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  1. CoconutMan added a post in a topic Official Class Tier List - Large Scale PvP (6/27/2016)   

    Congrats, you just told EVERYONE what they already knew.
    Also, you're not picking Warrior over Valk or Giant atm. Ellion's Blessing and that 100% stun stomp is EVERY offense and defense that both valk and giant have over Warrior atm for team fights. W/e offense you are talking about, those get outshined by Valk and Giant because Valk (Divine Power, Cele Spear, Instant Cast Shield throw) and Giant has more CC. WAYY more CC. You have no idea what you're talking about.
    TL;DR CC is offense AND defense and Warrior doesn't have ANY reliable one after grab.
    You keep Warrior in a guild for the awakening, that's what you use a Warrior for. Awakening Warrior is where they are used for giving buffs to and peeling for when it counts kinda like Sven from DOTA2.
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  2. CoconutMan added a post in a topic Sharp/Hard stones regular drop   

    You want your hard to earn crap, why don't you go to the KR version? Even if everyone gets full 20 easily you still have accessories to worry about.
    A guy who grinds all day will have to snipe one of these. KEY WORD on snipe by the way.
    But w/e I have a compromise, un-nerf the mobs but add sharp and hard crystals to the drops. I'll take that ANY DAY so this "trade-off" for grinding will suddenly exist.
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  3. CoconutMan added a post in a topic warrior vs valk   

    Awakening will take a while but I think it will balance out. Valk will still have a use over Warrior but Warrior will have crazier RAW POWER.
    And when I mean Raw Power, I mean if they get buffs from other people they're gonna be crazy.
    I don't believe Warrior will overshadow Valk just because of Blessing of Ellion when awakening comes out. I feel like the game will just be more FPS balanced where Warrior covers ground faster but Valk counter pressures better because of Ellion's Blessing and wide+long range CC.
    Might be wrong but I don't think Warrior gets any ranged CC with the awakenings and range CC is gonna be ridiculous in team fights when awakenings come out.
    Both will have burst.
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  4. CoconutMan added a post in a topic Suggestion/discussion: New server (fresh start) - pro and cons.   

    Maybe the option to transfer to a global server. Fresh start is like ugh. I'm not against it but I personally wouldn't do it you know.
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  5. CoconutMan added a post in a topic PvP is a complete JOKE   

    You forgot one last thing. RNG.
    1.) Why the hell is Evasion even working in PvP? Now you get out-traded because the other guy gets Muskan boots. This retard stat should just be flat-out a PvE stat much like in Cabal tbh, it's so bad.
    2.) Why can't I do anything that moment V goes down and I get CC'd? Oh right cause you're supposed to let chance decide whether you survive or not? It must be so hard to add ACTUAL stun breaks or immunities that you need to time once the damage pool becomes reasonable via Awakening weap.
    3.) Now let me contradict point #2, "I'm never going to die because I can't get CC'd by 10 people cause RNG says hi." Literally you could be immortal or absolute garbage with this shitty RNG stun and burst system in PvP. It's so bad, like Koreans are literally lacking when it comes to PvP design. This is why they enjoy casually or go e-sports on Western games instead of going e-sports on their own games. Notice how LoL is so popular in KR right now to the point where even some KRs have stated they hate their own games.
    Fun Fact: BnS doesn't have RNG, small community, but it's a very fun game to watch cause NO RNG AND ALL SKILL.
    Inb4 people say "MMO's are supposed to have RNG EVEN IN PVP cause I'm so bad that I need good luck to hold my hand instead of depending on my own talent-less piece of trash self"
    Just get out if you're going to advocate RNG in PvP, you probably fail at life anyways. (Not pointed at the OP, more-so the potential advocates of RNG in PvP)
    Just delete RNG from PvP, why can't Korean devs just learn? Sigh. Getting gear through RNG is w/e to me, it's just when they put retarded mechanics where all classes except Ranger depends on stun > burst and the stun depends on RNG, it's just a big failure. Once they get rid of RNG they can just rework getting stunned 10 times in a row by the braindead Wizard ulti and many things tbh.
    P.S Don't delete RNG in PvP and the game gradually become trash.
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  6. CoconutMan added a post in a topic King of pvp?   

    Whoever stuns more and resists CC more or crit more. These "1v1 no potting rule" take no skill and will NEVER take skill.
    This game is about having better revenue than the other guy in all honesty.
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  7. CoconutMan added a post in a topic what resistance gear should i be using?   

    60% stun res 60% knock down res 40% grapple for now
    When Nouver comes out you could probably get 60% on everything.
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  8. CoconutMan added a post in a topic My Tamer pvp video :D   

    You can say that the game is not balanced around 1v1s all you want, that doesn't mean you fail at simple rotations. The only thing that is irrelevant is non-potting 1v1 PvP because guess what? You don't stop a remorseless sociopath from potting in a pk situations.
    And as much as people hate 1v1s? They happen, and you can make great rotations depending on how well you do on 1v1s because say you have a good match up vs. this guy who is calling for peels? You can allow your team to outnumber on an objective.
    But yeah there's gonna be those morons who think Tamer is "trash" in team fights when their 1v1 capability, evade spam, and mobility makes them retarded to deal with realistically, specially in node wars.
    TL;DR Learn to evade spam and map rotate for gvg stuff plox if you're saying tamer is bad.
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  9. CoconutMan added a post in a topic Every Warrior...   

    No one's stupid enough to 1v1 tanks anyways when you can just gank squishies. That's where the problem is, Warrior's CC gets screwed by desync.
    Other than that I wouldn't really use "no pots 1v1" basis because the real deal is actually winning PvE spots, in which case you don't stop a remorseless sociopath on using pots or w/e. I'd say any class can just stalemate each other because of the damage pool.
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  10. CoconutMan added a post in a topic Cobelinus vs damage reduction gem?   

    This isn't a question. Spinning slash gets bonus damage from HP and cobe gives you weight limit when you're farming for money. +5 DP is good if all you want to do is hold your shield, but cobe is just better in every way.
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  11. CoconutMan added a post in a topic What should i choose?   

    AP or hybrid. That being said it's like saying which accessories give you the most. Obviously it isn't shrine token OR token of friendship. But more so how well you attack and dodge while being able to counter-pressure.
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  12. CoconutMan added a post in a topic TET or Quit - RIP   

    With the amount of money he spent trying to get TET he could've gotten full 18 when valencia actually comes out.
    Other than that, if he comes back to then lol. Better go e-sports in overwatch and not look back at BDO after selling Bheg's.
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  13. CoconutMan added a post in a topic Did anyone (successfully) used Cron Stones yet?   

    It's worth it for really rare items like Ogre Ring and Tree Spirit belt specially if all you care about is getting the gear done. Use crons for items that are hard to get for sure. If it's blue coral or red coral though? It's subjective, do w/e you feel like.
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  14. CoconutMan added a post in a topic RNG is unhealthy for the future of the game   

    RNG is a problem if it is PVP. They are adding force enchants anyways, I don't think you should be worked up about gear and all that jazz. But if they aren't then they better be increasing rates and stuff.
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  15. CoconutMan added a post in a topic Any idea what to do with divine power?   

    There's a more reliable way to do a Divine Power combo in PvP actually.
    Initiate with Just Guard or Shield Throw, and if it stuns then do Divine Power > Ultimate but IMMEDIATELY do Cele Spear > SoJ when you see the person is knocked down.
    The problem though is that Divine Power doesn't do much damage without cele spear crit buff. I'm guessing a 5% crit chance awakening doesn't sound bad and maxing crit chance with liverto sounds like an accomodation.
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