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  1. Catgrill added a post in a topic How long until people realize the DP "buff" is actually a buff for Wizards/Witch/DK   

    As a witch I have no problems against maewha. If some of the changes the Koreans are currently testing come to our version of the game, they'll also be seriously nerfed since they rely a lot on KDs to kill people.
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  2. Catgrill added a post in a topic epic chat delay   

    NA servers have been absolute ass for the past week, and the support team continues to pretend like it's something on the user's end; citing an out-dated DNS cache as the issue.
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  3. Catgrill added a post in a topic Nerf Witch and Wizard   

    So my witch is 58 now and I enjoy her. I always end with high points in RBF, which many of you who regularly join RBF know, is riddled with some of the best geared players on the server; at least on NA.
    I also recently joined my guild in some GVGs and I was pretty MVP.. We also had a node war against arguably the strongest guild on the server (if not definitely second strongest) and I was able to melt them and I ended up with more kills on defense than some of the people on offense. My guildies are all 59-61 with 480+ gear score too, and I'm currently distant from them. It's ridiculous how forgiving and powerful witch is as a class due to the utilities we have to overcome several obstacles; mainly referring to our buffs and heals.
    I can teleport away from dangerous situations, buff and/or heal up then attack from a distance with Detonative Flow, Thunder Storm and Fissure Wave's flow and still do a ton of damage or at least CC. I can also be cheeky and pop Sage's Memory, followed by an instant Protected Area, Magical Shield, Speed Spell and my awakening buff, then insta teleport to a group of people and insta meteor them then proceed to ----- them with Voltaic Pulse and Thunder Storm, etc. Then teleport away to safety and heal up if necessary.
    We also have a block that gives us resistance.. So if we're blocking and someone tries to CC us from the behind or to the side, we have a good chance of still being able to teleport out safely and counter attack.
    But yeah witch is a very strong class and yes it isn't perfect. Some of our skills are -----ed in hill-y/mountainous terrain due to some odd damage mitigation but that's fine because it's only like two skills and there's a lot that compensates for this unlike in other classes.. For example tamer, which has bugs or weaknesses (e.g. short superarmor on skills used to engage, unreliable i-frames, low damage, very fragile) with nothing to compensate for them, and as we know Void Lightning is getting nerfed.. 
    Although to be honest.. I suspect that the ridiculous effectiveness of mages is temporary and part of Pearl Abyss' marketing scheme to get people to play the class and re-roll before they nerf it. Only time will tell.
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  4. Catgrill added a post in a topic Cant find a class I like   

    I get the impression that you've already made your mind up on what class you're going to play, so I wonder why you even bothered making this thread. You've already turned down every mage class (which I assume includes sorceress) without telling us why.. Not realizing that mages (wizards and witches in particular) are the strongest classes in PVP.
    And to say Dark Knight is slow is incredibly ignorant; did you try running with max attack speed? Because that makes a massive difference.
    You also haven't mentioned maewha or kunoichi which are both decent in PVP.
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  5. Catgrill added a post in a topic Nerf Witch and Wizard   

    I just started leveling my witch and I'm currently 57 (over half way to 58) and I have to say that I haven't had a single problem fighting anyone of any class and level... Except for other witches and wizards. I melt everyone I fight and clear packs of mobs faster than I did with my lv 59 tamer with way less effort. Not to mention that I can pop magical shield, my awakening buff, and protected area all at the same time to ----- shit up. And if I ----- up? No problem - I have two heals I can use and it's as if my opponent(s) did absolutely nothing to me.
    The sad part is that witches get way more powerful at 58.. So imagine what I could do then? Haha..
    Also I popped into RBF the other day and got 200+ points without even trying in my first ever battle. Very balanced. Very difficult. Please buff.
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  6. Catgrill added a post in a topic Would you want a magical girl skin for witches?   

    That's what dyes are for.
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  7. Catgrill added a post in a topic Is Tamer worth the time?   

    No, she isn't.
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  8. Catgrill added a post in a topic Helping New Tamers!!   

