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  1. Comrey added a post in a topic Ghuillie suit name tag on new patch!!??   

    Well here's the thing though, you're talking as if buying the Ghillie Suit makes you the owner of the item. That assumption is wrong. One does not buy the Ghillie Suit,one does not buy the Maewha Atlantis costume, one does not buy the horse costume, etc. One does not simply buy the costumes. What one does buy though, is the right to access the costumes. Since everything is on a server, you do not own jack shit. Legally, all you own are your rights to access the content, and no where does it say those rights are permanent. Basically, you are paying to rent the items from the server for as long as the server stays up. It's the same concept in League of Legends with skins, champions, etc. Just like RIOT, DAUM is permitted to add, alter or remove any and all content for any reason whatsoever as they please, and that's just the way it is.
    Sorry, one paid for the right to access the Ghillie Suit, and that right is still there whether the suit itself is altered or not. Otherwise a full refund would have to be given to everyone if the game would ever close down.
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  2. Comrey added a post in a topic Field bosses still in eh?   

    I weep myself to sleep with every night, clinging to a hope of better times.
    Not really. I just don't give a f*ck. I'll get boss armour eventually. One day.
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  3. Comrey added a post in a topic The Changes Seem Fair.   

    Why do you refuse to answer any of my questions? Could it be you have no arguments to back up your claims, such as why you think PvP players have an advantage over PvE players? Of course you don't - there are none. If DAUM had a shred of research and judgement, things would not have been what they are now. Either way, I do not know whether you are too lazy to read what I write (such a scary wall of text, oh my) or simply cannot come up with any counter-arguments.
    We're done here.
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  4. Comrey added a post in a topic The Changes Seem Fair.   

    Already answered that, re-read my post.
    It is. Not de jure maybe, but de facto it is. That's why entitled PvE players cried in the first place, because they could not grind in taken spots. It's an undeniable fact, so I cannot comprehend why you're so stuck up on this.
    You must be truly ignorant or you simply have not actually read my posts, if you think this is my reason of complaining. Again, I suggest you re-read my post, but since we both know you won't I'll spoon feed it to you: I am complaining because (as it stands right now) players are rewarded for losing and punished for winning in PvP. Before you respond to this, I urge you to re-read my original post in this topic, the very first one you replied to, for further clarification.
    Sigh, if you would have read my posts, you would not have said this. Please, do tell me what advantages PvP players have over PvE players right now? None. PvP players can kill a PvE player about 4-5 times (at maximum karma) before going negative, while the PvE player can return more than 5 times if necessary. Given no EXP loss, no crystals breaking, and roughly 20 second run from the respawn point, what does the PvE player possibly lose from dying, compared to the strict karma penalties for the PvP player? Please tell me, because as a PvE player I run into any spot I want right now and grind to my hearts content, and those that flag on me can't chase me away due to my sheer stubbornness.
    Empty words. You're simply calling me a liar at this point, because I have brains enough to disagree with what I find (and clearly is) unfair and against the spirit of the game. No, I am not a PvP player, and I do not gank or PK anyone. I've killed three people throughout the course of the game (excluding arenas), and that was one person at Ogres, one person at Elrics and one person at Shadow Knights, all because they flagged on my girlfriend. Well, except the Ogre guy, I actually waited for that Ogre to spawn for 10 minutes and killed the player that attempted to steal it out of frustration. My bad.
    Seems like your friends and you need to read up on a game before buying it.
    I did not advice you to quit, I simply stated it as an inevitable fact. Neither your nor I will play this game forever, and I thought you could use some advice for your next game as you obviously do not know how to pick them. As for adjusting to the PvP changes, that goes along nicely. I did not lose anything, I only gained. I go where I please, and because I am guild-less, the hostile groups cannot even declare war on me to spare their karma. A flawed, biased and unfair system, even when in my favour, is still flawed. Shame you cannot see it.
    Come back when you have decent arguments, rather than simple contradictions and standard carebear nonsense. I'll wait.
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  5. Comrey added a post in a topic The Changes Seem Fair.   

