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  1. raven0ak added a post in a topic Question to armor (light, heavy)   

    heve,fortuna and herucles sets are "light" rest are "heavy" 
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  2. raven0ak added a post in a topic Mutant Ogre - any purpose?   

    oh my, remembering now vanilla wow lbrs when hunters with aggressive pet entered and instant pulled 80% of entire dungeon  (pet aggroed into lowest of mobs (basically end of dng) and when called hauled every single mob along with it)
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  3. raven0ak added a post in a topic Imperial trading   

    bumb, want to know
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  4. raven0ak added a post in a topic Journal is empty   

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  5. raven0ak added a post in a topic Fix Guild History page!   

  6. raven0ak added a post in a topic how to get [Special I] Confronting Bheg (1/D)   

    you need to have done quest to get to L50, black spirit starts give you choice of 3 quests (4 with mediah) only after that, begh tends be middle of em
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  7. raven0ak added a post in a topic No more "in game" configurable quick slot ?   

    this needs fixed asap ...for some odd reason whenever I jump to alt quickslots positions gets more and more messed, without ability to even move them now situation is very close to point that I can't anymore even use quickslots ...
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  8. raven0ak added a post in a topic Can't move/unlock custom quickslots   

    bumb, this is bit more frustrating as my quickslots also messed up their positions, thus its now essential to have eyesore on screen
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  9. raven0ak added a post in a topic June 29th - Valencia Part I Update Feedback   

    would be nice if softcap of contripoints is increased very soon, its quite thigh now 
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  10. raven0ak added a post in a topic New Fishing system?   

    if they don't fix static back ...hopefully they at least rise shoftcap of contri points to something around 400 or 500 so its less stressful to link each and every island...
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  11. raven0ak added a post in a topic Troll Siege Soldier knowledge even existing?   

    dragon tower is at ancient trolls, next to that unkillable superboss
    troll barricades if memory serves are around mid of ancient and normal trolls, or alternatively at camp where nodemanager is
    ancient troll towers I think were either around their respective area behind that boss, or alternatively at nodemanagers camp
    also troll siege soldiers I believe were ones climbing at walls to troll fort
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  12. raven0ak added a post in a topic Allow Item Linking in ALL Chats   

    bumb, this feature would be very nice quality of life update
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  13. raven0ak added a post in a topic FIX THESE FIELD BOSSES ALREADY!   

    simple fix is lower their dmg little, as far as it is ... these are like 10x stronger than kzarka ...while being field bosses instead of world bosses
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  14. raven0ak added a post in a topic Quest: treasue Chest of Jack and Redfoot (Lvl55)   

    bumb, anyone know yet if this quest is actually bugged and chest aint there at all?
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  15. raven0ak added a post in a topic Horse Avg XP & Leveling Time with & without Enhancements   

    trainer suit caps at +5 (its accessory after all), you can also take cash shop costume to add extra +20% exp 
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