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  1. Burhead added a post in a topic What Guild are the GM's in?   

    anybody else find it a little sad that we got more gm response in this thread than things that actually needed gm responses
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  2. Burhead added a post in a topic ●▅▇█▇▆▅▄▇ Warrior S&S to Greatsword swap has a delay now   

    play the damn class before you preach we have perma sa. only even remote instance we have ''perma sa'' is during our block which can easily get melted in any meaningful pvp.
    i mean im not complaining about any of the changes they done, but atleast get your facts straight , ya joke.
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  3. Burhead added a post in a topic TET Yellow Awak better than TET Dandelion?!   

    feel like the guy saying he tested tet vs tet and tri vs tri (in the screen shot) was just trolling and looking for a way to snipe a dandy himself hoping he could convince the guy to resell the one he just got.
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  4. Burhead added a post in a topic How much % dmg does a critical hit do?   

    i mean , the multipliers arent THAT low , its a 8 hit skill with 750-780% damage that has a down attack, and super armor , and 100% crit. and can knock people down. it doesnt 100-0 people but it hits hard enough to not need buffs.
    point is you are always getting the crit multiplier no rng dependency there. and you are always getting the down attack multiplier if you knock somebody down. 
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  5. Burhead added a post in a topic Evasion warrior?   

    its good if your going for a min maxed eva build , but that implies you have tree and muskans.
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  6. Burhead added a post in a topic Evasion warrior?   

    rocaba in general isnt really worth it on warriors. heve or grunil are better options for green gear.
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  7. Burhead added a post in a topic Best Gear for Warrior? (2017)   

    @Two-Tu basically what this guy said with the exception of always getting atleast 1 red coral earring (getting two over getting tungrads is pretty much universally acceptable because of the price difference and how important accuracy is. and dont feel pressured into getting a kutum. you can just as easily make a vangertz work because again, accuracy is important. if you get into a situation where you have 2 red coral earrings , and bhegs , and a zarka etc... then you can make a nouver work but its not really needed. 
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  8. Burhead added a post in a topic How much % dmg does a critical hit do?   

    what do you mean no multiplier we get crits and we can still get down attacks on like all our awakening skills with the exception of solar flare (which should be used for engage not damage when they are already kded honestly) balance strike and hilt strike which should typically be used for animation cancel or stun to land something like merciless for float.
    afaik you can stack crit on any multiplier, but the other ones (air/down/back) cannot stack with eachother as they are positionally based. i.e. if somebody is in the air you cant get back attacks.
    granted there lies the possibility that 100% crit chance skills have a different crit modifier than regular skills which is impossible to test since numbers are hidden and diff skills have diff pvp damage modifiers so unless they made damage numbers shown it'd be practically impossible to determine if skills with 100% crit chance had a different crit modifier than normal crits.
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  9. Burhead added a post in a topic Level 57 PvP and PvE Combos   

    balance strike can be useful small aoe damage when theres one or two mobs that are still alive , since its still going to do more damage than armor break spam.
    and you can do plenty of pvp combo's at 57 most of the time you wont even do a fully charged reckless blow anyways either do ani cancel or use it with executioners.
    getting more fluid and reactive with the rest of your skills will just make you a better overall pvper so that once you get reckless you can integrate it into your combo's rather than relying entirely on it.
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  10. Burhead added a post in a topic Level 57 PvP and PvE Combos   

    in pve everything changes since tempest is stupid sustain and ankle break actually helps now.
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  11. Burhead added a post in a topic WHY? I can't LOCK Night Vendor? (Rip Muskan Shoes)   

    you can lock items.... for 15 min not 30
    unless it was ninja removed atleast. havnt tried nv for a few weeks but it atleast used to be in the game.
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  12. Burhead added a post in a topic Accuracy for World/Fieldboss?   

    for the world bosses you most certainly need accuracy.
    field bosses less so.
    at level 56 on a ranger alt with a pri bronze dagger and tri krea longbow i still didnt have a consistant 80+% hit rate.
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  13. Burhead added a post in a topic New? changes to warr   

    the reason to lock pulverize was because when you used recklessblow without locking it it would put pulverize on cd
    doing ankle break with the kick button is prefered over lmb even if lmb is easier because the kick can be animation canceled out of easily , and if it lands on somebody who isnt cced it can land a float and also applies a strong attack/cast speed debuff.
    tho i do believe the quick swap on movement is a new change atleast i didnt notice it
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  14. Burhead added a post in a topic Evasion warrior?   

    already have a few witch/wizards who run a dp build , tho not that much dp.
    but yeah i speculated for a long time that wiz could have benefited from accuracy over ap past a certain point (for example their 12 hit skill only needs 6 hits to land with 240 ap and 0 accuracy, and that happened pretty often, but it'd be far cheaper to get say 230 ap with 2 rce and have like 8-10 out of 12 hits landing and do more overall damage with less money investment) but one large thing some people may not take into account is those super high ap builds do have a purpose in siege warfare. and its not just to deal with the people who dont stack alot of eva , afaik the towers/buildings dont have a chance to evade attacks so its all about raw damage. which makes sense for somebody to be pumping 240+ ap if they are gearing for node wars.
    but most/all people at this point regardless of class will probably be using atleast 1 rce.
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  15. Burhead added a post in a topic Swap key   

    sicil for eva build , if your not gonna go for an eva build theres better options.
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