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  1. Aneko added a post in a topic [Notice] Account Security   

    So an end user can properly secure their information.
    If its a payment solution, end users can expect their info being used for illegal purchases as well and secure themselves against it.
    If its a fan site, users can know if its an account that shares a password of theirs, what they've put on the forums, etc.
    If its an automatic login system (like the facebook integration) that uses tokens and no passwords have been obtained, users know that and can do shit about it.
    Don't give me the "daily basis" crap, I've dealt with assholes breaking into my shit quite a few times, and its pretty handy to know exactly what the hell they have and if I should change shit, and to what extend.
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  2. Aneko added a post in a topic [Notice] Account Security   

    Not my point, my point is that there is NO info on what 3rd party has been affected, was it a payment solution? was it a fan site? what?
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  3. Aneko added a post in a topic [Notice] Account Security   

    the beta forums have ssl applied to it, everything here but the posting itself uses ssl (including logging in to your forum account)
    its probably an issue with ipb which prevents it from being forum wide (hence maybe the push to swap to the new forum?)
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  4. Aneko added a post in a topic [Notice] Account Security   

    Its not
    In other news,
    -No account password reset
    -No clue what "3rd party" it might be
    -everyone freaking out
    yaaaay, A+ job on handling the situation kakao,
    Step-by-step plan for next time:
    1. reset affected accounts first.
    2. Investigate the issue quickly
    3. Release a proper statement as to where you think the flaw is, and what has been obtained (e.g only usernames? emails? hashed passwords? etc.)
    4. Do a deep investigation into the issue and keep your player base up-to-speed as to what's happening and what you're currently doing to resolve the issue.
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  5. Aneko added a post in a topic Introducing "Black Spirit"   

    Hmm, I'll need to stock up on those bottles...
    A glass before each enchant
    A glass after each failed enchant
    A glass before each grind session
    A glass after...
    And soon I'll either be the best player, or passed out drunk...
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  6. Aneko added a post in a topic Valentines Day Events [Update]   

    @CM_Aethon why is lara's letter Lala?! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

    Is she giving out random letters or something? LOVE ME DAMNIT LARA
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  7. Aneko added a post in a topic Will we ever get another dev Q&A again?   

    Depends on the part of the community really... I think those who heavily participate in pvp and try to pk others out of "their grind spot" are both toxic in-game as well as on the forums...
    But there are also those who enjoy rp and bring valid suggestions to the table who are more kind and just focus on certain sub sections... so its a two sided argument, community isn't as toxic as people claim it to be.
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  8. Aneko added a post in a topic Anyone got a map of the negative karma Jail u go to when u die in the desert?   

    Because there are multiple starting positions... it might change as well... also, its a "punishment" for a reason....
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  9. Aneko added a topic in General   

    Unobtainable house items/Emotes/Titles
    I might be going crazy, but while looking through the bddatabase I spotted several things that are just not there, I understand stuff that's only dropped during events but it seems there are a few things that are just never ever going to be in the hands of players...
    To start things off:
    [Event] Launch Commemorative Special Tapestry
    I've been here since launch, I'd be here during the beta if I wasn't that poor but that's a different matter... so where's my Tapestry?! in fact, I haven't seen anyone have it so where are they?...
    Black Desert Pioneer
    according to the description [Requirements: Special title. Issued only by the game administrators.]
    Which in turn means I'll never be able to unlock one of the emotes...
    So... why? why are these things the way they are?...
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  10. Aneko added a post in a topic Marriage system   

    It was fun following this topic if I'm honest, the votes were 50/50 most of the time, but its fun to see that the "yes" crowed pulled ahead.
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  11. Aneko added a post in a topic Marriage system   

    Baba-Ji, Vashikaran or Molvi-Ji the marriage councillor for all your marriage needs
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  12. Aneko added a post in a topic Marriage system   

    to show your affection even more...
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  13. Aneko added a post in a topic Marriage system   

    All Arab jokes aside, I wonder how you'd put the ring on... like a bracelet?
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  14. Aneko added a post in a topic Marriage system   

    Case and point: Dragon's Prophet's marriage system: do a quest, obtain the ring, give ring to partner, both receive an special title with <playername here>'s partner plain and simple.
    Transgender, etc don't have anything to do with stuff, and last time I checked marrying animals was still forbidden in 99% of europe and 99% of america*
    *Not sure but I'm assuming it is
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  15. Aneko added a post in a topic Marriage system   

    Also, to those voting "yes" or "no" Please for the love of god explain why... For argument sake and understanding certain points of view.
    For me: I voted "yes" because I do enjoy the little things like this, being able to share my things with my partner, it doesn't have to be anything big, just a in-game title and being able to manage my partner's furniture placement would be enough (or being able to interact with it)
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