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  1. Carrots added a post in a topic 1v1 Valk vs Sorc   

    You don't just spam ur combos, and hope to hit em ffs.
    If they get close use ur rightclick to get behind them > stun, U can also use grab on darkflame, never use grab on anyother than darkflame.
    Also, u can bait them in > divine ultimate > stun>soj.
    the sorc wasn't even top geared.
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  2. Carrots added a post in a topic What are the essential PvP skills?   

    I'll post a link, you can talk with me ingame under the name "Carrots" if you need help
    this is the build I'm using atm
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  3. Carrots added a post in a topic Lets all thank Daum for terrible cash shop prices   

    It's fine. (My opinion)
    I've already bought all costumes for my class and mount.
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  4. Carrots added a post in a topic Recent Patch notes   

    Oh, you didn't know?
    Tamers are the weakest class, and will still be the weakest till awakening.
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  5. Carrots added a post in a topic 2900 pearls for a costume? Seriously?   

    No worries, I've already purchased all of them for my class, I've made sure that I'd cover up for three people. Alot have done the same too.
    Just keep whinning.
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  6. Carrots added a post in a topic Make sure you Group!   

    If you think grouping can stop me, good luck.
    I see most groups chasing those same 7 mobs and taking forever to kill them. "More xp" okay, keep telling yourself that, especially when you're using the system wrong. 
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  7. Carrots added a post in a topic Above you.   

    Well, looks like a major asshat~
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  8. Carrots added a post in a topic Why is no one talking about the short c/d on pots?   

    Because it's been mentioned and been fixed already.
    All pots will have a 5 sc cooldown, and level 50 pots been removed from the game.
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  9. Carrots added a post in a topic How did you come up with your family and character name?   

    carrot cake, i guess...
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  10. Carrots added a post in a topic Hard counter to Valkyrie --- Sorceress   

    What's your mouse sensitivity?  Just follow the movements. 
    And try to stun as soon as they attempt to backstep behind you.
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  11. Carrots added a post in a topic Breakdown of CS (Costumes&Pets)   

    Inb4 "P2W" or "lying carebear/fanbois" spam fest~
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  12. Carrots added a post in a topic Ghillie suit not that good   

    He can't attack you while crawling, and anyone can just go prone and be hard to detect, even so if they go into a brush.
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  13. Carrots added a post in a topic Ghillie suit not that good   

    use the map.
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  14. Carrots added a post in a topic Amity Question   

    Well, depends, for example the first city by the coast has an alchemist that if you build good relations with will reward you with a buff/quest/and special items.
    In calpheon near the outside trader, the mount master would sell you horse equipment if you build good relations with.
    So, basically, yes you do get stuff/secret items/ or even quests that reward you greatly if you  build good relations with some npcs.
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  15. Carrots added a post in a topic CBT-2 Cash Shop Prices and Items Discussion   

    -Well, people didn't want them to be sell-able via AH since it would allow a somewhat P2W, allowing whales to sell costumes via AH and using that silver to gear up. PEOPLE voted against it, and voiced their claims, now they're whining about the shop prices.
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