7. Greatro added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Huge FPS Drop Low FPS
    Hello I have a great problem with fps in the game for the past week i think. I have Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit, 8gb ram, Amd a8-6600k 4x3,90 proc, gtx 660. Normaly I have like 25-30 fps and the game worked fine on medium but lastly fps dropped to like 7-11 all the time. I did not change a single thing but it simply dropped, game is not lagging much but the fps drop is visible painfully. I even reinstaled Nvidia GeForce Experiance. It helped for one day but the problem is back. Should i reinstall whole game? Would that even help?
    Sometimes fps are getting back to 25-30 and games works fine but it changes.
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  8. Greatro added a topic in Wizard/Witch   

    Liverto or Yuria
    Hello I've been wondering what staff do you use? Liverto or Yuria? Pve pvp?
    Liverto is harder to come by but it;s arguably better choice.
    Currently im using +14 yuria staff but I am pve player. I've been thinking of switching to liverto but its like 9-10m~ and then you have to upgrade it (lots of blackstones and memory fragments) is there any point in changing right now? (I am using agerian set so liverto would be nice, kzarka better for grunil)
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  9. Greatro added a topic in General   

    Failstacks for Accessorriess
    I have a question about enchating accessoriess. What is the base rate of enchanting from 0 to 1 and from 1 to 2? is it like 50/50 on the first one and gets lowe? or is it like 20/80 and gets lower? is it even known or suspected?
    Also how much failstacks do I need to get a fair chance of enchanting my accessory from 0 to 1? like 5 failstacks or more like 10? and from 1 to 2? 10 or 20 failstacks?
    Ofc I know its all rng and even with 99% chance of success i might fail but what is in your opinions a good amount of failstacks?
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  10. Greatro added a topic in Wizard/Witch   

    Taritas Shoes
    Hello I have a question about taritas shoes. It says it gives evasion increase. Just how important is that? Does it make enemies miss or i block more often? Or what does it do?
    Right Now I have 3x agerian + taritas shoes. Lvl 52 witch mainly for pve. I am wondering about changing those taritas shoes for something else, preferably with 2 sockets. Heve, zereth for endurance maybe? What is your opinion. I think i'll stay with agerian, not switching to grunilk. I have 5 cast speed, 4 crit rate, 4 luck, 1 movement speed. My set is between +9/10 and im thinking of upgrading it further for greater dp which i have 116 right now.
    Movement speed is in my boots so if i changed them for talis it would give me 2 movemenet speed and 1 socket or heve with two sockets so i could implement movemenet speed and something else. What shoes do you guys wear?
    Or maybe i should change my agerian helmet for heve helmet (2 sockets) and get agerian boots (1 movemenet speed)? not preferably since i;d have to switch two items instead of one.
    Also not to make another topic I am thinking of changing my +14 yuria for liverto, still worth?
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  11. Greatro added a post in a topic System Abuse or just nice idea?   

    thats exactly what im talking about. profit is low like 10-20 k each but still free profit. I am wondering if this is being overlooked or intended
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  12. Greatro added a topic in General   

    System Abuse or just nice idea?
    lets say there is an item(those who know will know, those who doesnt doesnt) highly demanded by people that you can buy from npc vendor and sell it in auctionhouse (not all peoples knows that) and make little profit so you can constantly buy it, sell it, get free gold. is it system abuse and u can get banned or is it just game economy?
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  13. Greatro added a topic in Wizard/Witch   

    Bunch of questions after Mediah Update.
    Hello so we have mediah update. I have a little question. I have a withc lvl 51 ap 108 dp 116. 3 pieces of agerian + taritas shoes. I have 5 atk speed, 4 crit rate, 4 luck. yuria staff +14, + 11 steel dagger 2x witch earring, 2x mark of shadow and new scarla necklace (5 ap 5 dp).
    1) I have very little accuracy. should i change one of my equipments for accuracy? ring +5 accuracy or necklace + 8 accuracy? Before mediah i had necklace + 8 accuracy which i switched for this scarla necklace, my dmg didnt increase that much but i feel like i dont stun/freeze/down enemies so much, maybe im also missing more? im not sure if this accuracy drop made my skills miss and harmfull effects dont apply? or is it just my imaginations? I am fightinf little red monsters.
    2) should I change my +9 agerian helmet, + 9 agerian armor, + 10 taritas boots +10 agerian gloves for grunil? my equipment still took me a little money and black stones to upgrade. how much stronger/weaker will i be if i decide to change for grunnil? grunil is expensinve right now too.
    3) if i die is there a chance for more than one crystal to break? so far not more than 1 crystal broke when i die but was i just lucky?
    4) is earth responce skill worth investing in? I am mainly using blizzad, meteor shower, earthquake, lighting, residaul lighting, lighting chain, lighting storm, fireball, fireball explosion, mana absorption, I also have 1 lvl of freezing and frigid fog but last two i dont use much. I feel like my combo lacks something. is earth respons the case?
    5) magic arrow is it good skill? I never used one but i lack some combo and i heard this skill isnt all that bad?
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  14. Greatro added a topic in Wizard/Witch   

    Witch Accuracy
    Hello I have a question about your's witches/wizards accuracy. how much do you have for pve? how much for pvp?
    Do you use multiple items with +accuracy or just focusing on using one with huge stat?
    Currently I am using pri: ring of good deeds 3ap and 2 accuracy (i used to use two of them but i got ring of shadow and if i drop another one i will switch ring of good deeds so ill loose some accuracy) and im using pri kalis necklace +6 accuracy. I am not sure it is enought (I am lvl 51 witch) I mainly do pve but its always good to be prepared. I am thinking of buying Duo kalis necklace +8 accuracy or even tri for 10 accuracy but its hard to get those on the market.
    What is your opinion, your strategy?
    @ edit
    Is accuraty really needed for pve/pvp now? maybe im bothering for no reason?
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  15. Greatro added a topic in PVE   

    Abandoned Monastery Node Worth Investing?
    Hello I have a question, will investing in Abandoned Monastery node increasy my drop from monsters in the cave? Calpheon shadow knights etc? I;d like to get Mark Of Shadows
    also should i invest in Hexe Sanctuary or in Witch's Chapel or both to increase drop from skeletons? mailny the black ones and green orc skeleton warrior? I'd like to get witch earrings
    • 5 replies