    A lot of accusations coming from the ignorant. Wonder how it is you know so much about me?
    First off, I am not losing karma because I do not PK, I am purely a PvE player, and have killed maybe 3 other players ever since the launch of the game. Second, I believe that players killing to protect their spot are neither greedy nor selfish, because as long as they have the power back up their claim, it is in fact their spot, de facto (look up the definition of the term, not a hard concept to grasp). And third, I do not care what you, your brother, or anyone thinks of my grind rotation. I am not part of any guild and I play this game exclusively with my girlfriend.
    Now, just because I defend the PvP/PK players does not make me one of them. I am simply not retarded enough to be blind to what is fair and what is not, and right now the PvE players have too many advantages over the PvP players (and had even before June 1st patch). The removal of EXP upon death in PvP was simply adding insult to injury. Please understand that in a video game where resources are scarce and non-instanced, it is not a viable option to share. This game was advertised as a PvX game, designed to be rougher and more risky than all the other MMOs on the market, and everybody knew (or should have known) that aspect before purchasing the game. Yet here we are, with selfish PvE players (not all PvE players, mind you, just the selfish ones like you) crying crocodile tears until another unique game became a generic carebear paradise. It's sickening. 
    When you inevitably quit, please carry on the mentality that if you ever come to dislike a game's mechanics, just leave it. Find something that better suits your tastes instead of (taking part in) ruining it for the others. There are so many different games that cater to carebears with the "sharing is caring" mentality, yet they still come here and cry when they do not get their way. 'Greedy'... please, you do not know the meaning of the word.
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  6. Comrey added a post in a topic The Changes Seem Fair.   

    Whether or not you are okay with it is up to you, and completely irrelevant. While I agree that this game lacks a large amount of skill as a whole, such is life in all MMOs. Yes, players get lucky. Some spend 10 hours to get what they want, some spent 1000. In the end, effort is effort, and geared players are stronger than ungeared players whether you like it or not. If you are not okay with stats over skills, maybe you should play skill-based games such as MOBAs, First Person Shooters or Strategy games rather than time and RNG based MMOs? The way I see it, if you picked to play this game, you should follow its rules rather than crying about them or trying to change them. It's not the best venue for skill-based open world PvP, but it was never advertised as based on skill in the first place.
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  7. Comrey added a post in a topic The Changes Seem Fair.   

    That's a reality we all lived at some point in our virtual lives. The PvPers didn't start as level 55 characters with good gear. They worked for it, they put in time and effort. Some were luckier than others. In a game with limited and non-instanced resources, the strong will dominate the weak. The weak have to adapt until they are strong enough to rise up for themselves. This isn't Hello Kitty Desert, players are not equal.
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  8. Comrey added a post in a topic The Changes Seem Fair.   

    No. No no no. That's the whole point.
    Before patch there were negatives for both sides, but now only the PKer suffers negatives. That's the whole issue. Read my other post further above for clarification.
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  9. Comrey added a post in a topic The Changes Seem Fair.   

    You misunderstand. Yes, PKers can still do everything they did pre-patch, but there is no point in doing it anymore.
    Did you stop to consider why people PK? The majority of PvPers (yes, majority) PK because they get less mobs and thus less EXP if they share their area with someone else. Sure, there are people that PK for shits and giggles, but no matter how many "facts" you can come up with, the majority does it for their own profit. Because of the EXP loss change, the victim does not lose anything upon death anymore (not even time, because of node respawn) and can come back over and over again with no negative aspects from dying. Death means nothing if you were PKd now. The PvP player that PKd though, he still loses karma, and eventually he can no longer kill the player that keeps coming back, and has to either share (getting less EXP), hop channels (losing the spot he fought for and "won") or leave (again, losing the spot). This means a player with no skill or bad gear can "win" a spot simply by running in, dying, respawning, and running back over and over again. How is this fair?
    Let me put it simply for you: people are salty about the whole karma system and EXP loss on death change because the current system rewards players for losing PvP and punishes players for winning PvP. There is no fear of death. Only fear of going negative karma.
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  10. Comrey added a post in a topic There is no pleasing everyone here, it's time to pick a side, if you want to drive away all the TOP guilds continue transforming the game into a carebear-paradise.   

