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  1. Lilith. added a post in a topic The psychology of RNG, and why it is doing more harm to the game than the devs realize..   

    The problem i have with bdo and its rng is that it is involved in everything. Fights, horse breeding, event's, market bids, enchanting, pre orders, pet breeding, skills for horses, GM reapones, aura drops, the list goes on and on. If that wasn't worse enough hidden stats, incomplete descriptions like that some food buffs dont work in pvp but nothing is mentioned about that on the food descriptions at all. This game is so rng heavy combine that with the hidden bs and you have a game where their is no certainty. That leads to false information spreading because most people present their hypothesis as fact and people dont know what to believe anymore. Some people do test thing's but since so much is hidden of the devs decide to chance something those tests become utterly useless. To top it all off even the publisher is so quiet on these matters it breeds even more confusion and discontent. All in the name of some devs artistic vision. 
    But i digress, the best we might get on a topic like this is the lucky players who tells the unlucky ones to git guud aka git lucky is what they mean to say, or some bs gm response like info has been sent to PA never to be heard from again. Really why bother anymore nothing is going to chance and our publisher does nothing but hide in the shadows of this forum like the spineless people they are. The last gm that could give a damn was the penguin guy, but he sadly left. Atleast he had a spine to come out and face the music but the rest of them don't.
    Like the advisor of shogun 2 use to say, our men (GM's) are running from the battlefield (Forum), shameful display!
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  2. Lilith. added a post in a topic So I took the Dior knight for a little grind, all i can say is..   

    It's awesome i agree, coming from a kuno i like that i am still squishy but finally deals some real damage without desync screwing me over.
    I also like that i am fast, it's even a bit unreal if you chain your iframes how fast you can go.
    So far i am really liking the awakening, it's fast, deadly, flashy, and if played well near invincible.
    I also like how you can just stay of the wizard and witches their range, and still nuke them.
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  3. Lilith. added a post in a topic What "secret" game mechanic probably doesn't exist but you could believe it does because it's so BDO?   

    That your zodiac has influence over your rng. With trent owl i get allot of drops but enchants fail more with a char who has that zodiac sign. Goblin gives me allot of blackstone drops like it is some kind of event, but the rare loot drop sucks. And black dragon gives me more success in enchanting. I have no proof of it of course but thats my tinfoil hat theory.
    Also since the zodiac signs are going to be randomised it doenst really help me to shake of this tinfoil hat.
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  4. Lilith. added a post in a topic Valkyrie propaganda debunked.   

    Ahh, there it is an bdo topic like in the old days full of assumptions and mud throwing.
    The level of emotions in this topic are unreal, it goes beyond my daily recommended salt intake  
    Meanwhile listening to this song and preparing for tomorrow  If you like the song, check out his entire playlist. Attack and closing theme are really good.
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  5. Lilith. added a post in a topic 48/47/41/39/42/39/47/37/40/39/44 FS goin for DUO   

    I feel you man, my kutum offhand has swallowed up around 430 mem frags and it's still +14.
    Should have forced at the beginning, but got some nice accessories out of it.
    I know its not near as much as you have lost, but it still sucks.
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  6. Lilith. added a post in a topic Striker Teaser Trailer (New class)   

    That looks really beautiful i will take up your advice and will visit it!
    Thanks for the info man really appreciate it, and i will stay away from the pollution but those pics you showed where very awesome so thanks !
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  7. Lilith. added a post in a topic Whats on your block list?   

    Uhh absolutely nothing, since i mostly have my guild chat on so i won't notice it anyway.
    Still if i do read it, i doesn't bother me that much that i want to block them.
    Simply said, i could not care less.
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  8. Lilith. added a post in a topic Striker Teaser Trailer (New class)   

    Thanks i never lived there so i would not know how prevalent it is in Asia , I am planning on a vacation trip to Japan so to see more of the world.
    Any recommendations to visit if i get around to go on vacation in China?
    Since i also want to visit their country and since you lived their for year you might know some spots to visit.
    Anyway thanks for the enlightenment! 
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  9. Lilith. added a post in a topic 2nd Awakening & New Class Confirmed   

    No this is blackmagic, i will not be swayed by your deceit wicked Beeso  
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  10. Lilith. added a post in a topic Striker Teaser Trailer (New class)   

    Street fighter for the older generations and Dragon ball for the newer generations.
    Doesn't really matter to me, if the awakening becomes some kind of super saiyajin then i know the devs at Korea like Japanese manga
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  11. Lilith. added a post in a topic 2nd Awakening & New Class Confirmed   

    Ehhh what blasphemy is this, Dragon Ball >>>> tekken >>>> dead or alive xtreme beach volleyball >>>>> soul calibur >>>> street fighter 
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  12. Lilith. added a post in a topic 2nd Awakening & New Class Confirmed   

    True, thats why i said "Maybe the trailer is not representing the class all that well" 
    Anyway, let's wait for the actual gameplay video's.
    I have a funny feeling tho that the awaking might be some sort of super saiyajin. 
    Then we would have onepiece, naruto and dbz inspirations.
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  13. Lilith. added a post in a topic 2nd Awakening & New Class Confirmed   

    Thanks man, i cant say i am that impressed by this class. Maybe the trailer is not representing the class all that well. But the trailer left me verry unimpressed. Might want to see the other class tho!
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  14. Lilith. added a post in a topic 2nd Awakening & New Class Confirmed   

    Yeah normally i would totaly agree with you, but he is right only a bit negative. Which is fine by me, but he is right not to get hyped right now is a wise move. Lets wait wat they put out, i for one hope they will fix some issue's other classes have first rather then fixen only new classes. Of they fixes the old classes first then for me it would not feel slightly cashgraby!
    Edit: spelling
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  15. Lilith. added a post in a topic kamasilve part II + Monk class will be reveal on the 8th   

    Well you guessed wrong, i dont horse breed at all. Logical thinking is not your strong point, i would advise you not to assume anyting. Look at your post all this BS because you assumed i was a horse breeder. And like i said i dont horse breed, look at how stupidity triumphs if you make assumptions.
    And threatening will get me no where, especially if i dont breed horses. Really what is the deal with you and breeders. You mad they didn't want to sell their horse to you without pearls? 
    If you keep this up the river of tears might just become an ocean. So now i say cry me an ocean ohh salty one.
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