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  1. Genova added a post in a topic Why play BDO when you can play WOW or GW2 ?   

    Have all 3.
    WoW is still my main MMO cuz harder content, more in-depth gameplay, better community and socialization. I play gw2 and bdo when I'm done with stuff I wanted to do in WoW and my mates are offline.
    Tbh the only reason I play BDO here and there is to get my fix of some action combat, then I realize it's literally 2-3 combos and log out. Nothing to do in this game but grind and nodes (wich are completely ruined for me by desync and vision). I prefer MMO's where pvp isn't gear dependant so I'd still rather pvp in the other two games. BDO in it's current state is simply not fun at all with all these drawbacks dragging it into the dirt and the devs not giving a flying ----- about the game don't give me much hope for the future of it.
    Honestly when AoC comes out BDO will be forgotten by all except waifu autists.
    3) By making the game liquid AIDS unless you spend money? How is this a good thing? By the looks of the content being released it seems the GW2 devs sunk a lot more money into their game than BDO devs did
    5) Considering in gw2 you can't get an advantage over others in pvp this is a literal non-issue. If you didn't google for it you wouldn't even notice it existed.
    6) Your opinion. There's PLENTY of people who love those races, wheres in BDO it's all sameface Asian templates with very few differences. Just google gw2 r34
    7) Lots of classes waiting on their turn still, and the game has been out how long? This is simply not the case in reality.
    8) No.1 how is dungeon content grind? No.2 How is gear progression bad? BDO does literally the same thing only 10 times worse and more RNG
    10) Again how is it different for BDO? Here a measurement of gear is the combined number of AP/DP and a lot of people have to do things they don't want in order to keep up. 90% time spent grinding other 10% actually fighting other players.
    11) It's called PvE content, lots of people are asking for it in BDo aswell, not everybody likes pvp.
    12) Obviously not a good thing considering how badly the game is optimized, it could really do with some of those.
    Also I need to touch on the BDO combat system. It's not at all in-depth as you make it out to be. I've had more difficulties in gw2 pvp than I ever did in BDO. Since everything goes into combos the combat is simplified drastically, imo not harder at all compared to gw2. The only hard part is getting rekt by desync and gear>>>>>>>>>>skill.
    Like I completely understand why you like this game and it seems well suited to your tastes but don't go around spreading misinformation just to make BDO look superior, it really doesn't have all that much going for it compared to other MMO's.
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  2. Genova added a post in a topic More Sharps Please   

    how do you get it exactly?
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  3. Genova added a post in a topic Night Time Exp   

    Will be trying this out now and see how much time is left on the xp buff
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  4. Genova added a post in a topic Pets are overall real cancer, specially T4s.   

    Except in WoW you can't 1-shot people in pvp because of the money you payed. Not to mention it's 10 times easier to get to max lvl AND get that gear than it is in BDO because there are such things as caps. In a game where silver is power (in WoW it is very often skill) and there is no level cap and the differences between gear and level are enormous (1-shot fest) "convenience" items are MUCH more detrimental to the game and players. WoW is an MMO that didn't focus on gambling habits of Koreans, the two games can't compare.
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  5. Genova added a post in a topic Paying for names   

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  6. Genova added a post in a topic Year 2 Mega Horse Breeding Thread   

    Reporting in, RIP.

    Now have:
    Females - 3xT6        Males - 2xT6
    The T7 female will live, she's my main horse and one lucky T6 female that I deem worthy.
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  7. Genova added a post in a topic Year 2 Mega Horse Breeding Thread   

    Reading the thread it's really depressing how much the RNG system is screwed, it really is beginning to look a lot like it's rigged.
    Not even getting into the Training lifeskill, that's just flat out obnoxious.
    One thing I really learned from reading all of this is that I'm glad I didn't buy the costume or any breed resets, the RNG is simply too much even if you stack everything you possibly can in your favour. Top it off with shitty income from these horses and it's GG.
    I'm not trying to rub salt or anything but you guys and your breed info helped me refrain from purchasing all these resets and I'm very gratefull. I'll do it all the old fashioned way with no costume and no resets, if I get a courser I get it GG. I'm waiting for the unicorn anyway....
    ----- RNG and ----- their blatant cashgrab.
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  8. Genova added a post in a topic I dont think anythings going to kill this game faster than future tech   

    There's a new post-processing engine coming this summer. Same DS3 and DS use, I'm hoping it will make it better.
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  9. Genova added a post in a topic New player information - Guide   

    Here are a few points you might wanna look into
    1. Keep your opinions to yourself. If it's a guide it should be objective, not subjective.
    2. Some of your gearing advice is really bad. For example why suggest a new player to buy witche's when they can get blue coral for 1 AP less and double the cost less.
    3. Why are you suggesting people go for Kzarka b4 lvl 56 and after that blue awakening? YOu can get to 56 in two days, who has the money to get a kzarka by levelling to 56?
    4. You didn't put in any information on boss scrolls, memory fragments etc.
    5. maybe put in a section on enchanting? Not everybody would like to buy all their stuff.

    A guide should have more info than that and definetly not contain any opinions. People read it to get information, not to see what you think about the "p2w controversy". Why did you even add that section? It doesn't seem necessary.
    It's not all bad tho, the levelling and class advice are really well done I liked those a lot. Just try to see from a perspective of a new player. They're poor, don't know what kzarka is and why is everybody talking about these things called "failstacks" and what is "TRI" gear? Well, you get it. Good luck with your guide!
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  10. Genova added a post in a topic Would you pay for a premium service with high quality guides, a profit dashboard, dedicated support and an app?   

    Something like wowhead requires a dedicated fanbase, what BDO doesn't really have. People can't even be bothered to edit the wiki, who the hell would run bdohead?
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  11. Genova added a post in a topic How come no one sells craftable costumes in the MP?   

    Because they cost more to make then what you get for selling and their not actual costumes so nobody really bothers.
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  12. Genova added a post in a topic I gotz pwnd and it was fun   

    You sound like one of those people who get triggered when people get their pronouns wrong and compare them to Hitler
    A video game is not real life, no matter how much you want to be your pretty character
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  13. Genova added a post in a topic We all roll Cresent ring   

    My guild got a good diversity. I got ring, 2 got earring and 1 belt.
    That's us who were online at the time last night.
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  14. Genova added a post in a topic Idea to Make Pets & Value packs more accessible to buy in game.   

    I am honestly really surprised how people don't give a shit about the game or other players except for themselves and licking kakaos feet.
    Apart from the "usuals" theres a lot of people who didn't even bother reading the post and half assumed OP was crying for free shop items.
    Keep up the good fight OP, but I HIGHLY doubt you'll get anything through to people here. These forums are for people who come here to get their regular dose of "social interaction" or like arguing on the internet just for sport. You yourself saw the comments and the mindset of these players.
    I like your suggestion and I support it, but sadly it will fall on deaf ears here.
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  15. Genova added a post in a topic Some help...please   

    I'm sorry it turned out this way. I can imagine how happy you must have been
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