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  1. Melinda added a post in a topic CANT LOG IN!!!!!   

    Pornhub sucks. 3D sucks. 2D > 3D ;^)
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  2. Melinda added a topic in General   

    Hotkey to ping party?
    Does it exist? Like the tilde key for guild pings. I saw shift + tilde key from another post but it hasn't worked for me.
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  3. Melinda added a post in a topic Inventory Slots/Weight family bound items?   

    I'm fairly sure I already said that I'm talking about the actual item, not when they are already used.
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  4. Melinda added a post in a topic Inventory Slots/Weight family bound items?   

    Screenshot of the item in the pearl inventory to see if it is actually labeled as character bound which would mean it can't be transferred character to character.
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  5. Melinda added a post in a topic Inventory Slots/Weight family bound items?   

    Yeah I meant the actual item that increases the slot count/weight. I'd like a screenshot of the item description if anyone has it.
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  6. Melinda added a topic in General   

    Inventory Slots/Weight family bound items?
    Are the inventory slots and weight increases items and are they family bound? I'd like to buy some and transfer them to kunoichi later.
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  7. Melinda added a post in a topic Show us your sexy characters and screenshots   

    I'm the ranger btw. I might post my tamer too. Fight me @SonaGX
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  8. Melinda added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Game freeze after launcher
    The game freezes on the "DAUM GAMES Europe" logo right on client bootup after the client. So far I've tried using all the compatibility modes available, reinstalling, deleting version.dat file, playing with the graphics settings in the launcher, updating the graphics driver, and turning off antivirus. (Might have missed a few that I've tried) Only one "worked," but it is actually more of a workaround. I can use the 32 bit version with no problems aside from the constant OOM errors. Currently, my system has GTX 780m, i7 4800QM, and running Windows 10 build 14352. I've only seen a couple people with the same freeze on startup problem as I did, but their fixes did not work.

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  9. Melinda added a post in a topic Memory Leak   

    I was also autolooping through Heidel, but I was going in and out of the town around the perimeter. It could be from the constant loading of characters near the marketplace + storage keeper?
    I don't see a reason to assume what you don't know. I have the entire image, but to avoid something like what Hamstermascot just did. Not a lot of people like scrolling constantly. It was simply to emphasize the point. A lot of people hate the forums because of people like you who aren't helpful.
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  10. Melinda added a post in a topic Memory Leak   

    This happened in an hour though. That's a bit quick for how much memory it takes up. It didn't occur before the Musa/Maewha update either.
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  11. Melinda added a topic in General   

    Memory Leak
    Not sure if BDO should be taking up this much memory or I'm crazy.

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  12. Melinda added a post in a topic Name swap within your account   

    I used it and the patch didn't swap the names I requested.
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  13. Melinda added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 30th   

    Strange, my name still hasn't been swapped.
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  14. Melinda added a post in a topic Bait Master Tour v2!   

    Character Name: Deianeira
    Family Name: Adrinne
    Screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/Ga2QKha.jpg

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