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  1. Ralix Tanner added a post in a topic Beta New Forum - the time has come!   

    well there goes all my likes and follows.
    fresh start lets do this
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  2. Ralix Tanner added a post in a topic BDO on Steam? Nah.   

    damn it. i mean i wouldn't mind buying a game again after it had a price drop to $10, but afterall that work i put into those characters and the stuff i've acquired. no account link, then no thanks.
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  3. Ralix Tanner added a post in a topic Requesting an RP Channel or Server   

    didnt the community get together on blackdesertroleplayers.com and decide on where they were going to meet for RP already? why is this still a thing?
    Headsup to anyone unaware RPers meet on the Calpheon channel for RP (predominantly 2 if im not mistaking) on the US servers
    EU is silghty different check the site for more details
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  4. Ralix Tanner added a post in a topic Hey, I'm GM Horizon!   

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  5. Ralix Tanner added a post in a topic EPIC SCREEN SHOTS   

    No, it's a

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  6. Ralix Tanner added a post in a topic GM Valentine Poll! (Which GM is YOUR Valentine?)   

    haven't personally interacted with any GM's or PM's in game though PM_Jouska has definitely helped answer some questions i had pre release way back during the betas.

    Screw it, all of them, for the hard work they've done pre-launch to convey the western markets desires to pearl back in Korea, and the hard work they do now to answer questions and tickets as well as making the game more fun.

    Thank you, love you all and Happy valentine's day!
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  7. Ralix Tanner added a post in a topic A wild GM appears!   

    Out of Curiosity how does one apply to be a GM?
    I'm guessing you need a background in computer science or coding, but any other details?
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  8. Ralix Tanner added a post in a topic The quality of some of this RP.   

    i think its all a matter of where you go in the world, or who you group up with.
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  9. Ralix Tanner added a topic in Art & Media   

    Postcard worthy
    I know this is super late, but I've just recently become active again on this forum site. so heres a screenshot i took made into a christmas-y postcard.
    Gretings from South Calpheon

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  10. Ralix Tanner added a post in a topic How to make BDO a WoW-killer   

    To add on to that, you're going to need to increase your contribution points in order to effectively hire workers and obtain the buildings/work spces in which these non-consumables are to be crafted, and if you don't want to have the halul everything (the materials) to those locaitons yourself, or need to have workers that you've stationed in other towns travel to the town in which your workspace is located in you're also going to need to connect those nodes. Word of advice study the resources and prices of each node before you just connect them willy nilly as you may find connecting in a certain path to yeild more diverse resources and be cost effective to your contribution points. It's a complex system when you first get into it but a relatively simple one once you get the hang of it.

    side note: since the nodes also supply you with resources it goes without saying that connecting them would allow your workers to travel to those node to gether the materials needed to gather those things. still doing some gathering yourself while also having your worker do so is quite rewarding and relaxing in game. especially since some of the locations in which you obtain said materials are located in gorgeous peaceful areas in which you can watch the sunrise/sunset on the horizon.
    Makes me want to go gather more pine sap for the boat that took me nearly a month to make the first time around.
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  11. Ralix Tanner added a post in a topic the PS4 & Xbox one version is coming!! (Taipei Game Show, interview with PA)   

    If BDO comes to console i really hope they do cross platform play or at least have it as an option. I'd repurchase to play on console from time to time.
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  12. Ralix Tanner added a post in a topic How to make BDO a WoW-killer   

    @Thomas Gore awakening/second form of BDO
    and hell lets throw in some other cool shit from other RPGs and MMOs
    boss fights of dragons dogma online
    weapon ambigoning of bloodborne to go along with the class and weapon mix
    switchable classes of Dragons dogma
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  13. Ralix Tanner added a post in a topic Dark Knight Awakening!   

    Played C9 while I waited for BDO to release, never put two and two together that the classes were similar though, learn something new everyday.
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  14. Ralix Tanner added a post in a topic Flying Mounts?   

    idk I think perfect world did it well, but other than that I think what people forget about z-axis combat in other MMOs is that 90% have some form of target lock/tab targeting directing your attacks. So it's hard to say if a full true action combat MMO can pull it off or not based on other MMOs. That said BDO does sort of have a soft lock, which could detract from z axis combat much the same way hard target locks and tab target does.
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  15. Ralix Tanner added a post in a topic A Height meter/measurement in Character Creation   

    you are the real MVP.
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