    And what do you base this information off? I am a PvE player and I do not want a PvE only server as it would be boring. My roommate is a hardcore PvP player and he quit this game months ago cause there was no PvP server. 
    It's very easy to have biased arguments when you have nothing to back them up.
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  11. Comrey added a post in a topic Facts (✿◡‿◡)   

    Oh boy, here we go. 
    In the most literal sense, correct. One does not own the models, the textures, the meshes, etc. One does, however, "own" the whole area if one is able to properly spread ones influence over it, be it through diplomacy or through brute strength. It's not an ownership of legal status. A strong player is thus the de facto owner of whichever area he is able to chase people away from, and that is a fact.
    Exactly, one does not have to grind at the most optimal spots. So why do purely PvE players insist on grinding in the most contested spots, and the proceed to cry over being killed 'griefed'? Why?
    Prime Carebear mentality. In a game with limited, non-instanced resources, optimal spots will be contested. As per point #3; go somewhere else instead, you don't have to be in optimal areas if you cannot stand the heat.
    Irrelevant point. An incredibly inconvenient solution is not a solution. Why should one re-roll and transfer all items to another character, simply for the purpose of PKing? It's like putting PvP death penalty to 20% EXP and saying "mobs are not character bound, you can transfer all equipment and grind at a character made for the sole purpose of getting loot." The karma system as a whole is flawed, as it was supposed to provide negatives for both the PKer (for killing, so as to not kill too much) and for the victim (for dying, so as to be afraid of death). Right now only one side has negatives, thus a lack of balance.
    Indeed, although less does not mean none. 
    This is not Maplestory.
    That is all. (✿◡‿◡). 
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  12. Comrey added a post in a topic Calling it now, Node Wars is removed...   

    When fighting the boss, stats need to be equalised so that everyone is at 250AP and 350DP regardless of class and effort spent, otherwise it is unfair to me who kept being killed by nasty griefers when I tried farming Sausans at level 51.
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  13. Comrey added a post in a topic Feedback - EXP Penalty Removal from PvP   

    Stopped reading here, as I can already see you just follow the bandwagon. If you would have read the forums (particularly threads by @CM_Jouska) you would have known that crystals do not shatter in PvP unless you are below 0 karma. Please do us all a favour and go play some shitty MMO fit for your tastes instead of ruining what little left we have here.
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  14. Comrey added a post in a topic Feedback - EXP Penalty Removal from PvP   

    Then find me such a game. I'm by no means a hardcore PvP player, ----- tbh I suck at PvP. But all MMOs these days are casual carebear heavens where killing others is very anti-fun or simply not possible. Then I find BDO, promised to be a risky game where dying and PvP actually means something, where it would be exciting. One in a thousand. But no, the carebears from the 999 other games are not satisfied, they go into the one game based around PvP and try to change it, and when they succeed, they tell people to go play somewhere else.
    How about you leave and find a carebear alternative rather than trying to change a core aspect many people enjoy? 
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  15. Comrey added a post in a topic Feedback - EXP Penalty Removal from PvP   

    You're right, I don't. I assumed you were a carebear based on your sharing and caring attitude, which, I'll repeat, this game is not based around. The game, at its core, is competitive and encourages you to put your interests ahead of other's. The only way I saw the old system as flawed was too harsh penalties for red players that tried to recover their karma, in the way that they were attackable by anyone, anywhere (even safe zones), and would have to lose more karma to defend themselves. This system is still in place, and it is not healthy, as it encourages griefing of red players. Some may argue they deserve it for killing in the first place, but they did not do anything against the core spirit of the game.
    Frankly, the original karma system was balanced. Not the shit we got on NA/EU, but the first one from early Korean days:
    Player A went to farm at Sausans. Stronger Player B was already there. Player B did not like Player A, because Player B got less EXP by sharing. Player B killed Player A, and Player A lost a good amount of EXP. Now Player B cannot kill anyone without a lot of grinding, but it's okay because Player A is too afraid to lose more EXP and won't go back. The end result is Player B grinding in his "good" spot until Player C arrives, and then has to either kill him and suffer red karma, or deal with it, while Player B has to grind at other spots until he is strong enough to contest better spots. It's a food chain, and the strongest are on top. People fail to realise that there are other spots than just the "best spots", and if one cannot grind at the best spots then one can still progress (at a slightly slower pace) somewhere else until one is strong enough. It is survival of the fittest.
    All complaints I saw about the previous system was entitled players demanding to have the same opportunities and benefits that stronger players had, and crying when they were offered the second best, rather than the best.
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