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  1. WulfNose added a post in a topic Pre-order offers are now available!   

    Here it is Saturday morning 02/27, and I am happily downloading the game. Download got only to 90% during CBT, so I missed that opportunity, but now I should be fine. With could luck and weather, should take only a couple of days. See you out there! Wulf
    Now it's Sunday morning, and download is up to 72%. Looks like i may have wasted my money buying into the early start. Did the designers think of downloading the contact for the first dozen tiers first, so people could at least play while the rest loads? Very tedious. W
    Sunday evening, and the download has completed. Now, the system is "patching." Surprising that 1.17 gigabytes of game would have changed since I began my download Saturday morning, but it is underway. Hoping to log in soon. W
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  2. WulfNose added a post in a topic CBT2 - Maintenance 20.02 - COMPLETED!   

    Here it is Saturday, and I am still trying to download the game for CBT2. Sounds like a great game, but every glitch results in starting over. At the present pace, it appears that I might not get to play in CBT2 at all. Once or twice, the launcher falsely showed 100%, but the play button was gray. Had to uninstall and start over. Not much point in adding sophisticated stuff if the basics do not work. Wulf
    Sunday morning. Had to restart Saturday. Now at 30%, overnight. Looks like I will miss CBT2. Beginning to worry that I may have wasted my money for the go-live 2 days early buff. Hope that Daum gives us a week to download the game before launch. W
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  3. WulfNose added a post in a topic Testers best friend.   

    No, did not see any of those items. But, I did receive your guide just now, which I very much appreciate. I will study, and be ready for the next CBT. Wulf
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  4. WulfNose added a post in a topic Closed Beta 1 Survey   

    Once downloaded (24+ hours), game installed without issue and ran without crashing. I filled in the Survey. Graphics were outstanding. Character tailoring was excellent. Was unable to learn to cook, find out how to cook, find out if I needed a house to cook. If a house, then do I need one with a "kitchen" option? So, while I wandered through quests to level 11 and leveled to 5 for gathering, I was unable to find guidance for any craft. Frustrating, but I'll try again at the next CBT and see if I can learn to cook. Wulf
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  5. WulfNose added a post in a topic Testers best friend.   

    Never received any pet. I started a day late due to 24 hour download, but never received 2nd day or 3rd day pet. Wulf
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  6. WulfNose added a post in a topic recipes   

    I have not yet been able to figure out how to learn to cook. I got the Lv 5 gathering, but cannot find a cooking instructor, tutorial, or even where / how to cook. Wulf
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  7. WulfNose added a post in a topic Steam Controller Support + Launcher/Client merge?   

    As long as it is optional. I will not use Steam again. Wulf
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  8. WulfNose added a post in a topic Minor Adjustments   

    Most helpful. I have yet to figure out how to being cooking. Wulf
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  9. WulfNose added a post in a topic Sell junk   

    That would be helpful. And, make it easier to loot, less steps. Wulf
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  10. WulfNose added a post in a topic Black spirit is creepy   

    Like fingernails on a blackboard. Wulf
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  11. WulfNose added a post in a topic CBT Pre-load ?   

    Took me over 24 hours to download. Wulf
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  12. WulfNose added a post in a topic plz bring the game to steam   

    No objection to Steam as an option. I will never use Steam again, so if it becomes mandatory, I'll have to move on. Wlf
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  13. WulfNose added a post in a topic Vigor/Energy for Processing, Cooking and Alchemy   

    I learned that I could not cook until Gathering reached Lv 5. I did that, but have been unable to find out where to cook, how to cook, except for recipes with ingredients I do not have and do not know how to get. Do I need a house to cook? Can I return to a house without walking there? Can I cook just by building a fire? Community BBQ? I'll try again. Wulf
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  14. WulfNose added a post in a topic Item exchange - what it would take to make it an auction house instead   

    When I try to sell stuff to merchants, I get a message that I could do better at the item exchange. Then, NOTHING about what it is, where to find it, and how to sell stuff there. I see no value to making the selling of simple field results complex. Wulf
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  15. WulfNose added a post in a topic Things that need better explainations right off the start   

    I did figure out that I needed Gathering Level 5 to learn to cook. I gathered. But, I still cannot find out where to learn to cook. Do I need a house to cook? Can I build a fire? Can I use a community BBQ grill? I'll try this again, but it is obscure. OH, and I agree that looting takes just too man steps. Wulf
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