    My advice to new tamers: stop.
    Create a warrior, witch, witch, ranger, berserker or even a sorceress. Do not spend any more time or money on your tamer character. Save yourself the head-ache of dealing with this ridiculously weak class. Right now you may be fine with it, but once you want to engage in end-game content you'll see that the character you've worked so hard on and have invested months in is absolute garbage in comparison to other classes. You'll be asking yourself repeatedly why other players are able to clip you through your super-armor and i-frames and why the tools you have to kill people are shit compared to what everyone else has (wizard, witch, warrior, sorceress, ranger, and pretty much every other class except valkyrie can use one skill to delete people while tamer will always have to perform a combo).
    In short, tamer has lackluster damage, lackluster CC, lackluster defense, and average evasion - this is true in PVE as much as it is in PVP.
    Please.. I know your character is probably cute and you've already dreamed of being the best loli in the game or whatever, but don't do it unless you really hate yourself and don't want to enjoy everything the game has to offer without at least working 10x harder than everyone else.
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  9. Catgrill added a post in a topic Nerf Witch and Wizard   

    Look at him just spam skills and delete entire groups of people without even trying. He also isn't even that geared in terms of AP.. And did anyone else see him just teleport out seamlessly after he got grabbed by that berserker? Witches and wizards basically have a backup V with a much lower cooldown along with a heal they can use right after.. What the -----? @CM_Aethon
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  10. Catgrill added a post in a topic Nerf Witch and Wizard   

    Except wizards and witches aren't glass cannons. They're currently some of the most tanky classes in the game because so many of them have caught on to the evasion/DP meta and it is especially effective for them because their skills do soo much damage. Not to mention that they also have protected area and magical shield which gives them +15% resistance which they're allowed to stack with their OP awakening buff that also gives them +15 DP and +12 evasion..
    No, one successful CC is nowhere near a guaranteed death for a witch or wizard. I've seen a wizards and witches escape out of knockdowns more often than not, and they do so very seamlessly to the point that they're able to heal right back up to full HP. And with all the hits they've taken, they can simply walk back towards you in hopes of one-shotting you with their ultimate.
    With enough gear, an ultimate should probably kill its target(s), but no ultimate comes close to wizard's. They by far have the strongest ultimate in the game followed by warrior's. I've seen people with shit-tier gear do insane damage with that ultimate. It's not an exaggeration. A wizard and witch with 180-190 AP can do the damage of someone with 210-220 AP without trying.
    Your point about CCing a wizard out of their ultimate is also incredibly ridiculous. I have never safely grabbed a wizard out of their ultimate. Never. If I do, I end up getting destroyed because the server processes their ultimate anyway. And of course you do realize that wizards have super-armor while they cast it, correct? So it's not like I stiffen or float them..
    Wizards are very hard to kill. What exactly can you do to them? Spam skills and attempt to tank their damage and hope you don't get one-shotted or CC'd because all of their skills are AOEs and can effectively be used defensively..? Not to mention their unnecessary grab..?
    The class is incredibly broken at the moment, and it's really important for everyone to speak up so that Kakao notices and urges Pearl Abyss to balance it.
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  11. Catgrill added a post in a topic Korean tamer feedback post March 3rd KR patch notes   

    I hope you realize that the majority of your post is inflammatory non-sense that will go no where, and that everyone is well aware that ninja is just as weak as tamer and is about equal in terms of bugs.
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  12. Catgrill added a post in a topic Nerf Witch and Wizard   

    What do the Koreans know? They just play the game mindlessly while NA/EU does all the research on the game.. 
    That being said, wizards and witch OP. Nerf them. There's nothing balanced about one-shotting groups of people and coming out without a scratch. Absolutely nothing. I know warrior does this too, but they need to be nerfed as well.
    The witch and wizard players that claim they can't one-shot people with over 200 AP are full of shit or they're doing it wrong. Why do you think more and more wizards and witches are leaning towards a tanky build than full AP? It's because they don't need as much AP as other classes because their skills are so -----ing over-powered. 
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  13. Catgrill added a post in a topic Such a great support team   

    I opened a ticket about unresponsive NPCs, rubber-banding and consistent superarmor/i-frame clipping about a week ago. The GM handling my ticket has not responded ever since I provided them with my log files, my DxDiag file and the WinMTR statistics they requested.. Ticket# is 279589.
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  14. Catgrill added a post in a topic Weapon exchange coupon,   

    If the developers are going to continue to neglect certain classes in favor of other ones, the least they can do is release this coupon to avoid completely screwing people over.
    People will use this coupon instead of dropping the game, because no one wants to re-level to lv 60 and re-enchant their weapons. Think about that, Kakao.
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  15. Catgrill added a post in a topic How do you Void Lightning cancel?   

    Oh right. Never noticed it was Jolt Wave instead of Bolt.. Kinda strange. Why would Bolt Wave be skipped? Perhaps a mechanic to make the animation cancelling quicker and to prevent accidentally triggering Jolt Wave?
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