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  1. Isstine added a post in a topic Dark knight EU/NA   

    That would be great. 
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  2. Isstine added a topic in General   

    Dark knight EU/NA
    So KR gets Dark Knight tomorrow, I was wondering if there is any info on the EU/NA release for it yet? Since we have pretty much caught up with them in content I was hoping they would announce it soon. Have I missed any info?
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  3. Isstine added a post in a topic Chase nerfed?   

    Huh, learn something new everyday. I feel dumb for not knowing this. I already have ww bound to a key, just didn't know you could cancel chase with Q. Thanks for that!
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  4. Isstine added a post in a topic Chase nerfed?   

    chase cancels with Q?  Or did you mean F?
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  5. Isstine added a post in a topic Chase nerfed?   

    Huh, seems like theirs is bugged as well then. I was just about to be angry
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  6. Isstine added a post in a topic Chase nerfed?   

    At first I thought my bindings might have gotten screwed up but no, it's just that the slice cancel no longer works. Forward Blind after chase doesn't work either as well as Khouda said. I talked to some Musa guildies, their chase cancel seems to function properly.
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  7. Isstine added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    Hello, I have a question about exchanging horses. I remember reading a guide awhile back that stated at least one of the horses that I am exchanging has to have one breeding attempt left. Is this true or is it possible to exchange horses if both have 0 breeding attempts left?
    Thanks in advance.
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  8. Isstine added a post in a topic Black Spirit's Adventure buggy   

    Hmm, I tried waiting for it to load for a while but it didn't. Also tried going to character select and logging back in, which also didn't work. Will check if restart fixes it.
    Restarted the game and I got a white screen, I wanted for a bit and was able to throw the dice. Text was still missing tho.


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  9. Isstine added a topic in General   

    Black Spirit's Adventure buggy
    So I've been having issues with the dice game since Wednesday's patch. At first the whole text would be missing. Yesterday parts of the game were invisible and finally today the whole damn thing is missing.. Anyone else experiencing these issues and any ideas if it's possible to fix this? Or do we wait for another patch?


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  10. Isstine added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    This is NA/EU not Russia, Japan, Korea, Mars, Narnia and so on. The majority of our region DOES NOT prefer these features. Also there are plenty of ways to allow players to experience the cash shop items without screwing up everyone else by doing it. A special vendor? Loyalty store? Special events? So stop making things up. And stop asking for the community's feedback and thoughts if you are just gonna shit on them and ignore them completely. 
    Sorry for my language, but this is too much now. You treat us this way and you are losing the respect of the players, bit by bit.
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  11. Isstine added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    How about no. What was the point of having a B2P version if you are going to come around with this bs. Seriously, if you are gonna do that just get rid of the stupid cash shop altogether and introduce a monthly sub. I'd much rather pay a reasonable fee each month than deal with this crap. Other successful MMOs have done it. All you guys did was pretend and lie. And let me ask one question. What exactly are these features that players are missing on? Value packs? Pets? YOU put these in the cash shop and made them inaccessible in any other way. So instead of making them tradable in the marketplace just give players another option, like gee I don't know.. The loyalty store? Remember that one?  And please stop with that "we are doing this for or the players" crap. It's pathetic. We all know what a cashgrab is. We've experienced it from plenty of other greedy companies. You will not be the first nor the last to screw with its own playerbase.
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  12. Isstine added a post in a topic Black spirit glitch + level needed for ancient relic boss   

    No idea what the issue with the black spirit is. Sometimes there are quests that you haven't accepted so scroll through all the quests he has and check if you have missed any.

    As for the relic scrolls, you should be able to do it solo at this level. However, I would suggest looking for a party for this specific scroll as that gives you more memory fragments than doing these on your own. And you can never have too many memory fragments.
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  13. Isstine added a post in a topic Introducing the Value Pack   

    So what's next?  RNG boxes? ^^
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  14. Isstine added a post in a topic Love for Daum <3   

    And people like YOU who do not give any helpful feedback or constructive criticism and just go around and say things like "This game sucks" or "Daum sucks", make me sick.
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  15. Isstine added a post in a topic Love for Daum <3   

    You can appreciate the effort they are doing to make the game good for us AND give feedback on problems at the same time. Some people however forget that and just spread hate and salt. Please point out a game that was perfect and never had any issues. At least Daum is working on those and listening to it's player base. People just like to complain for every little thing. Gosh.
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